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1300 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)


Orpheus leers Marlena must do as ordered or else. She is bewildered he would snatch his own grandson and harm her beloved John. He warns to follow his instructions to the letter … Zoe insists her story was true and she is sorry. Rafe wants to lock up Orpheus and then he will free Maggie. Zoe agrees to sign a statement. He gets texted by the sitter who cannot work overtime. Zoe offers to take over. He has his doubts … Brady assures Eric that Kristen would do anything for Rachel. Eric is upset he did not consider him. Brady emotionally apologizes and exits. Nicole hugs unhappy Eric … Victor opens and reads Maggie’s last letter to him. Meanwhile the redhead is reading the sorry last letter to Sarah she just wrote. She weeps … Orpheus shows Marlena a picture of John holding the newspaper with the date, proving he has him … Zoe insists on being the replacement sitter. Rafe agrees the aunt can help. She alludes to him being a white knight and leaves. Xander arrives searching for Sarah. She is not here. Rafe blames him for Maggie being in the slammer … Maggie rereads her unhappy letter to Sarah about letting so many down … Victor looks at the letter assuming the redhead is after a divorce. She wrote not to question the depth of her devotion for him. How she wanted to be at his side after she heard he was stabbed! He must make amends with poor Brady. He must beg for his forgiveness … At the pub Brady looks at his drink and calls Theresa long distance. He asks to talk to little man Tate. He misses him too and will visit soon. After the call, he cries he loves Rachel as well wherever she is. He reaches for the drink until aghast Sarah stops him …

Eric hangs his head. Nicole notes Brady had no alternative. He was too kind to take the baby away from Kristen a second time … Brady thanks Sarah for returning Rachel. She regrets going on the run but she lost it. Brady tells her he let Kristen take off with their daughter … Rafe reveals to Xander that Maggie was not driving. Orpheus made it look like she had been. Xander gasps she never caused the crash that harmed Adrienne and the baby! Rafe agrees she is innocent – unlike Xander … Victor reads on. Maggie wrote to change his ways if he wants Brady back. She wishes he had not withheld the facts from her. Then Sarah and Eric would not be suffering so deeply now over losing Mickey and Brady and Kristen would have been spared their sorrow … Maggie reads her letter to Sarah about finding happiness again in her young life. Missing Mickey will fade in time and she hopes she falls in love with a worthy man and have a child or children. She is sorry she will miss it … Marlena glares at Orpheus, who demands a ten million dollar transfer to an offshore account. The blonde cannot believe it. He warns if she contacts the cops John will be offed. He will be in touch. He leaves. Marlena takes off to tell …

Chez Rafe, Zoe is admiring sleepy David and smiles she is Auntie Zoe. Daddy and Rafe both love him. She believes it is best he be with the family here. Orpheus appears, agrees, and demands his grandson … Back at the station, Rafe tells Xander if they had tested Maggie’s breath they would have known she had not drunk anything. He hopes Xander learned his lesson about the risks of covering up. Xander takes off to tell Sarah the good news … Back at the pub, Sarah rages about nutty Kristen having Rachel and takes a gulp of Brady’s drink. Brady assures her Kristen is a caring mother and sips his water. She blames Xander for the baby switch but Brady knows better. Victor was the mastermind … Victor reads on. Maggie could not live with the guilt and says goodbye cos she is going to take her own life … Maggie’s letter to Sarah ends declaring she does not deserve forgiveness. When she reads this letter, she shall be gone … Eric rages Kristen is a fugitive and the baby had a health problem before. Nicole argues Kristen has resources and argues he would have done the same as Brady. Victor drives people to snap and she would have done as Kristen did … Marlena overhears Rafe on the phone putting out an APB on Orpheus and updates him on the abduction of John, his demand they give him ten million so she can be with David … Zoe denies being Rafe’s friend and claims she did her best. Christian is not innocent. Orpheus orders her to pack the boy’s bag … Victor reaches for his cell and cannot get through to the warden so he calls Xander. Maggie is about to off herself! Xander is on his way … Maggie places her last letter to Sarah on the bunk bed … Rafe orders cops to his house and to be careful. He thanks Marlena for the intel and leaves … Orpheus ignores a call from Rafe and gets mad when Zoe comes downstairs without David. She believes he deserves better than Orpheus. He claims he is in the clear cos of the ISA. She reminds him he caused the accident that killed Adrienne and Sarah’s baby and framed Maggie Kiriakis to take the fall. He grabs her arm and warns if she told a soul, she is toast …

Sarah is enraged by Xander and Victor playing God. Brady grumbles slick Vic always gets away with it … Victor cannot get through to the warden on his phone … Xander rushes in and informs the guard he must see Maggie now for she plans to take her own life. The guard bows him off … Maggie is making her noose … Zoe warms Orpheus that Rafe is on his way home. He demands David. Then he realizes there is an APB out on him and starts to strangle Zoe the traitor … Eric wonders whether he was being too hard on Brady. Nicole knows his brother is hurting … Sarah scoffs about Xander’s apologetic messages. She just wants justice. Brady warns the Titan legal team will save their CEO. She now hears from Brady that Xander became CEO after the accident and deduces it was part of his deal with Victor. Brady plans to make him pay … Xander knocks out the guard, gets the keys and races to Maggie’s cell. She has just finished her pretty white noose …Nicole holds Eric’s hands and assures him he has her and Holly to help him heal. He thanks her for making him understand Brady better. He feels blessed to have her and Holly and kisses her … Back home, Marlena knows John would want her to keep the little boy safe and makes a call. She needs help from the best … Rafe finds Zoe tied to a chair. She gasps Orpheus has David … Back at the pub Brady slyly suggests he and Sarah make Victor and Xander pay dearly, render them harmless. Sarah was thinking the same thing. They toast to sweet revenge as violins play. Brady’s blue eyes are cold as ice … Victor gasps Xander has got to save Maggie … Meanwhile Xander rushes to the fallen ragdoll to save her from herself ...


Luv Cathy

The Salem Story on Monday, May 18, 2020