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Wednesday, May 24, 2017
Episode 13,094
Length:1420 descriptive words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
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Now without further ado ...


Victor is deep in thought outside Brady's room. Marlena sits with him and updates him on the prognosis. They fear Brady will not last the night. He calls the Mayo Clinic for a new doctor. Marlena is sympathetic. But money is not enough. The only thing left is to pray. Inside the room, John begs comatose Brady to come back to all of them ... At the Athens Cafe, Chad gets a phone update about his plane engine being fixed. He wants to go home. Gabi wants him to get rid of that cursed amulet. He is in denial the amulet did anything and needs to see his son. Gabi wants to see Arianna and agrees to fly home with Chad and Hope. She is pleased Deimos is getting his comeuppance ... At the villa, Deimos asks about Nicole and Eric rages not to move. She tells him they took care of his co-conspirator and he is next! Deimos claims he is the rescue party but Nicole read Xander's text about delivering presumably her to him tonight ... Marlena repeats she is sorry. Victor thanks her for her kindness given his cruel treatment of Eric. She knows he was lashing out over losing Daniel. Marlena now joins John and Maggie steps out of the elevator. She hugs the grieving Greek no words necessary. Meanwhile Marlena pus her hand on John's shoulder but he refuses to let him go. Brady sleeps on somewhere between the land of the living and the other side ... Back in Greece Eli and JJ go over the evidence they could have against Deimos with a Greek police officer. Lani and Hope are also involved. JJ tells him they made a deal with Xander's flunky. Hope leads the way to the villa ... Deimos plays innocent. Nicole rages he treated her like an idiot and demands he come clean. Eric keeps the gun on the crafty Kiriakis just in case ...

John weeps there is no sign his son is even fighting. Marlena believes his young age will help and he has a reason to live with Nicole and his family. John hugs doc in thanks and urges the kid to come on ... As Mediterranean music plays Chad questions how serious Gabi and Eli were. She explains he feared she would return to free agent Chad but that is not the case. She is all about business and her child now. Chad feels the same way. He is all about Thomas and DiMera. Gabi wonders ... Deimos declares he shot Xander and assumed he died. He would never have hired him! Nicole begs to differ and accuses him of scheming to set up the perfect rescue. He will never be but a fake hero! Deimos calls it a baseless story. He points out she does need him to get past the armed guards with his own men and chopper nearby. He thunders they have to leave. Nicole snaps no. Eric keeps his gun on him. All of a sudden the windows are blown out by gunfire. The three jump for cover in the chaos of bullets and crashing glass ... Maggie is there for Victor as he sits at sleeping Brady's side. He remembers that Brady's mother Isabella and Bo and Daniel are all in heaven. So much loss! Maggie weeps. He wonders how to make it through. He suggests she head home to Tate as Brady would want that. The redhead whispers to Brady she loves him and leaves ... Chad wants to be friends again. Gabi agrees and he grins. He even laughs about the meat locker of memories. Now where is Hope? ... Eric has been shot in the arm and falls against the wall. Deimos warns Nicole they would toss her in jail in Salem. Xander's men are shooting mad outside. He grabs her by the arm and is about to drag her off when help arrives. Eli, JJ and Hope have their guns drawn with some Greek backup and Mr. FBI identifies himself as such, ordering Deimos to stop right there. He does just that ...

Sonny enlightens Gabi and Chad at the cafe. Paul was attacked but the doctors say he will be alright. He suspects Deimos did this. The gang are going to get him ... JJ cuffs Deimos and Lani and Eli inform him the man he hired exposed him. Hope helps Eric up. Nicole tells them about the text Xander got which must have been from Deimos. Deimos arrogantly denies everything and blames prisoner Xander. Eli asks cuffed Xander, who stares in strange silence ... John is alone in Brady's room as he remembers their relationship. Black was back! Brady later lamented messing up and appreciated he could always count on him. This time John feels helpless. He wishes he had let him know how proud he was of Brady the man. He begs God to help and kisses his hand. Marlena enters ... Victor is alone in the chapel asking God to help where medical science could not. He does not see or hear Dan when he assures him it will be alright and places a hand on his shoulder because Dan is in spirit form ... Marlena suggests some air as the doctors do more tests on Brady. John kisses his son and murmurs they will be back. But Brady is not alone for long. Dan's spirit tells dude to wake up. Brady blinks at him ... Sonny is still with Chad and Gabi when he gets the call from JJ that Xander and Deimos are in custody. He wants to see it with his own eyes on the island! Meanwhile Xander lies he did everything and acted alone. Hope suggests he cut a deal. JJ warns him otherwise he is done for. Xander demands a lawyer and ignores Nicole's plea to tell the truth. She then complains to Eric she cannot stay here and he lets Hope know they are going to get the baby. They exit as the commotion continues. Deimos argues with Hope about being detained and she replies there is an extradition treaty with the USA. The Greek cop appears and admits the man and woman are gone as he was busy with a guard when they took off. Hope gets on her phone. Eric and Nicole have left the building ...

Brady wonders if Dan is a dream. Dan smiles they let him come but he is not here to escort him to the other side. His heart warranty did not include being shot so he should show his body who is boss cos Nicole and Holly need him! Brady wants to marry her and loves her unless he tells him not to. Dan gives his seal of approval ... Hope wishes Eric and Nicole had not run. Sonny sweeps in with Gabi and Chad. He snaps at Deimos that despite his attempt, Paul is going to be alright. Chad and Gabi have harsh words as well. Deimos insists he is innocent. Sonny wants a word alone with his uncle. Hope steps outside with the others. Sonny rages he knew he was rotten and knew he would go down. He has now lost Nicole and everything ... Nicole is holding Holly. Eric is with her in better shape on the jet, his arm bandaged. He asks how she is. Nicole admits she is worried about being on the run. He states in Sicily they refuel and then have to decide where to next. The pilot calls and puts through a call from Marlena. She tells him the bad news about Brady and losing heart. The clock is ticking. His gets intense and Nicole notices ... Hope is flying commercial to escort Deimos back to the U.S. Chad wonders if they have enough proof to put him away. Hope points out they have Nicole ... Deimos warns Sonny not to be smug cos after this is cleared up he is coming after him and his friends! He knows the cops have nothing without Nicole. Hope hauls him away to the commercial flight in handcuffs ...Chad wonders if the arrest will stick. Sonny solemnly states it has to ... Dan the medicine man muses Brady's work is not done here and he has to get back to his heavenly existence. He gives him a pep talk about miracles and the power of his heart. Then he vanishes. Enter John and Marlena. Violins play ... Eric crouches at Nicole's side and is sorry to tell her that her beloved Brady might not survive the night. She sobs she has to see him. This plane is turning back to Salem!


Fighting for a promotion and finding proof.

All the drama in Salem on Wednesday, May 24