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1230 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)


A fortune cookie that means forever. Ben wonders whether Ciara will be his wife … Hope texts Ciara they need to catch up. Steve enters in a dark jacket. He plans to pay his respects to Adrienne on this one year anniversary of her death. Justin is already grieving at her gravestone, bringing her up to date on the baby switch story. He misses the way his wife used to listen. Kayla appears in a black dress … Brady and Xander arrive at the empty Paris apartment. Xander finds the baby’s pink stuffed puppy on the floor … Drums play as Sarah stands to face the music. Kristen gasps where the hell was she going with her baby! Sarah trembles and picks up the baby pouting this is her daughter. Kristen gives her a look … Kayla came to apologize and excuses the interruption. Justin stops her from going. She sighs he was spot on. She was upset about Steve going home with another woman … Hope suggests it is late but Steve laments being late a long time. He missed the service and wants to make up for it … Ben stops Ciara from replying until he can gallantly get down on his knee and ask Ciara Alice Brady to marry him. She cries of course and they kiss like Romeo and Juliet … Brady and Xander are surprised when Rex returns to the apartment and explains Sarah left with the baby. Kristen showed up and they split up to search the train stations … Kristen calmly explains that is her and Brady’s baby. Sarah sobs about all she did for her. Kristen cries those were her stolen moments. She is the mother! Sarah believes she cannot be a good mother, she is evil, and urges her to do right by the baby and let her go. Kristen whispers she will NOT …

Justin overreacted earlier. The feelings for a lost loved one linger. Kayla hugs him and assures him Adrienne loved him, was lucky for his love. Steve arrives with Hope and a rose … Rex has given Brady the list of train stations. Brady is grateful and goes but Rex stops Xander, whom he warns to stay away from Sarah. Romeo Xander argues he loves her and she needs him … Kristen sighs this is her daughter but she is so grateful Sarah took good care of her. However, she spent a whole year grieving the wrong baby. She is sorry that her happiness will bring Sarah sadness. Sarah weeps as she thanks her. Kristen senses Rachel knows real mama is here. She begs her to return her stolen child. Sarah sobs, kisses her head and hands her over. Kristen holds her and baby looks cozy. Sarah starts to collapse … Ben snuggles with his surprised sweetheart at the park. She teases what about the ring so he whips out a washer. He is not rich enough to get her the wonderful ring she deserves so this is temporary. She teases it looks like it came from a carborator. It did, from hers! She giggles and wiggles her finger so he slips the washer ring on. She loves it and him too. She will wear it always. They kiss under the stars …

Brady and Xander arrive at the right train station. Sarah takes off with Xander on her tail. Brady has a happy reunion with Kristen and Rachel, who is in her real mother’s arms … Steve is sorry for Justin. Adrienne loved him. Justin replies she loved her good brother as well and discreetly departs. Steve apologizes to baby sis for being late … Brady gushes Rachel Isabella looks like mommy. Family hug … Steve sits and addresses Adrienne, who was always there for him with her heart and savvy … Kristen and Brady love their gift of love. Brady suggests a hotel for the night, then they can head home together tomorrow. Alas Kristen cannot … Ciara and Ben return to their room. She proceeds to wedding plan … At the pub Kayla promises Justin she will get over Steve living with Hope with his help. He kisses her with a twinkle in his eye. Enter Steve and Hope. Justin sighs Salem is small. Steve offers to go elsewhere. Good guy Justin stops him … Kristen reasons slick Vic cannot be trusted. He will have her locked up for life! Brady thinks they can fight it but Kristen knows more about the machinations of Salem villains. They would lose. She could not bear another second without her baby girl. The time is right to go underground. Brady wants to come with. She cannot let him. His eyes are filled with frustration …

Sarah is surprised to find Rex at the stylish apartment. He knew she would do the right thing and is here as her friend. She sobs after all she did to him he is still nice. He knows she acted out of love and loss. She should not be alone to mourn two children she lost. He hugs his superhero. Xander stares darkly from the doorway … Kristen reminds Brady about Tate. If he was aiding and abetting he could never see Tate again! They cannot risk Rachel having both parents in prison. Brady believes there is another way. She tells him she will turn herself in. Selfless Brady wanted to go to the slammer. She marvels at the depth of his devotion. Brady breaks down, realizing he has to let her go. Rachel needs her mother. Kristen calls it a huge sacrifice. He weeps what will he do without them? She touches his face. He teases the picket fence was not in the cards. She sighs cos of her. He disagrees and declares she is wonderful. Rachel needs her. He picks up the bundle of joy and marvels she is his miracle. He will love her always and when she looks at the moon his heart will be with them both. He kisses her. Kristen smiles and cries all she wanted was a life with Brady. They kiss like there is no tomorrow …

Ciara is making notes while lounging on the bed. Sit down reception or buffet? She asks Ben to join her and he reads her last note, asking him to make love to his fianceé. Ben is happy to oblige … Justin and Kayla invite Steve and Hope join them to raise a glass to toast Adrienne … Xander wants a moment alone but Sarah screams she never wants to see him again. Rex urges him to go so he does. Sarah sits by the French doors clutching the pink puppy … Brady asks Rachel to look after her mama. He loves her and kisses her head. Kristen puts the baby back in the stroller. She promises to tell her all about daddy, whose beautiful eyes she has. She loves his smile too and will tell her how much she loves him. She will give her the wonderful life he wants her to have. Brady gives her a long kiss goodbye. Mother and child walk out of his life as he weeps …


Luv Cathy

The Salem Story on Tuesday, May 12, 2020