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1320 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)


At the Kiriakis mansion, Sonny kisses Will, who was working on the Orpheus was stopped story. Steve took the big bad wolf down …. At the station Steve wonders to Kayla about Justin leaving … Justin has the gun from the evidence bag and leers to Orpheus he will end his life cos he caused Adrienne to lose hers … Marlena dabs John’s bloodied forehead. He feels it is not over with Orpheus. Marlena notes there is nothing he can do and they snuggle on the sofa. They do not see the ticking bomb underneath. He holds his wife and sighs the last look Orpheus have him was strange … Hope and Zoe struggle for the gun. It goes off and Rafe goes down. Hope slugs Zoe and rushes to his side. Luckily he is ok as the bullet hit him in the badge. Hope keeps the gun on Zoe as he goes to get David … John is perturbed Orpheus might have another plan … Kayla calls Justin passionate … Orpheus gets sarcastic with the Salem lawyer. Justin refuses to let him get off again with his ISA contacts. He will face his vigilante justice! Orpheus dares him to shoot. Justin’s hand starts to shake … Marlena gets out the wine glasses and wants to have a nice evening with honey safe and sound at home. She flirts they can make up for lost time so he roguishly kisses her. Knock knock! Tis fancy Eric and Nicole aglow about their engagement. Nicole shows the ring and they explode with good cheer … Sonny is so relieved Orpheus is off the street. Will adds he will pay for what he did to Adrienne and all will be well. Sonny wonders about David. Will assumes Rafe already has him … Hope keeps her gun on Zoe but allows her to take a call from the person who has her son. It seems Orpheus was arrested and cannot pay her son’s captors. She must go get him back and appeals to the mother in Hope to let her save her son …

Kayla stammers she meant this is hard for Justin. He keeps his feelings inside. Steve wonders what will happen now. She has a bad feeling … Orpheus dares Justin to just do it and leers he is no Steve, the tough guy who can take out an enemy. Kayla needs a man like him. He growls he has no guts. Justin begs to differ … Back at the Kiriakis mansion Will hopes Orpheus will confess. Sonny pours water and reveals he visited Evan and convinced him to confess. Will is impressed the statement was signed, sealed and delivered. Orpheus’ reign of terror is over. They drink to that … Justin weeps the evil one took away Adrienne. Someone must make him pay … Steve suddenly realizes Orpheus’ gun is not in the evidence bag. Kayla is baffled. Steve suspects Justin. They head to the interrogation room, where Kayla begs Justin to stop … Rafe rejoins Hope with little David. He asks about Zoe. Hope admits she allowed her to go pay the men who had her child. Rafe is relieved David was told it was all a game. Orpheus mentioned one more game with John. It did not sound good … Nicole wants her and Eric’s marriage to be as strong and great as John and Marlena’s. Eric gushes when she adds Holly called him daddy. John welcomes Nicole to the family with a hug. Marlena smiles they should celebrate. Nicole notices the glasses and John admits they were about to celebrate. Eric wonders what. An eventful day. John offers to tell them all about it. The bomb is still ticking …

Rafe calls a contact to tail Zoe. Hope believes he is doing the right thing letting her find her son. He thanks her for saving his life and she smiles anytime. He grins feels like old times. Now she heads to John and Marlena as he heads off with David … Eric and Nicole are shocked by John and Marlena’s story. Eric sighs so Orpheus was responsible for the death of his daughter. John concludes he is in custody and they all toast to a brighter tomorrow. But hawkish John still senses something … Kayla tells Justin to put down the gun. Steve appeals to buddy, who refuses to back off. He rages he killed his beautiful Adrienne and argues to Steve the ISA will let him off again. Kayla is against his vigilante idea cos he will lose everything and she will lose him. She loves him! Steve agrees Orpheus must die and drawls he will do it. Orpheus blinks … Back at the Kiriakis mansion Will sees Sonny has his mom on his mind. Sonny is relieved her killer will pay and Will and Maggie are free but … Will understands. It does not bring back Adrienne. Sonny does not want to be down on his good news. Will sighs he also bears bad news. Gabi was arrested as the drug that made Abigail hallucinate was found in her possession. Sonny worries what it will do to Arianna. Will reasons they are together and that will be a relief to her. Sonny emotionally hugs him. They can talk to Ari tomorrow. Tonight is theirs. Will smiles …

Hope hears the rest of the Orpheus story chez John and Marlena, then congratulates happy couple Eric and Nicole. John is distracted. He admits to Hope that Orpheus alluded to games. Hope repeats what he told David – that he would play his favorite game with John one last time. John drawls his favorite game was extreme explosives … Justin shakes as Steve tells him he has much to lose. Justin insists he can do it without anyone’s help. Steve sits by Orpheus and leers he has killed many. He will not let the odious one get away with offing his sister. He suggests he came back for a reason and urges the sweating Kiriakis to let him have the gun. Justin drops it on the table so Steve places it to Orpheus’ temple … John and Hope silently search the condo. Marlena wants to know what is the matter. BINGO. Hope finds the explosive. John gets closer. Less than a minute left … Steve leers he would love to off Orpheus but will not. However, he knocks him out to shut him up. Justin rages he should have killed the bastard … Will and Sonny return to their room. They already saw Ari sleeping peacefully. Will promises they will make it through stronger as always. He kisses him and gushes he is happy he is home. Sonny too and he tells him he loves him. Will loves him back and they kiss in bliss on their big bed … John tells the gang there is no time but Hope decides to play the hero, grabs the ticking explosive and runs out, John, Eric and Marlena close behind … KABOOM!

After the lovin, Will and Sonny pillow talk. They always feel safe with one another. Sonny looks at Adrienne’s picture and smiles she looks happy. Will knows she was and smiles her son had found his soul mate. Sonny misses his mom but can rest easy knowing Will is alright as Maggie will soon be. Will is relieved Orpheus is gone and holds him close … Rafe brings happy David home and hugs him … Outside John and Eric are exasperated Hope risked her life. She assures them she had enough time to throw it in the dumpster and shut it just before … Marlena and Nicole appear and Marlena marvels Hope saved them all … Meanwhile Justin blows up at Steve as Kayla tries to comfort him. Steve stands alone like a lost hero …


Luv Cathy

The Salem Story on Tuesday, May 26, 2020