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Monday, May 22, 2017
Episode 13,092
Length:1500 descriptive words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
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Now without further ado ...


At the loft Ciara weeps about Wyatt. Claire wonders. Theo tells the whole truth. Wyatt soap stares. Ciara weeps he must think she is a loser in love. Theo wants her happy but Ciara is heartbroken her romance was unreal ... Deimos' man hands him the amulet box but it is empty ... In captivity at the Greek compound, Nicole throws a coffee spoon at Eric and also throws a fit. She explains that she came back for brother Brady. She cries and curses Eric. A frown creases his brow ... On the plane phone JJ will see his mom soon. Lani asks how she is. Worried about Eric. Eli blames Eric for not coming to the FBI and steps out for air. Lani assumes things went badly with Gabi and sighs she gave him advice that did not work. JJ wants to focus on nailing Deimos. She agrees they also have to get Eric, Nicole and Holly home ... Eric asks about Brady's condition. Nicole cries the call was cut off and complains she would lose Holly if she went to Salem but Eric is a believer in keeping the faith. He feels Chloe could agree to shared custody. Nicole doubts it and lashes out at him again for Daniel ... Wyatt is sorry. Claire hugs Ciara. Wyatt insists he did like her. She laments he did not exist as such. Wyatt states Theo gave him a cheat sheet and argues he could have any girl on campus but he liked her! Theo implies he uses her for money and homework help. Ciara runs. She never wants to see Wyatt again. Theo goes after her ... In Greece Paul is taking pictures. Sonny is at his side as he does surveillance. Then he calls JJ to send the pics of the man who met with Deimos. Eli will be on it with his FBI database ... Deimos is relieved to discover a key with valuable information that was delivered in the amulet box. His flunky offers to go back. Deimos wants to concentrate on his important task at hand, which is ... Eric explains to nosy Nicole how he came to be released early. She gets sarcastic about the soap sinner and gasps when he lets her know he has been working at Horton Center. She questions the kind of counsellor he is and declares she deserves her happiness. That means being with Brady and Holly for their happily ever after. She suggests the sight of Eric makes her sick ... Theo follows Ciara to the park. He apologizes for causing her emotional pain. He insists he wanted to help. She is furious he set her up with a sleaze! Theo repeats he was trying to make her happy. Ciara thinks he has no clue about her happiness. This was humiliation and he made her feel desperate and lonely. He claims he wanted her to have what he has with Claire. She gets even more offended. Wyatt was only a fake boyfriend and a user at that! She laments he must assume no one could like her and cries in shame. Theo sits beside her on the bench and explains none of the guys she saw on the dating site were worthy. He wrongly thought Wyatt could be wonderful for her and had no clue he was such a creep. He reminds her he later tried to warn her about him. She remembers. Theo implores her to forgive him ... JJ and Lani look over Eli's shoulder. They have a computer match. Meanwhile GUY the crooked and murdering match who works for Deimos assures him he has everything on his list ...On the phone Sonny ends the call with JJ when Paul mutters their man is on the move. JJ wants to come back him up but there is no time ... Nicole rages at Eric for taking Dan from his family. Eric urges her to trust her this one time. He wants to get her out but they have to be a team ...

Claire gives Wyatt the cold shoulder at the loft. He makes light of his white lies and insists he likes Ciara. He was even willing to watch the Notebook. Claire is cross cos Ciara was violated by Chase. She did not need a faker. Wyatt blames Theo for selling him out and states he was jealous cos he loves Ciara not Claire. Claire's blue eyes widen ... Ciara continues to feel sorry for herself about falling in love with a lie, cos she is really in love with Theo! She reminds him of the love letter she wrote him. Theo had no idea ... Back in Greece Sonny stops pedestrian Guy and asks for directions. Paul is right behind him and cuffs him. Sonny growls they know who he is and demands answers unless he wants to die ... Shirtless Xander is walking by the door of the hostages with a bottle in hand when he hears Nicole fighting with Eric. He races in and pulls her away. Eric makes his move and fights back ... Theo lets Ciara know he saw no such letter. She explains she left it in his backpack. He did not get it. She wonders why he has been avoiding her. He replies he was embarrassed about her walking in on him and Claire. Ciara sighs she was trying to move on by putting her words to paper. Then she met Mr. Wonderful Wyatt but she was wrong in her judgement just like with Chase. What makes it worse is that her best friend betrayed her. She feels she no longer even knows him ... On the plane Lani and Eli wait for word. He hands her the last bottle of water. She asks about Gabi. Eli admits he gave up. She is sorry ... Sonny morphs into a mini Victor about to rough up Guy but JJ gets there in time and hauls him off. Paul looks perturbed. This is not a side to Sonny he has seen before ... An armed guard comes and Xander gives Eric as good as he gave. Nicole takes a peek at his fallen phone and sees that someone sent him a text about putting things together to get HER tonight. Xander grabs his phone back and goes with the guard. Nicole stands with roughed up Eric and gives him a sympathetic pat ...

Claire claims she and Theo are a couple and he loves and is loyal to her! Wyatt questions that. He declares she could be deluding herself cos Theo loves Ciara. He always praises her to the heavens! Claire fumes. She hits back that he is only a loser who lost Ciara. If he ever tries to hurt her again she will tear his heart out. Wyatt smirks to tell her to call him. Claire screams she never will and he had better stay away from them all! She slams the door after him in fury ... Theo sweetly holds Ciara's hand and starts to apologize again. She breaks away and laments she does not deserve to be in love. He calls after her for forgiveness as she walks away but she is done ... Nicole tells Eric about the troubling text she read on Xander's phone. Eric senses there is some master plan at play. Nicole does the math and gasps. Deimos was the one who said Xander was dead but must have let him escape! However they hate each other. Eric recalls Deimos claiming he went to Canada to save her from him. Perhaps he set it up to look like he was saving her from Xander. Nicole worriedly wonders what his next move will be ... ...

Theo comes home alone and tells curious Claire that Ciara is not alright nor is he. She wishes he had told her about Wyatt before. Theo fears Ciara will never forgive him and heads in his room. Claire wipes away a tear ... Ciara stands alone in the square and calls brother Shawn. She needs a favor ... Paul points out to Sonny things could have gotten worse if JJ had not arrived. But Sonny disagrees and gushes he cannot wait to have complete control of the company. There is only one thing he wants more and he gives Paul a possessive kiss ... On the plane JJ and Lani play good cop bad cop with Guy. JJ leers unless he starts talking he is looking at life in the slammer ... Eric does not think Deimos wants to hurt Nicole. He ordered Xander to abduct her so he could rescue her and have her gratitude. Nicole realizes he is right. Now what? ... Deimos is on the phone with flunky Xander, who claims all is going according to plan. Deimos will pick up Nicole tonight. Xander asks about the other hostage. Deimos leers Eric is a liability and looks forward to dealing with him ...


Deimos is his worst enemy - except for
his future murderer.

All the drama in Salem on Monday, May 22