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1250 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)


Replay of raging Brady demanding slick Vic sack CEO Xander by the end of the day … Replay of Sarah kicking Xander out, his reveal he just returned from saving Maggie from herself. Sarah is stunned and remembers their last meeting. Xander claims he came in the nick of time … Maggie is quietly praying in her bed when Justin enters. He knows she did not kill Adrienne … Evan wonders why visitor Sonny came to the slammer. Sonny wanted to see the animal who offed his mother … Gabi denies it was the same drug as what caused Abigail’s breakdown. Tis impossible! Kayla confirms it is. Suspicious Lani and Eli have questions … Brady believes firing sob Xander would be good for biz. Besides the board would not approve of how he got the position. Brady hands him his phone to do it. The Greek tycoon tells him no … Xander assures Sarah he tried to call her and is telling the truth. She gasps and worries mama Maggie will try again! She will not for she now knows she killed no one that fateful night … Gabi states her source was Rolf and she would never hurt the man she loves. Jake calls her crazy and leaves. Lani slaps the cuffs on aghast Gabi …

Brady is bitter Victor will not fire the pig who destroyed his life. Victor sighs he owes him for saving Maggie …Justin sits at Maggie’s bedside, so sorry for what she endured. She feels more for Adrienne’s loved ones. Justin remembers Adrienne praising her and had told his wife that she like the redhead held herself to the highest standards. He feels for her hell of the past year. Adrienne would tell him to get Maggie out of this place and that is exactly what he will do … Sarah hears from Xander’s lips that Orpheus’ plan to exchange hostage Maggie for money went to hell when he caused the accident. His son Evan was with him … Sonny knows all! Evan notes he was not driving the car. Sonny rages he kept his silence when he knew Will was innocent and pretended to be a good guy. He hates him! Evan whispers he hates himself more … Vic updates Brady on sending Xander to help Maggie as a last resort. But he saved her just in time so he owes him. Brady thunders to fire him or he is out of his life … Sarah realizes Victor and Xander covered up for nothing and wants to go to her mother … Sonny thinks no one can hate Evan more than he does. Evan comes clean about caving to his scary dad. Sonny suspects he was only covering his own rear end and wonders if he too was part of the plan. Evan fell in love with him for real. Sonny suggests he do the right thing, confess in writing … Jake asks Kayla about the test results again. She blows him off, not wanting to see someone who looks just like the creep who ruined her life … Gabi is hauled into the station as Rolf awaits his lawyer for his bail hearing. She tells him to tell the cops the truth. Rolf lies to Eli and Lani he has no idea what the young woman means …

Brady accuses Victor of attempted manipulation using his love for Maggie. It will not work this time. He barks at him to replace Xander with HIM as CEO right now … Sarah screams do not touch her! Xander does not want her to go until she promises not to be with Brady. He is not the good for her. She gets sarcastic and leers to stay out of her life for she will never give him another second thought … Justin the wise man notes they all need Maggie. She looks forward to seeing Sonny for they are all like family. Justin admits it will not be an easy case to overturn. The redhead is no stranger to chaos since Victor walked into her life. He admits they only have Zoe’s word that Orpheus and Evan were to blame. They would need a confession but Orpheus has left the building. Wise woman Maggie mentions Evan the wayward son, then realizes he fears his father. Justin just hopes he will listen to Sonny … Sonny pushes the notepad toward Evan and urges him to do the right thing. Alas afraid Evan cannot … Victor has a visitor. Tis Xander, who found Sarah and complains about her hating him … Sarah comes running to mama Maggie, who assures her she is alright. Sarah heard she was innocent but forgave her regardless. She can never lose her! She now complains about Xander. The redhead makes a comment about the Kiriakis men and they emotionally embrace. Enter Brady … At the station, Gabi argues she even visited Rolf, who claims he did not do anything for her and asks for protection. Lani and Eli will be back after they get an officer to escort her to booking. Gabi gasps Rolf set her up. The mad DiMera scientist does not deny it … Jake has heard about Stefan. Kayla wonders whether he is the real one and quips she will never forgive that man for making her lose the love of her life. No one can replace him! The elevator opens and suited Justin steps out, having overheard Ouch!

Victor calls Xander stupid. He has lost hope and complains Sarah was with Brady last night. The Greek tycoon tells him his grandson’s one condition for forgiveness – that he fire him … Brady emotionally explains he heard what happened. They all need Maggie! The redhead is relieved she has her life back and tells them they are her life. She would love to see Rachel sometimes too. Brady realizes Sarah did not say … Evan explains he has David to consider. He could get out in later years and be with him. Sonny quips then daddy could tell him he killed mommy. Evan does not deny it but his son means everything. Sonny warns if he does not confess, he, Justin, Will, Sarah and others will appear at all his future hearings so his son will hear about his dastardly deeds … Rolf points out he was playing his mark and giggles Gabi was gullible so he led her to a stash of the drug that sent Chad’s wife back to the bin. She wonders why he hates her. She disrespected the great Stefano DiMera! Does this mean Jake is not Stefan? He slyly smiles he did not say that … Maggie is sympathetic after hearing Brady’s story. He hopes he will be able to see Kristen and baby soon and is also sorry for Sarah. Maggie agrees they will all look after her … Rolf reveals he had nothing to do with bringing Stefan back. However, that does not mean someone else did not … Kayla wonders how much Justin overheard. Enough .... Evan decides to do the right thing for David, who deserves better than Orpheus and starts writing … Outside Sarah 2.0 tells Brady they can now go after Victor and Xander … Victor explains to Xander he wanted to tell him first – he is fired! And so it begins …


Luv Cathy

The Salem Story on Thursday, May 21, 2020