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Thursday, May 18, 2017
Episode 13,090
Length:1565 descriptive words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)

Now without further ado ...


Lucas and Adrienne are happy together at the square as she holds pretty Arianna. Rafe arrives with a smile for his niece. Lucas asks for a status report on the hackers who stole money from Countess W. Rafe notes he is still on it ... At the club Dario mutters to his hacker Myron to be careful and ends their call. Enter Abigail. Dario grimaces he got an offer to buy the club. Since he cannot stay in Salem, he seems to have no choice. Abigail announces she has been thinking and might marry him to stop his unfair deportation. However, she needs more time ... Elegant Hope is at the cafe in Greece with Chad as they wait for the jet to be fixed for takeoff. She looks like a smart vision in her crisp white jacket. She asks about Abigail ... Eli, JJ, and Gabi are back on the plane together - until JJ announces he is booking her on a flight home. They fight about her wanting to help and she takes off again. Eli snaps JJ just sent her straight to Chad ... Chloe spies Rafe at the square and asks if he has anything on Nicole and Holly. He is in contact with Interpol at the moment and there are leads. He tells Lucas he will let him know about that other matter as he walks away. Lucas frowns at Chloe and notes Nicole is a good mother. He blames Chloe for everything ... Chad is still smarting from being served with divorce papers. He only wants to focus on the future with his son. He sips his strong Greek coffee. Hope hopes he let the amulet matter go and he assures her he did not even meet with the middleman. Hope breathes a sigh of relief because she considers him family. She warns him not to become the next Stefano DiMera. Chad happens to be his own man who knows what he wants. Gabi waltzes over to the table ... Abigail elaborates to Dario. He needs a good immigration lawyer to look into his options. If nothing works then they will talk. Dario now gets a call from an old friend Alberto in Guadalajara. He gasps NO and gets pale. Abigail is listening ... Adrienne stops Chloe and Lucas from arguing. Chloe storms off ... JJ reasons it is better for Gabi to be with Chad than in danger. FBI Eli, on the other hand, considers Chad DiMera something of a danger magnet ... Gabi starts to blab about the Deimos drama to Hope. Chad admits he knew about it too. Hope leaves to help Sonny and Paul, muttering if Chad has any more secrets the curse will be the least of his worries! Gabi gulps ... Abigail worries. Dario admits in Argentina he had a bad deal and made some enemies with ties to a Mexican drug lord. Said drug lord is waiting for him in Mexico! Abigail gasps when would he have to leave? He sighs it could happen any minute but he will not rush her. Abigail leaves to think. Dario looks nervous. Very nervous ...

Back on the plane, Lani is annoyed that JJ and Eli were both overly concerned about strong willed Gabi, who knows her mind! She wonders why Eli did not go after her. Eli explains he is here to do his job. Besides he did not want to stop her if she really wanted to go to the other guy. Lani advises him to tell the girl if he wants to be serious. Eli appreciates it. Lani thinks he and Gabi could be good together but don't wait too long. He leaves to check in with the local law enforcement and adds he will also try to track Gabi down ... Chloe orders an extra strong espresso at the club and complains to Dario about Lucas being hard on her. Dario flirts he knows for a fact she is a nice person and points out Deimos hired him to spy on her in the past ... Adrienne runs into Abigail outside and lets her know how sorry she is about the divorce. Lucas must head off to take his daughter to school and will see Adrienne later. They have something to talk about. Abigail sighs about Gabi going to Greece and assumes Chad wanted to be with her ... Gabi wants to know all about the cursed amulet. Chad drawls it is an artifact he secretly acquired and opens the box. He adds Andre was absurd about the curse even though ... he has been having bad luck. Superstitious Gabi gasps to get rid of it right away ... JJ complains to Lani that they have to wait here on the grounded plane. Deimos is believed to be at the hotel. She informs him that Eli went after Gabi. JJ admits he is worried about her. Lani likes his honesty. He wishes they could paint the town in Greece instead of being stuck on the plane. Lani shows him a beautiful Greek scene on her computer and suggests they imagine since such beautiful scenery is outside their window. JJ gets it. He puts on the Greek music and they seductively dance together ... Chloe has burned her tongue on the hot coffee and complains she should think before she acts. Dario can relate. She wishes she could move here with Parker a while but he needs stability and she has no job. Dario decides he needs a singer. Chloe acts interested. Dario grins she is going to be his new singer. They shake on it ... Chad claims he cannot easily get rid of the amulet. Gabi suggests he sell it to Deimos, who wanted it. She fears he will feel the fury of the Ramses curse but Chad does not believe in bad luck. He drawls he is his own luck and he gets a call from a potential buyer. Gabi takes out the cursed Ramses amulet and gets the chills the moment she holds it in her hand ...

Lucas is in Adrienne's room. They kiss and he explains he wanted to talk about ... he gathers she is healing. But when could they ... She knows he means make love. Lucas softly states he will wait but he wants her. He praises her grace and her sexiness. Adrienne is reduced to tears ... JJ kisses Lani like a man in looooove then stops and she asks what is wrong. He hesitates as this time he intends to do things the right way. He mutters being with her was so memorable and she gives him another kiss ... Chad returns to Gabi, who assures him she is not going back to those she arrived with. Chad smiles he has some time as he has to wait for his jet and suggests they go on a tour of Athens together. Gabi is all for it and so it begins ... Hope interrupts JJ and Lani's almost lovefest on the plane. She announces she knows the gang are going after Deimos and she is in ... Rafe comes to see Dario at the club and casually asks him how business is doing. He glances around the half empty club and notes he knows he just bought three warehouses. He hopes he is being legit and warns him to change his life. Dario drawls he is being deported. His paperwork is not in order cos Ed was arrested. Rafe offers to make some calls. Dario tells him there is no need. He will get himself out of this mess without his help. He acts hostile ... Chad complains cos a Greek guy dragged Gabi onto a dance floor. She tries to dance again to show Chad how it is done and twists her ankle. Chad chuckles and lifts her in his arms, carrying her somewhere to rest that ankle ...

Adrienne admits she misses being with Lucas but cries about her new body. Lovestruck Lucas insists she is beautiful. She sighs she is still not comfortable. Lucas understands, loves her and will wait as long as she needs. They kiss in bliss ... Hope and her smart white jacket are here to help bring in Deimos. She tells JJ and Lani to get some sleep. Then she calls Rafe, who is happy to hear her voice. She sighs thank God Chad did not make the mistake he came for. Rafe assumes she can come home. Not yet as Deimos is up to something in Greece. She senses Rafe is preoccupied. He laments Dario is facing deportation but he will figure something out. He warns Hope to watch out for Deimos as he is not in their jurisdiction in Greece. It could get dangerous ... Abigail reappears at the club looking a little uncertain. Dario deduces she came to say no. On the contrary. The girl says YES she will try to help so it is time to get married. Dario's eyes shine ... Chad returns to his room with Gabi but the entire room has been turned upside down like someone was searching for something. All of a sudden a Mediterranean man with a knife emerges like a raving lunatic. He is after what Chad has and he wants it now ...!


The curse of the amulet continues, 2 secrets are unearthed.

All the drama in Salem on Thursday, May 18