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1400 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)


Abigail wakes up from her nap snuggling beside Chad in her bed. She dreamt they were at the beach with the kids. Now all she sees is him. He roguishly replies he is here to stay … Justin informs Kayla he heard her refer to Steve as the love of her life … Marlena nervously waits for Orpheus to call. Steve reminds her she got the extra five million. Hope tries to reassure her. Steve drawls he does not get the big money if he harms John but Marlena knows he is a madman … John spits out the sponge cake from Orpheus and wonders why he has not called doc. Orpheus makes the call … Rafe is with Zoe, who claims she is calling anyone who knows her father. Rafe sighs no leads so Orpheus will probably vanish with David. Zoe now gets a call … Marlena gets a call from unknown caller but tis the doctor from the clinic about Abigail … Jack and Jen arrive with a scrabble game. Abigail refuses to act all is well. Jen and Jack also bear news … Zoe gets a call from Christian aka Evan, shocked to hear what he did. Rafe wonders. She sighs he just confessed to the part he played in the accident that cost Adrienne her life … Kayla argues Steve is the love of her life as Adrienne was Justin’s. Justin also heard her say no one could take Steve’s place so why is he here? Kayla admits the Stefan lookalike rattled her. Justin wants to know if Steve is really irreplaceable. She patently points out he is … Steve insists on accompanying Marlena to work while Hope checks on the latest with Rafe … Rafe is relieved Maggie will be freed and suggests Zoe come with him and make her brother reveal more. Zoe complains Sonny beat her to getting his confession. Now he might have made his situation worse. The fact is Orpheus forced him. Rafe is less forgiving. Zoe worries Evan might never see his son again. Rafe drawls no one will if they cannot find him fast enough …

Orpheus boasts his getaway car is waiting. John drawls he is taking David? Correct. John hopes he will love David enough not to put his life on the line. He urges him to take the money and run. Orpheus declares he is driven by love of family but also his huge hatred of John! Flashback to the two men decades ago. Orpheus wanted revenge for the death of his wife, his years on that odious island, not to mention the rejection of his children who believed he was evil because of John and the ISA. John drawled he did become evil. Orpheus ordered him on his knees so he could rid the world of him. Was he ready to die??? Now Orpheus warns this time he will kill two birds with one wicked stone …Jen announces Gabi was arrested! Chad acts surprised. Jack explains they found her with the same drug that was in Abigail’s system. Abigail just wants to focus on the future. Chad announces he is accompanying her to Florida to a specialist. Abigail disagrees … Kayla assures Justin he is someone else, not Steve. Her love for him is real and now. He realizes he overreacted as he just saw Maggie, whom he wants to help. It reminded him of the night they lost Adrienne. They exchange I love yous and a kiss. Here comes Steve … Rafe fears David could be caught in the crossfire and calls Orpheus a monster. Zoe does not want to lose David too! Rafe hugs her as Hope walks in and blinks … Orpheus goes to prepare for his and David’s great escape. David appears carrying his stuffed bunny. John smiles to untie him so he and his grandpa can play hide and seek with him. The little lad gets to it as John casually coaches – until Orpheus returns. John claims they were playing hide and seek so David is hiding behind the chair. Orpheus wants to play … Marlena insists to Steve she will be just swell speaking to Jen and Abigail and goes. Justin updates Steve on Orpheus and his son being to blame for the accident that cost Adrienne her life. Steve vows to slay him. When he rages WE will find him and stammers he meant Rafe, Kayla senses he is hiding something … Rafe informs Hope that Zoe got some bad news. They are working on the case. Hope suspiciously notes there is nothing new on Orpheus. Rafe has nothing new either. Hope suggests Rafe not trust Zoe. He alludes to the fact that he does not …

Orpheus sends David off to play with his toys. He taunts John they can play cat and mouse. John has heard enough. Orpheus tightens the loosened rope and gets his gun. Time for the easy way out … Romeo Chad wants to be with Juliet Abigail but she would rather be alone. Chad adds it is about the kids. Jack and Jen have it covered. Chad insists on coming with. Jack does not believe they must make the decision now but Marlena arrives and replies they must … Kayla suspects Steve knows more about Orpheus. He swears her and Justin to secrecy and admits Orpheus has John and is demanding ransom. Kayla gasps. He vows to get him and avenge what he did to Adrienne … John drawls if he shoots him he does not get his 15 million. Orpheus clocks him on the head with his gun and rages not to defy him. John is out cold … Zoe is offended. Rafe has his concerns about her story. So does Hope. Rafe agreed to let her help. Hope warns Orpheus would not trust her if they were not in league. Zoe now gets a call from Orpheus himself, who orders her not to reveal anything. Hope and Rafe watch and wait while the young lawyer looks intense …

Marlena explains the clinic is popular and Abigail’s spot is only open for her at check in time tomorrow. Chad plans to be there. Marlena points out that would be wise. Jack and Jen are grateful. Marlena smiles she is just a call away. Abigail wants to be alone in Florida. Chad wants to be with her. Jack and Jen agree with him. Abigail will allow him to come but only stay if it is not for long. Then she would love having him there. He hugs her as Jen and Jack watch with approval … Orpheus leers to do as he says if Zoe ever wants to see David again. She lies to Rafe and Hope that was Christian, who wants to see her and leaves. Hope does not buy her story … Kayla suggests the cops get involved cos Steve just had knee surgery. Steve states Orpheus insisted no cops. This is his fight and he vows to stop him and bring the innocents home. The evil one has deadly plans for John. Steve can smell it …

Jack and Jen grin the kids will have a good time with them. Chad adds he and Abigail will video chat with them daily. She loves having her family support and they share a family hug. Chad smiles adoringly at impish Abigail … Marlena overheard Steve’s dire view that Orpheus does not want to let John live. She now gets a call from the evil one … Rafe agrees Zoe was lying and it was not her brother on the phone …Orpheus orders Marlena to the small private park by the town square. Be there in 30 minutes with no cops and no funny stuff. Agreed. She warns he will not have a dime until she sees John is safe. He tells her twenty minutes. Click. Much to Kayla's astonishment Justin jumps up and exclaims he is coming cos that man offed his wife … Orpheus wakes John up for a field trip to make the exchange with Marlena. John questions what he really has planned. He prepares his weapon and promises he will know soon. John digests …


Luv Cathy

The Salem Story on Friday, May 22, 2020