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Wednesday, May 17, 2017
Episode 13,089
Length:1565 descriptive words

Beware of copycats.
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Now without further ado ...


At the square Jade finds Tripp watching Ava on his computer again. He is angry at Kayla for killing her and believes that is what happened, given what Steve's sister told him about him covering for her as well. Jade thinks Steve is a hero. Tripp just wants justice for his mother. Jade is all for his quest for evidence against Kayla ... Joey is dressed for a blind date at the pub. Steve states his mother will appreciate him going through with meeting someone new since she set it up. He has a good feeling about the doctor's daughter his son will be meeting ... Tripp now calls Steve and suggests they spend some time together. Steve has a small case and happily asks his son to meet him at the lobby of the Salem Inn in ten minutes. He cannot help but be touched ... Nicole makes it to the plane and meets pilot Roy, who places baby Holly in her arms. Nicole smiles again ... Meanwhile back at the compound Xander has tied Eric to a bed. He leers at least he still has Holly even though Nicole got away. Eric laughs guess again ... Back in Salem Marlena steps into Brady's room. He asks about John. She is bothered she cannot reach him and assures his son he would move heaven and earth to be here. Dr. Kayla arrives with a long face. It appears the anti-rejection medication is not working. Brady assumes his only option is a new heart. Kayla laments it does not seem likely. Brady is faced with the realization that he might not make it ... Xander explodes and throws a chair like a wild animal, demanding to know where Nicole and Holly went ... Nicole wishes she did not have to leave Eric behind but he was unable to escape with her. Pilot Roy informs her of his orders to leave without him if Nicole came alone. She woefully agrees as she holds Holly in her arms ... At the pub Joey's date is a bubbly blonde college student. She asks about family. He is uneasy about her questions and asks her major. She giggles he will laugh and that does make him laugh even though she has yet to reveal her major. Jade enters as they giggle together and grimaces. Joey's date majors in theater. His life is about to get even more theatrical than any play she has performed in ... Tripp is at a Salem Inn room with Steve, who tells him he is safe here. Not everything he does is dangerous. This is a smaller case that involves doing surveillance on a window across the way. His client is the wife of a cheating husband. Tripp is happy to be hanging around his father but admits there are still some issues. Steve smiles. He will be a patient papa ... Xander rages Eric will soon suffer his wrath ... Roy is ready to fly Nicole back to Salem. She gasps she cannot go for Holly would be taken from her again. She suggests a city in Europe or somewhere else. Roy realizes he will be needing a private place to land, something off the map. He knows the drill ... Kayla urges Brady not to give up hope. Marlena now hears that he asked Eric to find Nicole and Holly in Greece. She had no idea. Brady explains he wanted to help. Marlena gets out her phone to try and reach him. A handsome spy appears at the door and casually greets his son and doc. John and Marlena emotionally embrace. John Black is back and that’s a fact!

Brady feels better now that John is here. Marlena too. John praises her for getting through to a sympathetic member of the agency. As of now his mission is on hold. He wishes he had been here sooner. Brady feels better already. Tears trickle down the faces of father and son ... The date excuses herself to the ladies room before she and Joey deal with the bill. Jade approaches Joey, who admits it is true he is on a date. She fumes that was fast. He counters not really and advises her to also move on ... Steve talks criminal cases with Tripp, how it works when you have enough evidence. Tripp is all ears. Steve teases to raid the mini bar. They both like root beer. Steve wonders about his career plans cos he should not live off his inheritance. Tripp states there are only small instalments so he has to do something. Steve suggests he test the waters in the field of medicine by following Kayla around at the hospital. Tripp leers he likes the idea ... Xander rages he could kill Eric but first has to find Nicole ... Nicole calls the hospital and asks to be put through to Brady's room. She pretends to be sister Belle. Brady takes the call assuming he is talking to Tink. Nicole gushes she is Nicole. Brady smiles and wants to hear how she and Holly are. Together and well on the Kiriakis jet. Brady praises Eric for helping. He knew he would come through. Nicole gulps Eric is not there but gets cut off before she is heard. The pilot announces take off is imminent. Nicole now gets a crise de conscience ... Jade sits alone and remembers when Joey was hers. She believes she will be able to get him back if there is no interference from Kayla. So she has to eliminate her from the equation ... Kayla confirms to John that Brady's body needs to stop attacking his heart in order for his son to survive. Marlena softly says to believe but John is crushed ... Nicole has left the jet and wanders around until she finds a Greek policeman. She reports what Xander did. He insists she accompany him on a patrol boat to the island. Meanwhile he makes a mysterious call in Greek ... Tripp wants to discuss the past. Steve admits he made mistakes as a dad missing time with his daughter not by choice. He stayed gone a long time to protect his family. He now gets the pictures of the cheating hubby he needs and teases Tripp to stop watching with the binoculars ... Nicole hesitates to approach the villa without backup but the Greek officer assures her they are hiding. He insists on taking her inside the villa to identify Xander and draws his gun. Nicole goes with him. Xander is waiting on the sofa with a wicked grin. He thanks his corrupt cop for returning what is rightfully his. Nicole cries Noooooooooooo!

Joey and the blonde decide on a second date. She needs to make a call. Joey gushes she will be hearing from him and leaves. Jade moves in for the kill. She warns the blonde that Joey is her ex and a player at that. He lied he loved her, knocked her up and was relieved he could dump her when she lost the baby. The girl appreciates her telling her and decides she will never see him again ... Tripp asks Steve if he ever LIES to spare feelings. Unsuspecting Steve sighs it is hard to hear someone betrayed you. Joey knows Kayla heard about him and Ava's hookup and it must have felt like betrayal to her. Steve is surprised that ended up in the case file. He explains Ava was holding Kayla hostage and he had to sleep with her to save her. Tripp thinks that sounds twisted and concludes Kayla must have been mad. Steve sadly states it devastated her. Tripp takes it all in, assuming the worst ... Xander pays the Greek cop who happens to be on his payroll and Nicole is again left alone with him. She hisses she hates him. He counters she is only angry at herself and will regret helping Eric. He reminds her Eric was responsible for the death of her beloved Dan. So go his mind games ... Steve joins sweetness on her hospital break and updates her on Tripp wanting to shadow her at the hospital. Kayla thinks it is a wonderful idea for the young man who would make a good medicine man. Steve steps away when he gets a call. Joey arrives and tells curious Kayla he enjoyed his blind date. However, he hates having his secret about Ava and hates what happened. He laments Jade loved him even though she knew his deep dark secret ... Tripp joins Jade on a bench with an update. She explains Steve is a superhero whereas Kayla is a superbeech. Tripp notes he now knows how to get close to her. Jade is all for revenge ... Menacing madman Xander has locked Nicole in the room with Eric, who remains tied to the bed. He is dismayed she did not make it. She tries to untie him. She had to come back ... Alone with his sleeping son, John is sorry he could not prevent this kid! He is here now and will not leave until he is out of the woods. He places his head on his son's heart, his own noble heart breaking ...


Two couples on a collision course, Lani's advice on love, something unexpected.

All the drama in Salem on Wednesday, May 17