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Tuesday, May 15, 2018
Episode 13,337
1580 words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)

Now without further ado ...


At the pub Steve and Kayla discuss Kate killing Viv. Roman says damn. Marlena appears and announces she might know why Viv was attempting to do in Kate ... Phone Jen asks Julie to keep her updated on Abigail who is having a nice day with Thomas and Chad. At the square JJ tries to be upbeat but Jen worries about the future. Eric steps up with an offer to help ... Eve cuddles with Brady on his hospital bed and thanks him for believing in her. He solemnly states he needs her as she will be a wonderful wife and also mother to Tate. They kiss in bliss. Meanwhile down in Mexico Xander tells Mateo he caught his girlfriend breaking into his safe! Theresa freezes in terror ... Back to Salem. John joins Brady and Eve. Brady heard about Viv and is sorry. John just hopes she is at peace and is happy to hear his boy’s heart is just fine. Eve gushes the future feels bright. John asks if they are back on track. Brady announces they are getting married ... Theresa claims she is the one who caught Xander breaking in and adds he has the flash drive. Mateo does the math. Xander hands it back and alludes to Theresa always accusing him unfairly. Mateo suspects her as Theresa insists Xander is the thief. Xander reminds her she happens to have the key to the lockbox in her hand soooooo ... Eric hugs jumpy Jen and invites her for some food. She sadly states she has no appetite. JJ urges her to go with Eric. Jen wants him to come too. Alas he has work and asks Eric to look after her. Eric is sorry to hear what happened. Jen cries she cannot lose Abigail again and wonders what if she becomes worse and also is sent to prison for killing Andre. Eric assures her she will never be alone ...

Marlena has updated the pub gang on Vivian’s mischief with Stefan and Andre. Roman regrets the loon was running loose all this time. He questions whether Abigail will ever be able to live a normal life now. Jen has just entered the pub and also wonders ... Eve and Brady sense John’s hesitation. He suggests the engagement is sudden. But besotted Brady has made up his mind. Eve steps out after giving Brady a sweet kiss. John approaches his son and reminds him their relationship did not start as a real romance. Does Victor know? Brady notes he does and does not like it. He even dangled the CEO position at Titan but he chose Eve. John is proud, as would be his mother, that he chooses love over power but will it really work with Eve? ... As Xander watches, Theresa pretends to be upset that Mateo brought Chloe into the picture. He sneers he is aware she has been searching for evidence for the ISA but this betrayal will be her last! She gasps what is he going to do? He asks Xander what he thinks ...

Brady admits he has had Theresa on his mind including in a dream. John wonders what kind. He looks down and declares he had a dream that the sweet Theresa came back but that girl does not even exist ... Eve ends a call and JJ admires her rock. He wonders how Theresa will feel when she tells him she and Brady are engaged. She points out she ran off to party but JJ the former cop suspects something was off. He recalls seeing her at church before she left and she was struggling. Flashback to Theresa weeping about doing the right thing. He could see she still loved Brady and her decision was torture. He suspects she wanted to stay ... Theresa begs Mateo to spare her and fibs she only wanted some freedom. He now calls Miguel to end their relationship forever. She gasps but she has a son. Xander asks to have her for himself. Mean Mateo considers and ends his call to Miguel the murderer ... Back at the pub Roman sighs as Steve listens and asks Eric about Jen and Abigail. Steve vows Marlena and Kayla will help Abigail. Roman mutters about the murder charges. Eric is extremely worried about Jen, who is now at a table with Marlena and Kayla. Marlena promises they shall overcome together! They clasp hands and Jen smiles slightly ... Eve insists Theresa left her family of her own accord. JJ wishes someone else had seen her at the church that day. Eve accuses him of trying to hit back. JJ is sorry he hurt her, but he was being honest. She insists she loves Brady and wants them to work. He wants her happy and is glad she will get a chance to be a mom again with Tate. Eve tearfully tells him this will be different than with Paige and she will make sure Tate is safe and content! Meanwhile John wonders whether Theresa’s return would mean anything to Brady. Brady denies it. John the wise man counters they will always be connected by their son. Brady scoffs Theresa does not even want to be a mom ...

Theresa screams at Xander to go to hell. Xander leers he would love to have her for payback. Mateo decides to make a deal with the diamond dealer, who hands him a bag. Mateo thanks him for doing business with him. Theresa screams to go to hell. Mateo repeats his usual threat that he could still kill Brady and Tate. He exits and Xander closes the door. Theresa cries what is he going to do to her? He continues to scare her ... JJ laments about losing a family he thought he would have. Eve assures him he will be a great dad. He asks whether she loves Brady. More than she loved anyone! He congratulates her and heads back to work ... Brady wonders why John suddenly sounds pro Theresa. John suspects she is always on his son’s mind. Brady states he stops himself since it hurts to think she cares not about Tate. Eve approaches the door as he praises Eve as the loving mother Tate deserves and calls himself lucky ... Theresa tells cocky Xander she would do anything if he helped her get back to Salem! She explains how she gave up her own life to save Brady and Tate. Xander starts to be a little impressed and asks if she really could influence Victor to accept him again. Yes. Xander grins then he is in! He will take her back to Salem. Theresa wants to rescue Chloe first ...

Eric greets Marlena at the pub. She stands up to hug her son. Jen is relieved Eric brought her here, where these amazing women Kayla and Marlena made her feel better. They agree to be Jen’s support team. Eric adds Abigail has the support of all of Salem. Nearby bartender Roman asks Steve how he fares. He is hanging in there. Roman is here to help cos this is no time to be a hero. Steve now asks a favor – to take over for him at Black Patch ... Eve enters Brady’s room. John officially welcomes her to the family and wishes them both happiness. He knows Brady the good guy loves her like crazy. Eve is touched and wants to be a good mother to his grandson. John gets choked up and goes on his way. Eve is pleased as punch they finally got John’s blessing ... Xander calls Chloe not his problem. He warns Theresa Mateo would kill her family if they double crossed him now. That means Chloe cannot come with them. Theresa agrees but there is still something she needs to do ...

Steve sighs John will not let him quit. Roman understands he wants him to take over his duties. Steve points out he is a pro. Roman enjoys his pub gig. Steve reminds him he is really a man of action. Roman grins he is going to give it some thought ... Kayla assures Jen she is here for her and Abigail and leaves. Jen loves her. She now kisses Eric on the cheek for helping her. He grins he loves being by her side ... Kayla is curious what Steve was discussing with Roman. The challenge of being a blind detective ... John walks with Marlena at the square. He is holding hands with the woman he loves. She loves weddings and is happy about Brady’s. John drawls they should plan their own as well so she breaks into a beautiful smile ... Eve is back with Brady, much moved by John’s approval. He declares his dad realized their love is real. She wishes it was the same for Victor. Brady admits he and John also discussed Theresa. He told his da that Theresa was not in his son's life. Eve cannot wait to be his mother. Brady thinks all Tate will ever need is them as his parents. He passionately kisses her ... Xander rushes Theresa as she leaves a note for Chloe, who is not in her room. It is an apology, signed your friend Theresa. And so she escapes, ready to take her rightful place in Salem ...


All the drama in Salem on Tuesday, May 15