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1300 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)


Stylish Ciara hands Ben his shirt. She surprises him with a save the date postcard with their pretty picture on it. He suggests the wedding be small but she reminds him she is a Kiriakis and Horton clan gal. He gives her a kiss and they open the door in lock lip. There stand Lani and Eli seeking his statement re: Gabi’s attack on Jake … Jake is bending over a car when stylish Gabi appears and jabs his arm. She gushes now he is gonna remember. He wakes up in bed with a start … Stylish Gabi remembers kissing Jake. She suspects Stefan is playing games and hates that he hates her … Abigail is home at DiMera mansion with Chad. He explains Jen already packed for her and points out they are all here for her. He will stay at her side every step. Alas she fears talking to the kids could lead to another hallucination and asks him to talk to them. Chad vows to be there to protect her and the kids from whatever happens but they should be together … Ben tells the truth. Lani believes they will be able to lock up Gabi for long. Ciara believes that is biased and that Gabi just wanted to get her hubby back. She knows all about being crazy in love. Ben confirms his girl is courageous …

Jack bursts into the station room where Gabi is all alone and rages he will make her pay … At the square Rafe gushes Hope deserves a commendation for what she did, David at his side. She smiles David is lucky to have him. He calls Ciara lucky to have her and passes on his congrats. She smiles to congratulate Ciara in person and goes on her happier way … Ciara happily hands Lani and Eli a wedding invite. They would love to attend and leave. Ben calls his girl sweet. She wants to show him. Oooooooo. Here come more kisses until he notes he needs to go to work so he can save up for a real ring. She gives him some save the date cards and sends him on his way with stars in her eyes … Mechanic Jake remembers Gabi saying she loved him. He thought she was a loon …. Jack points the finger and rages Gabi will get what she deserves. Rafe stops the former mayor so Jack updates them on Abigail having a scrambled brain! She has to leave her family. Gabi gasps she is sorry. Jack calls that a confession. Rafe disagrees … Back at DiMera mansion Abigail and Chad tell the kids mommy must go to a doctor in Florida who can make her better as she has been seeing things. It can be scary but she will face her fears. Thomas looks up at her as she holds the baby and vows to get better. She knows one thing that is really real – she loves them with all her heart. Chad promises his little man that superhero mom will get better. Abigail fights back the tears. Chad suggests Thomas be brave with Charlotte. The family will be together again soon. Abigail agrees …

Gabi snaps she did not confess cos she did not do anything! Jack warns she could end up separated from Arianna, deduces that would be best, and tells Rafe to do his job. He storms out. Rafe wonders whether Gabi is guilty … Ben hands Jake a save the date card for his and Ciara’s wedding. Jake smiles maybe. Time to get to work. Ben wonders whether Jake still suspects he might be Stefan DiMera with amnesia … Eli sits with Lani at the Horton plaque, points out they too deserve their happily ever after. He takes out the ring he once slipped on her finger and lets her know he wants his life with her. He was waiting for the right time and gets down on his knee. Will she marry him? He holds the engagement ring. Lani is much moved … Thomas gets excited when he hears he can visit in Florida and see Harry Potter world. Here come happy Jack and Jen. Charlotte is sleeping. Abigail tells Tommy to take care of his little sis. She knows he will be a good boy for his grandparents. Jack and Jen smile. Abigail adds she will be here in spirit, Chad takes the lad upstairs with Jack to gives Abigail time with Jen. Mother and daughter embrace …

Jake denies he is Stefan DiMera and explains to baffled Ben that Gabi gave that same designer drug to Abigail … Rafe does not seem to believe that Rolf set his sis up. She gasps the mad scientist must also have drugged Abigail! The compound was being developed by DiMera so Rolf had access. Rafe argues he was already locked up when the girl got drugged … Ben does not believe Gabi would want to harm someone she thought was Stefan. Jake thinks she is homicidal but Ben thinks not. He saw how crazy in love she and Stefan were once upon a time … Lani happily agrees after teasing Julie and Abe will argue over who can officiate. Eli puts the ring back where it belongs and they exchange romantic I love yous. She wonders when …Jack holds Abigail’s hand and remembers teaching her to ride a bike. She crashed but would not cry cos she was strong. She got back up from that bike and never gave up. She weeps as he reminds her how she triumphed, how she always will. They exchange I love yous and a heartfelt hug. Jen quietly cries along with them …

Back at the flowery square Lani informs Eli there are already two weddings planned this summer. He kisses her as she searches for an earlier date, then she gasps … At the pub Ciara asks vision in red Julie to officiate for her wedding. Julie believes she was bad luck the last two times. Ciara argues it went well for Chad and Abigail and Hope agrees. Ciara wonders whether her hesitation is because of Ben … Jake knows the line between love and hate is thin. Ben states Gabi and Stefan were in synch so no way would she knowingly hurt him. Jake digests … Exasperated Rafe explains Rolf could not have done it. Gabi urges him to find out who did it for him for she would never hurt her Stefan. She dramatically denies drugging Abigail … Jen hands Abigail some cookies Julie baked. She tells her daughter to get well and come home to them. She is with her always. Abigail agrees. The family hug is joined by Jack. Chad comes back cos tis time … Glum Gabi now gets an unexpected visit from Jake … Lani has just realized she is late for her time of the month and informs Eli … Ben gets back to work on the car … Julie reminds Ciara that Ben saved her and she knows how in love they are. She would be honored to marry them. Maybe this time they will all have better luck … After Chad gives Abigail the fav toys Thomas and Charlotte want her to take, she emotionally vows she will be alright. She will be back to herself and home soon! Chad kisses her head. One final family hug and they are gone. For now …


Luv Cathy

The Salem Story on Wednesday, May 27, 2020