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1400 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)


Ciara feeds Ben yummy wedding cake samples and kisses the buttercream from his handsome face … Victor ends an irate call to Justin to get Maggie freed now. Xander assures him all will be well for she harmed no one. The tycoon wants her home and wonders whether Sarah knows. Alas Xander could not find her last night. Meanwhile Sarah wakes up in an unfamiliar bed. Enter shirtless Brady who bids her good morning. She is clad in his shirt … Frazzled Abigail imagines Gabi is her nurse trying to inject her and fights back. Chad arrives. She realizes Gabi is not real. Chad solemnly states she went after someone else … Jake is at work remembering Gabi’s words tis up to him who he wants to be … Gabi demands Kayla give her back what Ben stole … Jean jacket Ben loves the praline. Ciara talks date. He has to get her a real diamond first. Only the best for his one and only. They kiss. After two months’ salary he will have it. That means a July wedding and they kiss again Alas his work calls. He frosts her little nose and leaves … Victor grumbles they made a mess cos it was Orpheus all along! Xander knows it will bring Sarah some comfort. He might find her at … Sarah regrets drinking herself silly last night. Towel clad Brady wonders what she remembers. Having a bottle of bubbly all by herself. She sure hopes they did not … Brady insists he slept on the sofa. Sarah is relieved she did not hop into bed the way she did with Xander when she was upset with Rex. Brady gets her pain and she gets his. He feels for Maggie. Sarah forgave her. Brady understands if she would rather not go after Victor and Xander for what they did, given slick Vic is her mom’s husband. Sarah insists she is in. The bad boys deserve to pay bigtime …

Xander wants Sarah to know Maggie is innocent and vows to make it up to her … Stylish Gabi babbles about the drug that would have brought Stefan’s memory back. Dr. Kayla already confirmed he was brain dead and his heart was donated to Julie. Gabi gasps Rolf says otherwise. She has also seen her Stefan! Kayla is baffled about Ben’s involvement. He stole the syringe from her before she could inject Stefan and she is here to get it back. It all sounds outlandish … Chad updates Abigail on poor Jake almost getting injected by Gabi. Lani and Eli arrive. Chad wants that girl arrested and this time he has proof … Jake minds not Ben is late since he saved him from nutty Gabi yesterday. She will not back down on her belief he is Stefan. Ben hopes he does not buy it …Lani notes Jake did not report anything. Eli suspects he is not keen on cops. Chad explains he is having the syringe analyzed by Dr. Evans. They will look into it and leave. Chad gushes Gabi will go to the slammer. Abigail sighs nothing can stop her hallucinations but hubby knows what could help her beautiful mind … Ciara visits Victor, sorry he cannot see Maggie yet. She is the love of his life. She smiles and holds up her sort of engagement ring announcing her good news. He growls what is good about it … Jake wonders whether his memories were not real and Gabi’s drug would give him his real ones. They will know soon what that stuff is. Ben misses his formidable friend but Gabi’s judgment is clouded cos she was so crazy for him …

Kayla warns Gabi she was already a suspect in Abigail’s drugging. This is different. Stefan was the love of her life … Sarah enjoys the morning coffee as Brady buttons his black shirt. His plan proceeds today but first she needs to have a big breakfast and go to the gym. When the booze is gone from her system he will be back. She thanks him and sips her coffee on the bed still clad in his shirt. When he opens the door, Xander jumps to the wrong conclusion. Brady says to go. Sarah smiles she will deal with him and will see him later. Brady warns him he has plans and exits. Xander wants an explanation. Sarah smugly sips her coffee … Ciara would like Victor’s blessing but he will not give it for the necktie killer who gave her a washer. Ciara lists his good deeds and qualities. Tis true love and he is a new man. The Greek tycoon tells her she is stubborn like Bo. She grins she knows where he gets it from. He calls the marriage a mistake. She disagrees and resigns. The Greek grimaces … Ben cannot reach Marlena. Jake asks him to watch things and heads off to get answers himself … Gabi threatens to sue the hospital so Kayla stops away to check the lab. Lani and Eli arrive. Lani warns there was a witness to her trying to inject someone this time so she Gabi might be going to the slammer … Chad shares that Marlena believes a good specialist in psychopharmacology in Florida could help the fair Abigail. For a moment she assumes the worst. He just wants to help. She sighs she needs to leave Salem … Lani gets sarcastic with Gabi, who insists Jake is Stefan. She refuses to accompany the cops to the station. Speak of the devil. Lani cannot deny he looks like Stefan DiMera. Jake just wants to know what she tried to inject him with …

Victor assumed Ciara liked her job. She reminds him of the cat and mouse game and cannot trust his CEO. Victor notes he needs her to keep an eye on him. He offers a raise. Ciara will consider if he gives Ben a chance. She insists she loves him and he hopes he will get her a real ring. He will. He agrees to accept Ben as the man she loves. Ciara is over the moon and hugs him … Sarah pours more coffee and does not deny sleeping with Brady. She updates Xander on Kristen running away with Rachel. Their deception ruined everyone! Xander just wants to say … She silences him and screams he and Victor gave her and Brady great pain soooo one thing led to another. She goes to shower and growls to be gone when she returns. Xander looks like he has been slapped a thousand times … Chad wants him and the kids to accompany Abigail to Florida. They will see her daily. She argues he just got his positon back at DiMera but he believes this is best. She refuses to uproot the kids again. Thomas was looking forward to summer camp. Chad gently kisses her and suggests the kids stay with Jack and Jen. He would go with her. She suggests she go alone instead … Back at the garage, Ciara admires the view. Ben admits Gabi is starting to convince Jake he could be Stefan … Stefan is simply curious. Gabi smiles he will get his memories back. Eli warns the drug could be evidence against her. All she can think of is how wonderful it will be to have her Stefan … Brady steps into Victor’s room. The Greek tycoon does not expect forgiveness and is shocked to hear that Kristen and Rachel are gone for good. Brady will blame him forever … Ciara bears big news. Victor gave them his blessing! Ben is impressed and gives her a passionate kiss … Victor cannot believe Brady let that woman run off … Brady believes that woman deserved to raise her baby. Victor did what he did out of love and offers to give him anything he wants. Brady wants Xander fired … Sarah kicks Xander out of the room and her life. He updates her on saving Maggie from taking her life … Kayla comes back with the results. The syringe is no serum, it is the same compound that was used to drug Abigail. Gabi’s face falls … Chad refuses to abandon the fair Abigail and holds her in his arms …


Luv Cathy

The Salem Story on Wednesday, May 20, 2020