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1300 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)


Ben just wants Jake to tell him what the bad guys wanted. Ciara angrily agrees … Will visits Maggie, who now knows what she did … On the Titan jet Xander is listening to loud rock music until Brady puts an end to it. Xander suggests they find the baby before killer Kristen. Brady glowers … In Paris, Kristen demands Rex reveal where Sarah took her baby after she removes his gag … A la gare (train station), Sarah whispers to Mickey no one will find them after they get on the train. She has a cupcake while she waits. Tis the day Mickey was born. She misses Maggie and her sweet support. Being a mom is the most important thing in the world … Rex knows not where Sarah fled. The lass is long gone … Brady sarcastically asks Xander how he will run away with Sarah since she hates him now. Xander growls Kristen had better not hurt her. Brady reasons she will not and blames Xander for her losing her child. Xander gets testy so he tells him about them suspecting Rex is with Sarah. Xander does not buy it. Brady taunts they were in love, When Xander becomes a smart aleck Brady snaps at the sob who stole his baby. Xander stares darkly … Jake acts clueless. Ciara insists he come clean. Ben stands up, holding his side and warns him the bad guys were serious. They are not gonna go away … Brady declares there was no justification for what Xander did. Xander talks preventing Maggie’s grief. Brady notes he cared not for Kristen’s grief and is appalled to hear Xander gave Maggie the grief after all … Will woefully states to Maggie that Victor the great and powerful swore Sonny and him to secrecy. The redhead rages he had no right. Poor Kristen and Brady … Sarah licks her chocolate fingers and remembers when Xander crashed her mother’s day with Maggie bearing gifts. Maggie smiled the daddy was already stepping up. Sarah now remembers how she fell hard for him after the accident … Rex suggests Kristen start with the train stations and offers to assist …

Kate is shopping at the square when she gets a call from unheard unseen Mimi, who is waiting to hear from Rex. Kate will be in touch when she has something. Jake comes up behind her and hands ma’m a jewelry store box she just dropped. She gasps STEFAN … Ciara helps her guy get his shirt on. He wants no hospital for his bruised ribs. She thinks Jake was a jerk. If the bad guys come back still thinking he is Jake he could die. She wishes he would leave that job … Brady wants to know why so Xander sighs an inmate started to say things to Maggie. Brady realizes it was best for her to know and to hear it from Xander. Xander believes it should have come from Victa but then Kristen attacked him. He informs Brady that Kristen actually attempted to steal Kristen’s baby first. Brady was not expecting to hear such a thing …. Sarah sighs the accident changed everything … Rex is finally free. He suggests he call the cops but cougar Kristen grabs his phone …

Stylish Kate gaps Stefan is supposed to be dead. He denies it, claims he is Jake and Kate wonders whether he was the Stefan Gabi thought she saw. He hears she knows her and wonders what the heck is wrong with that woman … Back in their room, Ben jokes as Ciara argues he is not safe at that garage. He would rather not let the bad guys ruin their night and grins he will shower. Meantime she should put something nice on. He kisses her and teases where they will go is a surprise … Maggie laments she watched Brady mourn his baby but all along Victor was aware she was alive. How could he do that to his own grandson! Will the sage states only Victor knows the answer. Maggie asks about the patriarch. Will believes he will make it and come see Maggie, whom he loves. Maggie cannot overcome his latest misdeeds and now asks after Sarah. Alas she and baby have not been found … yet. Maggie wishes she could hug her and try to make things better but it would not be enough. She breaks down that she is to blame for her daughter’s meltdown … Updo Sarah remembers when Xander helped deliver her baby at the roadside. She was the perfect little princess and Xander was their hero. They thought he was … Kristen cannot have the cops involved and confesses what she did to Victor. Rex heard it was Brady. He gets sarcastic when she pouts Brady was protecting her. Rex points out the Paris police are unaware and insists on calling the authorities. She hisses he will regret it …

Sarah remembers the baby looking different because she was different. She was really Kristen and Brady’s. She cries her baby is gone and takes a deep tragic breath … Kate argues Jake is the spitting image of Gabi’s hubby Stefan, hence the girl’s refusal to believe otherwise. Jake is exasperated. She updates him on how the guy Gabi was trying to con became the love of her life that she lost. If he is really Stefan, Gabi deserves to know. She has suffered so much. Jake digests … At the pretty park Ben has flowers for beautiful Ciara, his vision in white. He brings out the Chinese food and quips the first time they were on a date they were celebrating his new job with Stefan. She laughs now it is to celebrate his new job with the Stefan lookalike. She adds she did not ever really quit Titan and now it seems more important than ever to stay … Will updates emotional Maggie on how Sarah had love for and from that baby she was looking after for a whole year. Maggie agrees there is nothing deeper than a child and parent bond. Will remembers his situation with Austin, the deceived non dad … Sarah admits to the baby in pink she knew deep down but wanted her to be hers. However, she is HER daughter …

Wil tenderly tells Maggie he is concerned about Sarah and the redhead but she believes she deserves nothing. Will knows how hard it is in the slammer and urges her to stop saying she is sorry. She is not alone for he is on her side. They all are. She weeps but she offed Sonny’s mother and how to ever face Sarah? Will argues it was an accident. She laments being all liquored up … Brady and Xander fasten their seatbelts. Brady warns he will let nothing stop him and Kristen from getting their baby back. Xander leers they shall see … Sarah cannot wait to throw Mickey a big birthday party. Tis time to board so she tucks her back in but Kristen arrives and gives her a death stare … Kate politely wishes Jake luck with that face. She never trusted him and hopes Jake will not be the same as Stefan. When she walks away Jake gets a call and asks that the goons get called off. He is trying … Glam Ciara and Ben remember their beginning, how her big clan gave him a hard time. She gushes he got their trust and tells him he is amazing. They kiss in bliss. He hands her a fortune cookie as sweet music plays. She opens it and reads WILL YOU MARRY ME? Ciara swoons. Matter of fact, we all do …


Luv Cathy

The Salem Story on Monday, May 11, 2020