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1320 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)


Orpheus has given Zoe orders over the phone. She lies to Rafe and Hope it was Christian … At Julie’s Place suited Abe admires Eric admiring his ring for Nicole. He plans to propose. Abe is sorry about the past and wishes him the best. He agrees when Eric asks him to marry them. Here comes stylish Kate, who calls Eric’s plan a mistake … Hope and Rafe deduce Zoe was summoned by dear old dad … Marlena gets the call from Orpheus. The time has come. Steve nods at her to continue. Orpheus orders her to the small park and no funny stuff. Steve and Marlena are on their way. Kayla calls out to be careful. Justin wants to come too cos he offed his wife. Steve cannot agree … Hostage John suspiciously wonders what Orpheus really has planned … Eric wishes Kate would mind her own biz but she believes the mayor’s biz is hers. Abe admits she is his new director of communications, takes Kate aside and asks her to apologize to Eric. This is personal. Kate argues Eric deserves better. Here comes Nicole in a little black dress … Steve vows to make Orpheus pay. But they must play by his rules. Kayla knows Justin would not want to risk anyone’s safety … Zoe enters the code to a warehouse door and rushes in. Hope and Rafe are right behind her but the door is locked so they look for another way inside … Kate innocently claims she just gave Eric some friendly advice. She adds Abe has to be booked 6 months in advance. Nicole is horrified to hear the mayor just hired her … Rafe calls the IT guys at the station to short circuit the lock. Inside Orpheus is leering at John, who suggests his kids were better off without him as David would be. Rafe would be a better dad. Orpheus will not let go of David cos he wants the family he stole from him. Someone knocks and Orpheus assumes it is David’s helper …

Kate hopes Nicole is not implying Abe was unwise to hire her. Nicole sarcastically calls her queen of forgery, double dealing and blackmail. Eric stops Nicole and suggests they respect the mayor’s decision. Abe escorts Kate away to get to work. Nicole and Eric decide to forget the drama and enjoy their date. They admire one another’s outfits and she asks about the occasion. There was none. She smiles and they kiss … Zoe is calling out to David when Rafe enters with Hope. Zoe pulls a gun on him … Justin could not bear it if Orpheus got away without getting what he deserved … At the park, Steve calms Marlena. She gasps when Orpheus emerges with a gun on wounded John. He leers this will be his way or John is toast … Rafe puts down his gun and Zoe orders him to kick it over. He asks her to let Hope leave. She refuses and he accuses her of playing him. What did Orpheus want? For her to help David or she might never see her son again … Kayla believes Steve will bring Orpheus to justice and save the day. Justin goes to get them tea. She whispers for Steve to take care … Steve insists they only want John safe. Orpheus wants money first. Steve starts to take Marlena’s phone with the bank app from his pocket and slowly pulls it out. He informs Orpheus the 15 million was transferred. Orpheus takes out his own phone to accept. Steve asks for John. Orpheus shoves him over to Marlena and leers he will have a wonderful life. Steve sends an electric current through his phone so Orpheus falls down. He hopes he fries …

Dapper Abe and Stylish Kate strategize at their table. She arranged a press conference about Orpheus in the morning. Abe suspects the Salem P.D. are closing in as they speak. She shows him the speech she wrote. Abe is admittedly impressed and calls her an asset. However, he insists she cease sharing her opinions about others’ lives. She will try. But Eric should not wed Nicole. Abe tells her not to antagonize the man, who loves the woman as well as her daughter. Kate will not butt in but believes Eric will regret it. Meanwhile Eric remembers they were supposed to have a special dinner when Nicole came clean about Mickey really being Rachel. She is sorry. He praises her for assuring him he was a family with her and Holly. He gets down on his knee and holds out the ring, asking her to be his wife. Nicole is overcome with emotion. He waits. She cries yes of course so he slips the ring on her finger and they romantically kiss. Kate calls him doomed … Nicole loves the ring. Tis a perfect fit just like them. He gushes his dreams came true when she emerged alive. She gushes they got over so many odds. He remembers when he first saw her at Java Café twenty years ago. He only had eyes for her. She will work to be worthy of his love. He gushes she already is … They exchange I love yous and another sweet kiss …

Zoe complains Orpheus kidnapped her son from her ex. Rafe offers to help. Hope argues they know about Orpheus. Zoe urges them to go so she can deal with her father herself. Rafe refuses to leave and promises he will get her son back too. He tells her to trust him … Kayla remembers a historic run-in between Steve and Orpheus. She does not want to lose her hero. Justin comes back with the tea and wonders what is taking so long … John is astonished that Steve got some ISA help sending a taser to Orpheus. He wants him to pay for what he did to his sister. He now asks John and Marlena to help him haul the unconscious sac of garbage to the station. John has something important to do first and gives the woman he loves a victory kiss … Eric and Nicole toast and sip their champagne. Abe comes by with congrats and a tight lipped Kate. Nicole agrees with him performing the ceremony as soon as possible. She has waited a long time. Kate quotes Shakespeare about love never running smoothly and steps away … Marlena calls Kayla from the station with high praise for Steve. Orpheus is locked up! John and Steve hear that Kayla and Justin are on their way down. The blonde wonders about Rafe. Steve left him a message and suggests they head home. John already gave the cops David’s location. He is being looked after by Zoe, who sadly seemed an unwilling accomplice …

Rafe tries to reason with Zoe to put the gun down. Hope rushes her and they struggle. The gun goes off … Back at the station Steve updates Kayla and Justin, who demands to see the villain. Steve cannot give him permission. Justin excuses himself to talk to the D.A. Steve admits he was tempted to off the madman who caused Adrienne’s death … Justin enters Orpheus’ room. The villain leers what does the ineffectual Kiriakis nephew want?! Revenge for Adrienne. He points a gun at him … Kate wants to make sure Abe gets credit for Orpheus being apprehended. Meanwhile Eric and Nicole head off to tell his parents their good news. Kate sips her martini … Marlena tends to the man she loves, who suspects Orpheus has something else up his sleeve. She notes there is no way he can get to them. They snuggle on the sofa, unaware there is a LIVE BOMB underneath …


Luv Cathy

The Salem Story on Monday, May 25, 2020