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1400 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)


Lani elegantly approaches Eli at the square. She knows he did not approve of her helping Kristen and announces she will spill all to Rafe … Commiss Rafe gets a call, surprised tis so soon … Zoe and her new look update anxious Evan on the jury coming to a decision. Here comes dear and deadly old dad Orpheus … Jen and Jack hug Abigail, who is at the hospital with Chad and now imagines her enemies smirking instead of her family. Chad suspiciously asks what she sees. She gasps he looks like Ben. He tenderly tells her to remove her hands from her eyes and look again. She hugs him. But she believes Jen and Jack are Stefan and Gabi smirking. The poor girl begs for help … At the garage Jake gives Gabi a hard time. He suggests she say what she wants and scram. She opens her designer bag. She has something just for Jake … Marlena joins Jack, Chad and Jen, who update her on Abigail’s new hallucinations. Marlena introduces herself and suggests a private chat. Abigail wants Chad to accompany her. They depart together and Jack holds worried Jen … Gabi pretends she came to return antibiotic cream and thanks Jake for fixing her elbow. Busy Jake blows her off and turns around to text. She takes out the syringe and braces for impact … Lani tries to stop Rafe but he is heading to the courthouse for Evan’s verdict. Until later … Zoe explains to Evan it could go either way. Orpheus suggests he keep the faith and wants a word alone with sis. He is counting on her to come through for brother … Abigail reposes on the blue bed, Chad at her side. Marlena asks about the hallucination. It was about Gabi at the beginning, and she went to DiMera mansion to ask Stefano’s portrait for help. Then Kate came in and she thought she perceived Gabi trying to poison Abe. She knows she now mistook her parents for Stefan and Gabi. Chad concludes she can feel Gabi is a threat …. Ben grabs the syringe from Gabi. Jake accuses her of attempted murder. She hisses she wanted to bring him back …

Eli catches up with Lani at the station. He is surprised Rafe let her stay. Alas she had no chance to come clean cos he was headed to the courthouse. When he returns … About that … Zoe faces Rafe at the courthouse and Orpheus follows, fuming his son was given 20 years. Rafe believes he deserved it cos he offed the mother of his child. He will never see David again. Zoe will appeal. Evan is led out in cuffs. Rafe intends to accompany him to the slammer just in case … Jake snaps he is not Stefan DiMera! Gabi disagrees when he declares Stefan is dead. She pouts the drug will prove her right … Smart Jack and Jen are at a loss. Jack wants to believe their daughter will get better. Blue eyed Jen is grateful he is here. He wishes he had been before and prays Marlena will be able to work her magic … Now that Abigail feels safe Marlena asks who she sees in the room. Chad and Marlena. Now she hears Orpheus and sees him in his black hoodie. He looks like the grim reaper. She points at him when Marlena asks her to. Chad insists they are the only three here. She cries Orpheus is clear as day. Marlena feels she should focus on what is real. Chad, her marriage, her family. Orpheus disappears. Marlena knows they can help her cope and has something to make her sleep. She pops a pill after Chad gives her water. Marlena steps out to speak to the family. Chad thanks her and embraces his waif wife …

Orpheus promises Evan/Christen it is not over. Zoe is sorry but Evan has given up. She promises to get custody of David. Rafe doubts it and orders the officer to cart him off to his new home. He follows like the cowboy who won the rodeo. Orpheus blames Zoe … Lani felt right helping Kristen reunite with her daughter. Eli warns she might get locked up and refuses to let it happen. He feels it would be unfair for the maternal woman he loves to pay. The Kristen secret stays between them … Jake thinks Gabi is nuts. Ben reminds her Stefan died. She reasons Rolf came clean and repeats what he said, that he brought Stefan back to life before his heart was given to Julie. He wiped his memories clear and implanted others. When Jake mocks her story she mentions what happened to Will. Ben heard about his side effects. Jake is not interested in any of it. Gabi dares Ben to just inject him with the new improved version and see for himself. She owes him the gift of his life. Ben disagrees and threatens to call the cops. Jake stops him and adds they are alright. Gabi demands the syringe back but Ben departs with it. She takes a hissy fit. Jake soap stares … Lani hears that Eli intends to keep withholding what he knows. He was upset she put herself in such a position. He loves and could not bear to lose her … Orpheus rages he asked Zoe to let her smart brother testify. She will appeal and get custody of David. Orpheus orders her to do things his way or it’s the highway. She ominously reminds him she knows what they did last year …

At the hospital, Ben asks Marlena to have the contents of the syringe analyzed fast. Marlena has questions. Gabi was trying to inject his boss but he does not want to say more. She whispers she will do her best and departs. Suspicious Chad steps up and asks Ben what that was about … Orpheus realizes Christian told the secret to his sister and reminds her she was his lawyer so it is privileged plus confidential. She would never repeat it. He leers to stay silent or they are all toast. He walks off and Zoe worries … Gabi wonders whether Ben went to the cops. Jake suggests she just leave already. She tries to excuse her actions. She was there when the father of her child lost his memory. Then he took the drug and his whole world came flooding back. Jake likes his life and gets mad when she calls him Stefan again. She claims he was unhappy but changed when they fell in love. She still blames Vivian, who did not deserve the risk he took. He shouts she means nothing and let it go. She refuses and vows to make him see the light soon. He scoffs to scram or he will have her pretty rear end tossed in the slammer … Eli will make sure no one sees the video of Kristen escaping. Lani talks risk. He replies she is worth it and romantically kisses her. Here comes smiling Rafe with an update on Evan’s fate. He also feels upbeat about the custody battle. Before heading home to David he stopped off to hear the important information Lani wanted to share …

Jack stays with Jen at sleeping beauty Abigail’s side …Ben sidesteps but Chad overheard! Ben admits he knows not what the drug was so they have to wait. Chad deduces Ben saw Gabi trying to drug someone so that makes him the eyewitness he needs to lock her up … Gabi softly reminds “Stefan” he responded to her kiss and senses his conflict. Tis now out of her hands. He needs to decide who he really wants to be … Lani fibs she wanted to inform Rafe that there are no leads on where Kristen disappeared with her daughter. She and Eli are happy he won the case, hug him and go … Marlena is on a call concerning patient Abigail when Orpheus walks in. He heard her say she was worried about Abigail and leers to start worrying about herself … Zoe walks up to Rafe with information she wants to share – on a murder. Not Jordan Ridgeway’s but someone else. Ooooooo


Luv Cathy

The Salem Story on Thursday, May 14, 2020