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Friday, May 19, 2017
Episode 13,091
Length:1505 descriptive words

Beware of copycats.
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Now without further ado ...


The teens are at the loft and finals are finally over! Wyatt got an A on the paper Theo knows Ciara wrote. Wyatt wants to make the loft party central. Ciara and Claire head to the kitchen for coffee. Theo gets irritated with Wyatt, who reminds him he arranged the whole thing. Ciara overhears and asks what he arranged ... At the club Abigail has agreed to help Dario do what he must for his coveted green card. She could not let him go back to danger in Mexico! Dario senses more. She sadly states she heard Chad and Gabi are in Greece. Dario feels Chad is a fool. Abigail cannot blame him for his feelings. No romance for her for a while ... Andre looms over Kate at the square cafe, furious about Chad taking off for the amulet. He tells Kate it is dangerous business but Kate believes in no curse. She is all about the bottom line. Andre warns her the amulet destroys all lives that dare cross its path. Meanwhile Chad has a knife at his neck courtesy of a Mediterranean man who demands the amulet. Gabi gasps behind him ... Wyatt lies Theo got the gang water park passes. Claire wants food. Wyatt mentions a new place. The teens are all looking for summer jobs except for lazy boy Wyatt. The gals ask the guys what to order from the food place. Wyatt orders a great deal though he has no cash. Ciara will pay so he kisses his babe. Once Theo is alone with Claire he complains about Wyatt using her but Claire pouts it is not their problem ... Abigail states the rules, including separate rooms. She will dupe Immigration but wants her folks to know the truth. Dario humors her and she sighs about the timing. Dario tells her in a few years they can divorce and go their separate ways. He squeezes her hand and gushes he is eternally grateful ... Chad lies he has no amulet and offers cash and Gabi's necklace. The thug lunges so Chad hands him the box. Chad screams about losing 20 million but Gabi notes he did not cos she already had the amulet hidden in her bag. BOOM!

Dario arranges for his and Abigail's first interview today and presents her with an engagement ring. She wants no real proposal and is in a hurry ... Kate sits back with a sigh. Andre admits it must be odd having Hope there with Chad. Kate believes it is not her business what Chad does. She then stops Andre from eating a scone, since he suffers from heartburn. They are in synch. Andre takes a fruit bowl and suggests Hope is trying to protect Chad. She did not kill fatha but she is concerned about Chad. They discuss Abigail wanting a divorce and disagree that Gabi is the right girl for him. Andre refuses to listen and Kate mentions their classic movie night at eight. Andre is looking forward to it! Kate quips they can watch the curse of the mummy ... Chad hugs Gabi, grateful she got his amulet back. Enter Eli, wondering what he has walked in on. Gabi gives him a guilty look ... Claire ends a call with Marlena in tears over Uncle Brady. Ciara hugs her as Theo stands by. Ciara wants to head to the hospital with her. Theo heads for the shower. Ciara assures her that Theo does not always show how he cares the same way others do. Claire is happy for her and Wyatt. Ciara likes having a boyfriend like her Mr. Wonderful. Claire alludes to her and Theo going all the way and tells Ciara she will know when it is the right time ... Abigail and Dario meet the Immigration agent, who has doubts about the timing of their engagement. He probes with suspicion. Dario is not lying when he says how he feels about the angel and Abigail is not lying when she states he made her feel safe when they met. Dario speaks straight from the heart as the man stares. He fell for her when she gave him dancing lessons ... Chad stammers about the thief and acts like it was a random robbery attempt. Eli notes he did not notice Gabi's necklace or watch. A report must be filed with the Greek police. He came to see if she wanted to go out and eat. Gabi asks him to wait for her in the lobby. FBI Eli informs her he will report the cash robbery to hotel security. Once they are alone, Gabi insists Chad give her the amulet in her bag before security searches the room. She has since changed her mind about the curse, perhaps because the amulet has cast it spell on her. Chad gasps to be cautious. She smiles she is seeing an FBI agent and exits. Chad cannot shake his feeling of doom and gloom ...

Abigail admits to the immigration man she is in the middle of a divorce from a man who loved another woman. Dario was her rock and they became romantically involved. The agent tells the pair they will have another meeting. He will have more questions to make sure this is real. Dario takes advantage of the moment with a kiss ... Chad informs Kate he has the amulet over the phone. He notes the nut Deimos sent to steal it got an empty box thanks to Gabi. Kate encourages him to go with the best girl, Gabi. Chad informs her Gabi is with Eli now ... At the Athena Cafe, Gabi and Eli have iced tea. He is sorry he has not been able to spend much time with her and wonders what she and Chad have been doing. She explains she hurt her ankle and Chad hugged her after the robbery. Eli could not help but notice a spark and announces he should stop seeing her ... At the square, Abigail worries this might not work. Dario smiles wait until their next immigration appointment. She walks away and Kate approaches, asking what about Immigration ... At the loft Wyatt lies he wants to go fishing when Ciara states the cabin is open on Smith Island. Wyatt wants to go up alone with his girl. Theo voices his protest. Claire is also present and wants him to back off. Ciara defends Wyatt as someone who makes her feel safe. She sends the two ahead to get the takeout, wanting a word alone with Theo. Ciara demands the truth from Theo about why he hates Wyatt ... Gabi accuses Eli of pushing her away but he is not a man who wastes his time on fighting losing battles. He will not keep her and Chad apart and calls her amazing. Alas he must step away and wishes her happiness. Gabi looks like she has been slapped a thousand times ...

Dario tells Kate his sad deportation story. She offers him the best immigration lawyer as Eduardo would want. He turns her down, declaring he is marrying Abigail. Kate purses her lips. Kate now sarcastically states it sounds convenient and Dario tells her to mind her own business. Besides he has a lawyer who told him he only had to re-file his papers for citizenship. But then he thought of how some fall in love and wanted Abigail to be with him. He wonders whether Kate will expose his deception ... Gabi returns to Chad's room and gives him back the amulet cos Eli broke it off with her. She is torn about her future ... Theo snaps Wyatt is the wrong guy and wishes Ciara would believe him. Alas she is in love and defends him. Theo warns her Wyatt is not the good guy she thinks ... Kate muses Dario is manipulating Abigail and admires him for going after what he wants! His secret is safe with her! Besides it keeps Chad available for Gabi. Dario realizes he will have to accept that eventuality. Kate gushes she will get him a great wedding gift and goes on her way ... Abigail sits alone at the club looking at her ring remembering Chad as she sips her white wine ... Gabi rubs her ankle and asks about the investigation. Chad doubts the cops will find the man Deimos sent for the amulet. Gabi believes in the curse again but Chad thinks they are alright no worries. He suggests they go for a drink together and he will hold onto the amulet ... Theo confesses to Ciara that Mr. Wonderful Wyatt is a lie. He set them up to meet on the dating site since she was so unhappy. Wyatt and Claire come back. Theo continues and tells Ciara he has been feeding him what to say to her. Ciara tries to control her tears. Claire looks in disbelief at Wyatt, who is officially BUSTED!


All the drama in Salem on Friday, May 19