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Tuesday, May 23, 2017
Episode 13,093
Length:1455 descriptive words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
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Now without further ado ...


On the grounded plane in Greece the prisoner is tight lipped. Lani asks his connection to Deimos. JJ offers a plea deal or long lockup ...On Xander Island, Eric does not believe Deimos was after revenge but Nicole worries. Eric gasps he wanted to rescue her on his white horse and win her heart! Nicole agrees and wonders what to do ... Deimos reminds phone Xander he is heading there tonight to get the girl and take care of Eric in person ... Brady opens his tired eyes to John, who tries to be upbeat. Brady wants to know Nicole is alright. John peers at him, perplexed ... Eli and Hope discuss the case at the cafe in Greece. The iced tea on the table is hardly touched. Eli is impatient and adds he and Gabi are done. But he does not want to talk about it. Now to get the bad guys ... Lani lets Guy know he is not without enemies. JJ adds they can assist him or hand him over to one who would drop him in a hole. Deal or no deal? Guy starts talking ... Meanwhile Deimos is done packing. Sonny and Paul are watching under the window. Sonny gets his gun ready. Paul reminds him they will hand Deimos over to the Greek police and let Eli take it from there. Then with help from Nicole he will be extradited for abduction. Paul warns slick Sonny he seems to have his own motives and it worries him ... Nicole cannot believe Deimos actually believes she could ever love him again. Still Holly will be safe with their pilot. Eric worries what Nicole will do when he comes. She laments she will have to go with him and give up Brady ... John is stunned that Brady spoke to Nicole. He coughs she called with an update on her and Holly. Marlena enters with Tate his little man and a loving smile. He sniffles he makes his world brighter. Marlena leaves to let the doctor know that Brady’s heartbeat got better. She takes the boy with her. John is touched that Tate helped him. Brady weeps he wants to be well for him. He is tired so his father tells him to rest. Brady fears he might not make it. John silently weeps with him. Brady murmurs he was a baby when mama Isabella was gone. He praises his papa and asks him to be there for Tate. John refuses to give up but Brady feels this is the end ...

Sonny declares Deimos will be done for and then Titan will be all his! Paul points out the position could change him. Sonny admits it will be stressful but he will never change. Paul nods though his eyes reflect his worry. He lets Sonny know he is with him all the way and eyes him when he gets back to watching through the window, raging they will get the bastard ... Guy tells the whole story to JJ and Lani. First he was supposed to get Deimos the amulet, then he was told to arrange a chopper and pilot to get a woman. They will be flying to an island on the coast. The chopper is north of the city. The island where they will head is owned by a dangerous man surrounded by armed guards. JJ shows him a picture. He confirms it is Xander, who happens to work for Deimos Kiriakis. JJ nods. Meanwhile Nicole and Eric, who are already aware of the Deimos connection, continue to converse. She mentions Dan making her a better woman, but it felt like the good in her left when he did. Eric understands. She does not deny it was easy to be with Deimos after that. It was twisted love. Then the woman who wanted to be better was reborn when Holly came along. Eric marvels how motherhood changed her. He promises her he will fix this ... Sonny hands the binoculars back to Paul and takes a call from JJ, who updates him on the goon giving up Deimos. Paul asks him to contact the local cops as he watches Deimos. He warns him he will be doubly dangerous if cornered. Sonny knows and tells him to also be careful. After he leaves Paul gets a long distance call from papa John. It is about Brady, who seems to be on his last leg. Paul will be there as soon as he can. Tomorrow. John notes he will not make it in time. He suggests he stay to catch the guy who shot him and pray. Done. He asks him to also bring Nicole home safe as brother Brady would want ... Nicole notes Eric is acting like an encouraging priest. He insists he made a promise to Brady and will get her back to Holly. They now hear the cage being moved. A goon enters ...

Eli sips his tea. Hope has heard from Julie and asks how it feels to be a Horton. He loves the family. They are about to go when Lani calls with an update. She and JJ broke open this case! She tells him to come back to the plane to talk. They will be able to arrest both Deimos and Xander. Sonny arrives and JJ tells him Guy gave up Deimos. Sonny solemnly states that would be a death sentence in these parts. JJ murmurs they must proceed with caution. If Deimos and Xander realize they are encircling them, no telling what might happen to his hostages ... John holds Brady's hand and teases him for being in love. Brady is in love - with Nicole. He smiles ... Nicole protests. The goon cuffs Eric cos Xander ordered him caged. Nicole tries to stop him and he sends her flying onto the bed. But when he leaves with Eric she takes out the keys she managed to steal in the process. Nicole is on the move ... Lani and JJ are suited up and good to go. He smiles he wants to keep her safe and helps her adjust the vest. Lani adjusts his right back and they kiss ... John and Brady discuss crazy love and he coughs. Brady gasps about the good times in Canada with his little family. He loved it and weeps he will not feel that ever again. John cries on his hand ... Deimos tells his goon it is time and sends him off. Now he gets his gun ready and shoves it behind his back ... Eric sits alone in the cage and remembers how Nicole denounced him about Daniel again and again. Enter Xander, who taunts the caged lion, who is more like a puppy. Eric tells him to release Nicole. Victor was right and he is worthless! Xander taunts the fallen father, aims his gun at him, and suggests he start praying ... ...

Paul looks up with his binoculars. Deimos' goon hits him on the head and he falls along with his phone ... Lani asks Sonny what is the matter. Sonny knows something is wrong as Paul's vibrating phone is not picking up. He leaves and tells them to wait for him ... Nicole creeps up behind Xander and breaks a bottle over his head as he boasts to Eric he is no idiot. Xander is down! Nicole opens the cage with a key and they hear the helicopter. Deimos is coming ... Brady remembers being bad at baseball and how father John told him to hang in. He finally hit one but he did not run. John chuckles. Brady admits he was watching his father's face. John was proud! Brady whispers to hang in there and falls into a deep sleep. Beep beep beep! John calls for help ... Marlena is on her phone with Kayla when she notices John hanging his head outside Brady's room. He sighs the doctors do not feel he will survive. Marlena hugs the man she loves ... Sonny finds disoriented Paul and helps him sit. He was hit from behind while watching Deimos. Sonny now calls Hope on the plane. They deduce Deimos is already in the air. Eli explains they know exactly where to go ... Deimos arrives at the dark compound calling for Xander. Xander is slumped in the cage unconscious. The lights come on. Eric orders Deimos to drop his weapon and aims his gun at him. Nicole sweetly states they have been expecting him ...


Dan the ghost man is on his way ...

All the drama in Salem on Tuesday, May 23