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1400 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)


Rafe rages Orpheus took David. Zoe asks to be untied but he is suspicious … Wicked Orpheus has taken sleepy David to a warehouse and introduces him to his old friend John who is all tied up … At the pub, Steve and Hope dine. He offers to talk to the dude with a past her daughter plans to wed. Hope warns it would only alienate stubborn Ciara. Like mother like daughter! Marlena now calls Patch frantic for his help. He drawls he is dining with Hope. The blonde suggests he bring her … Justin will be dining with Kayla at Julie’s Place but dropped by to visit Victor. Kayla last saw him reading a letter. Meanwhile Vic leaves Xander a desperate message! Sonny and Will walk in. Sonny wonders what the Titan thug did this time. The tycoon tells them Maggie is in trouble. Meanwhile Xander loosens the ragdoll redhead and begs her to breathe … Vic shows Will and Sonny the shocking letter from his wife. Will offers to use his reporter skills to get into the slammer and see what he can find out. He leaves the room and asks Kayla to accompany him to the slammer. Victor fears Maggie might try to take her own life … Xander gently lays the ragdoll down. No breathing. He thunders for the guard, then performs CPR with all his might … Rafe barks on the phone that Orpheus has a boy and use extreme caution. He turns his rage to Zoe, who swears she is on the side of the good guys. Evan was totally truthful when he told her about that night … Orpheus informs David he and John were playing a game. He removes John’s gag. John grins and greets David. Orpheus ominously claims tis time to catch up … Steve and Hope join Marlena, who hyperventilates John has been abducted … Xander begs Maggie to come back. She coughs and breathes again. The tough guy gives thanks to God above …

Patch and Hope are astounded Orpheus is on the loose again. Marlena updates them on his threat to kill her man if she did not transfer him ten million. He had a photo of John bound and gagged with today’s paper. Steve snarls the s.o.b! Marlena warned Rafe about his plan to take David … Zoe notes neither of them will get custody of David if Rafe does not work with her and repeats to untie her … John rages at Orpheus for ripping David away from his safe bed at Rafe’s and growls what does he want. The means to have a good life with his grandson … Victor complains to Justin and Sonny he knew Maggie would not survive knowing what she had done, hence his cover-up. He questions whether they even want his wife saved … Maggie opens her eyes to Xander in the slammer infirmary. He asks what she remembers. She tried to take her life. The doc said she will be alright. She doubts it and wonders why he came. Victa saw her letta and contacted him to come. The redhead realizes he saved her but wishes he had not. She loathes living knowing she caused the death of Adrienne as well as Sarah’s baby. He tenderly tells her tis not true for she offed no one …

Justin ends a call from Kayla, who is headed to the prison infirmary with Will. Victor breaks down when he hears his beloved tried to end it all … Kayla and Will approach Maggie’s bed, baffled when Xander announces she killed no one that fateful night! She remembers she poured a drink. Xander declares she did not drink it, for she was chloroformed! Will and Kayla wonder. Xander elaborates. Orpheus set it up to make her look guilty … John questions what kind of life a lad could have with the likes of Orpheus ... Marlena begs Steve and Hope to get to John before Orpheus harms a single hair on his handsome head … Rafe unties Zoe and demands any clue she heard about where Orpheus was taking David. He wanted him to meet an old friend. Rafe deduces that would be hostage John. Zoe insists on coming with … Sonny and Justin assure the Greek patriarch they are relieved his redhead is alright. Victor suspects they secretly wished she would not make it given she caused Adrienne’s end … Xander updates Maggie et al on Orpheus originally planning to take Maggie for ransom. That was when she was chloroformed a year ago and put in the back seat. Orpheus was arguing with his son when he drove Adrienne and Sarah off the road and viciously put the unconscious Maggie into the front to make it appear she had been drinking and driving. She was a victim! Maggie weeps it was not her and pats Xander. She thanks God as relieved Kayla and Will smile … Steve decides to call Shane for information on Orpheus. Marlena gets a text from Rafe who is en route. All they now know is Orpheus has David. She asks Steve to contact Shane from his own phone and be careful cos Orpheus is not without contacts at the ISA. She worries what he has in store for John …

John chuckles as little David tries to toss him a toy. Orpheus comes back in time to hear him ask David for the phone and hears David agree. He puts the gag back on the pawn and orders the boy to go play with his toys … Rafe arrives and Hope asks for a word. Zoe reintroduces herself to Marlena recalling how kind and caring she was. She vows to help bring back her husband and David. Marlena appreciates it … Hope apologizes to Rafe for when she was Gina. He is just glad she is back. Steve is now waiting for word from Shane. Marlena’s phone rings. Orpheus calling! … Justin praises Maggie as a kind wise woman when sober. She must live with what happened. Sonny does not want another tragedy. Victor still suspects they will always see the woman who offed Adrienne when they look at his Maggie … Maggie hopes tis true. The gang hear how Evan came clean to sister Zoe, who shared the shocking story with Rafe, who in turn told Xander. Will is appalled Evan said nothing all this time. Xander adds but he is behind bars. He gushes Maggie can go free. People need her … Rafe wants Orpheus on speaker so Marlena obliges. She has the money and now needs an account number and bank. He demands to know who is there. She tries to deny defying him. He senses the presence of Patch so Steve suggests he cut to the deal. They are here to play. Orpheus wants to repay him for the scar. Steve offers himself in exchange for John. Orpheus notes no one has big bucks for a simple Steve and taunts he heard he is rooming with Hope. Hope admits she is present. Zoe yells to free John and David. He calls her duplicitous and deduces Rafe is also present. Rafe rages he wants his son. Orpheus suggests he not trust back stabbing Zoe. Marlena promises to meet him alone and dangles the ten million. He concludes she did not respect the rules and now must pay the price … Kayla returns to Victor’s room and announces Maggie did not cause the double deaths. She now knows it! Justin wonders …Will scoffs he and Maggie were both wrongly sent to the slammer cos of Orpheus. Justin and Sonny will explode! Maggie asks about Sarah but Xander has not seen her. She emotionally thanks him for saving her. How to repay? … Kayla updates astounded Victor et al on the setup. He who ran Adrienne off the road placed Maggie and a bottle of vodka in the front seat. Sonny demands a name … Orpheus warns Marlena that this offense will cost another five million. Steve demands proof John is still alive. John now assures doc he and the boy are alright. Orpheus shoves the gag back and leers Marlena can kiss him goodbye if she goes rogue again …


Luv Cathy

The Salem Story on Tuesday, May 19, 2020