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1230 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)


Ben and Ciara wake up in engaged bliss. They are going to wed for real! His work can wait … Rolf condescendingly greets Gabi in the slammer. She demands answers about Stefan. Meanwhile Jake leaves his mysterious contact a message about complications …At the station Chad paces and blasts Rafe for his inaction. Abigail is missing! Jack and Jen are calm. Rafe has people looking. Chad goes all DiMera on Gabi’s brother … Altered state Abigail is back at DiMera mansion and stares strangely at Stefano’s portrait. How to annihilate arch enemy Gabi? …After the lovin shirtless Ben pillow talks with his princess. She cannot wait to tell mama Hope in person. Ben suggests they wait. She assures him she will share in their joy. He alludes to his past soap sins. Ciara repeats he is her one true love. He holds his future bride’s beautiful face and repeats he loves her. Now off to the shower they go … Rafe claims to have the situation under control. Jen tries to calm Chad who rages he is going to let his sociopath sis get off again … Gabi orders Rolf to admit he is responsible for Stefan being back in Salem … Jake mops and remembers Gabi falling. He grins … Abigail hides when Kate waltzes in with a tray and tea. Abigail imagines she is Gabi spiking her beverage. The waif watches from behind the sofa …

Rolf suggests Gabi take it easy. She reminds him of the time she begged him to save the son of Stefano. Rolf reasoned at least he was breathing. She wanted a miracle. Rolf remembers it well and remembers her attack after he replied it was impossible. She talks injections he gave to undead Will and EJ. He reasons they had a heart! She wonders whether he gave Julie a pig heart and he chuckles. However, hypothetically speaking he would be of no use if Stefan was alive. She wonders why Stefan is acting like a working guy who loathes her … Jake slams his phone down, enraged his call was not returned. Here comes curious Ben … Ciara visits elegant Hope, who teases she is no longer wearing a tiara. Ciara shows her the ring and Hope calls it a washer. Tis a temp replacement for her engagement ring from Ben … Rafe warns Chad to chill or he will be behind bars! Jen keeps the peace … PR Kate greets Abe, having gotten the tea ready. Mr. Mayor must step away to take a call. When he comes back Abigail is still hallucinating Gabi and jumps up to push the teacup from his lips. She cries that woman put poison … Rolf has his doubts about the story. Gabi vows to fight dirty. Rolf acts bored. She offers two options. The first is the best legal team to get him out if he helps but the second is to have him offed in the slammer. He eyes her and feels the first option is favorable. He drawls he did indeed save Stefan …

Ben assumes Jake was getting angry about the two goons. Ben talks telemarketer. Ben shares his engagement news. Jake notes he seems nervous. He is cos Ciara is gonna tell Hope … Hope sits with a sigh to process. Ciara babbles about the fortune cookie. Hope hears the washer was from Bo’s bike and Ciara feels it is like his blessing … Irate Rafe excuses himself to check on the latest. Jack accompanies him. Jen wishes Chad would not provoke the commiss. She feels they will find the fair Abigail … Abigail gets mad at Gabi but Kate explains she is Kate. Abigail shouts not to touch her and shoves back. Abe intervenes … Ciara assumes Hope does not approve. Hope sighs her head is spinning. She will never forget Ben’s soap sins. However she will never forget how he saved her daughter and loves her, makes her happy. Mother and devoted daughter emotionally embrace. Hope wants to live in the moment and loves her baby girl being happy. Ciara is overwhelmed … Jake asks Ben about Hope while they work on a bike. Ben updates him on history. Jake asks what the hell he did that was so bad … Gabi boasts Rolf is her beech. He cackles the balance of power could shift, then reminds her even she has had memory lapses. He brings up Will and Jack, who forgot who they were. Gabi suddenly realizes Stefan really does not remember. Rolf returns to memory lane and boasts it was but his serum that brought them both back … Abe keeps Abigail away from Kate, who quickly calls Chad …

Stylish Hope serves tea from the polka dot teapot. Ciara asks her to help with the wedding planning. Hope is all in! They must first book a church. She suggests her daughter make a list starting with the most important thing. Ciara wishes papa Bo could walk her down the aisle. Hope holds her and they cry. We all do … Jake gets sarcastic about the skeletons in Ben’s big closet. Ben is well now and adds his imbalance is being regulated by the great Marlena Evans. Jake teases he won’t wear a necktie to work. He can keep his job. Now, when is the wedding? No date yet and he needs to buy his girl a real ring. He now asks the supportive Stefan lookalike about his own marital status. He gets tightlipped … Rolf reveals he has some serum left. Gabi swears she will help him get out and wants to know where said serum is right now … Hope talks dress. Ciara needs to go tell Victor. Hope suggests she wait a little while with that and has an idea … Ben muses Jake is just like Stefan. Ciara calls with Hope’s lunch invitation. Jake agrees the gushing groom to can go. He is bemused Hope sounds easygoing … The deal with Dr. Rolf is on even if the serum does not work. Gabi grins to wish her luck. After she leaves the mad scientist cackles she will need it … Jen nervously updates Jack on Chad going to get Abigail at the mansion… At DiMera mansion Abigail is arguing with Abe as Chad arrives. He wants to escort her to the hospital for she needs help. Abigail is afraid. Chad vows to protect her and kisses her confused head … At the bistro, Ben thanks Mrs. Brady for lunch. She smiles she is Hope and the three toast to wedded bliss forever … Rafe gets a call he cannot believe … Kate returns to Abe. She hopes Abigail gets locked up. Abe is more sympathetic. Corporate Kate wants to know if she is hired … Jack and Jen assure Abigail she is alright at the hospital as Chad stands by his woman. Alas she sees her historic enemies Ben, Stefan and Gabi instead of their faces … Stylish Gabi sweeps into the garage, her syringe hidden. Jake is less than thrilled to see her but she is a woman on a mission …


Luv Cathy

The Salem Story on Wednesday, May 13, 2020