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1230 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)


Nicole hugs Eric, who is smiling at the pictures on his phone. Holly calling him daddy made his day. Their little girl! He feels blessed for them both and kisses her. Knock knock! Tis Brady. They heard he found Sarah and Rachel … Returned Xander brings Salem patient Victor the mail. He tells the tycoon things did not turn out well between himself and Sarah … Maggie has a visitor – Sarah … At the station Rafe wants to know who was murdered. Zoe states her brother confessed to her and she should not violate her attorney client privilege but she will cos Orpheus is a clear and present danger …Orpheus leers the life of a loved one is at risk. Marlena replies Brady has been freed. He notes tis not about Brady but … Brady tells Eric and Nicole his sad story. Kristen took off after he found her and Rachel. He sips his coffee. Nicole is glad he got to his little girl. Brady is glum and Eric gets suspicious … Sarah informs the redhead she regrets running with the baby but she was not herself with the baby that was not hers. Her Mickey did not make it. Maggie laments being responsible for the death of her grandchild … Zoe informs Rafe that Christian’s plan was to take off with David but he needed funds. He wanted to abduct Maggie and hold her for ransom, given the Kiriakis riches … Brady sighs Kristen is really gone … Xander sighs Sarah now hates him and no one has seen her since she returned to Salem. Victor is sympathetic … Maggie heard about the baby switch from Xander and weeps about Sarah losing her little girl cos of her drunk driving, subsequent crash. Victor was just trying to protect her from herself. Sarah cries as she cries she feared facing her … Zoe continues. It was last mother’s day and Orpheus overpowered Maggie at the mansion when she was already holding a drink. She did not remember. Christian came and Orpheus ordered him to help. Back to the now. Rafe notes Zoe mentioned a murder so she clarifies. In fact there were two …

Brady reveals Kristen used Sarah’s tickets and took a train to God knows where. Rachel was with her. Nicole gasps … Orpheus warns Marlena he does what he must for his son. He was found guilty of murder. Marlena is glad. He blames his dodgy daughter for the botched defense … Zoe explains there were two deaths that did result from a crime. It was all Orpheus’ fault. He was driving Christian and passed out Maggie to Rafe’s house to get his son. Maggie would bring a hefty ransom from Victor. Orpheus brought up what Evan did to Jordan. Evan insisted it was an accident and asked him to turn back. Orpheus handed him a bottle to take a drink instead and swerved causing another car off the road. Rafe now hears Orpheus ran the car off the road, which caused the tragic death of Adrienne as well as Sarah’s unborn baby … Victor calls Kristen’s fate the silver lining and assumes she will be sent to the slammer. Perhaps one day when he is older Brady will realize he acted out of his love for Maggie. Xander wishes Sarah would understand he acted out of love for her … Sarah is not here to cast stones for she abducted a baby and knocked out poor Rex when he wanted to help. Just as he forgave her and Kristen kind of did, she forgives Maggie. The disease made her do it. Maggie’s last memory is having a bottle but does not remember the first drink. Sarah hates what she did but still feels fortunate she is her mom. How could anyone hate her?

Brady admits he wanted to accompany Kristen and Rachel but there was Tate to consider. Eric gasps he let her go??? Brady gasps it was so hard and Nicole hugs him. Eric rages Mickey meant so much to him and blasts his brother for not caring how he was or would be affected ... Sarah woefully weeps about the way things were. She needs her mother now and urges her to accept her forgiveness. Maggie whimpers she does not deserve it. She shall never forgive herself … Zoe explains the crash made the plan to kidnap Maggie come to an end. Christian had insisted they leave her at the scene. Rafe now notes Maggie confessed to driving. She believed she was for Orpheus put her in front of the wheel with a bottle of booze, only to take off with Christian. Rafe wonders why Orpheus did not try again. Zoe knows not and adds her brother might never be released now … Orpheus complains about his son in the slammer. Marlena snaps what does he want! He locks the door and she gives him a look …

Tragic music plays. Sarah still loves her strong mother. She faces the hell of life head on and prays Kristen will be as wonderful a mother to the former Mickey the way Maggie was to her. Maggie takes her hand and covers her face. Sarah brings up the loving dad she named the baby after. Mickey was his granddaughter. Maggie agrees. Sarah continues. When Kristen spoke to Mickey, she sensed this was her real mother. She also believes Brady deserves to be the dad to his daughter and hopes he does not have to do time. Maggie must now tell her it was actually Kristen who attacked Victor … Eric continues his blow up at Brady. Brady believes Kristen will look after the baby but Eric calls her a criminal maniac who does not deserve that precious girl. How could he hand her over to such an evil woman … Sarah gasps Kristen claimed she had changed! She gave her baby to a natural born killer. What has she done????? Marlena warns Orpheus this is a hospital. She could call for help. He disconnects her phone and demands money. Plan A was a year ago but he lost the hostage. He picks up John’s framed picture and talks Plan B. That one involves Marlena …

Brady points out Kristen promised to protect their baby. Eric rages he has lost Rachel all over again. Brady cries he is sorry and departs hanging his head. Nicole holds Eric close …. Xander regrets the truth coming out and then gasps wot if Sarah got arrested? He takes off to be her knight in shining armor … Marlena deduces Orpheus has decided to take her for ransom. Wrong. He has her beloved John so she must do as ordered … Rafe marvels if this story is true Maggie is innocent. She offed no one … Back at the slammer, the redhead reminds Sarah that Rachel still has Brady, who loves her. Sarah decides to depart and assumes she is about to be arrested. Maggie weeps she loves her. Sarah looks back and leaves. The redhead whispers this was their last time together … Victor opens a letter and reads. Tis from Maggie, who is writing to bid him farewell forever …


Luv Cathy

The Salem Story on Friday, May 15, 2020