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Thursday, March 9, 2017
Episode 13,040
Length:1465 descriptive words

Beware of copycats.
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Now without further ado ...


At the town square, Paul updates Sonny on Deimos pirating stolen artifacts. Sonny was aware Victor was involved in the same thing and muses he must be continuing. Paul points out if they get proof then Deimos could be imprisoned ... Meanwhile at DiMera mansion Chad curses at his computer as Abigail enters. But Chad has a delicious plan. He tells her all about Deimos and his antiquities, adding he and Andre are after the business for themselves. Abigail is bothered by his not-so-above-board ambition but Chad insists he would turn it into something good. He tells her to trust in him and they share a kiss. Gabi enters, having been let in by Harold, and looks at them glumly as they lock lips ... At the hospital Kayla advises hysterical Hal to calm down. Steve stands there and calmly asks what he needs. Joey arrives and shares his shock at the sight of the patient ready to jab a needle in his mother's neck. Steve says he can help him. Hal tells them he wants a transplant now and he will not be dismissed ... Eli pouts at the pub as Val apologizes for causing him emotional pain. He snaps it is too late for him to ever meet his father now ... Gabi loudly clears her throat. Abigail is pumped and ready to attend the first belly dancing class together. They leave with their light weight plans and Chad gets back to business. Andre calls, having found the name of Deimos' middleman. He is a Bulgarian who just happens to be in Salem for a meeting with Deimos. Chad plans to get to him first ...

Joey tells off Hal the bad father, which does not help matters much. Steve continues to play it cool. Hal demands action to save his life. Kayla replies there are registry rules and Hal accuses her of acting like he is not rich or important enough to matter. Steve urges him to stop and suggests Joe get the hospital administrator. Hal, however, will not allow it. No one leaves! Steve sighs he can relate to him on some level. He knows Hal harbors regrets as he was not around for his kids ... Chad manages to set up a meeting at the mansion with Deimos' artifacts dealer. He invites him to be DiMera's exclusive dealer. The Bulgarian middleman with the continental French accent explains he is already exclusive with Deimos Kiriakis. It would be too risky to consider another offer. Chad thinks he should ...

Eli is already on his Horton high horses and accuses his apologetic mother of only thinking of herself. She reasons David was too restless for a family and he already had a son Scotty, whom he ignored. Eli refuses to return to Washington D.C. with her cos his clan is here! Enter glittery Julie. Eli blurts out he is mad at his mother and suggests Val tell her why ... Chad lies he loves art but he tells the truth about planning to protect and then return the pieces to the nations from whence they were stolen. The Bulgarian believes he is really about the bottom line. Chad claims the eventual rewards from the grateful countries could prove highly profitable. Meanwhile he would provide a sanctuary for the treasures until the right time. The Bulgarian claims he cannot betray Deimos ... Hal rages on in his delirious state. Joey warns him his daughter deserves better than such a father to remember. Hal, however, feels he has nothing to lose anymore ... Back at the pub Eli starts to tell Julie he was moved with what she said about David at the service. Val cringes. Julie sighs she has regrets and Eli snaps his mom certainly knows what that feels like. Julie faces Val and states son David loved her so she should stay a while. She almost was able to consider her a daughter. If only they had had a family! Eli announces they did for they had HIM. Val confirms Eli is indeed David's son. Julie soap stares in stunned silence ...

Delirious Hal drags Dr. Kayla to the elevator to escape. Steve is right behind him. Jade appears like Cindy Hoo in the Grinch Who Stole Xmas. She innocently wonders what her father is doing. He grumbles to go and she begs him not to hurt Kayla. He babbles he is about to die as the transplant was botched by her. He needs another one to be a better dad. Jade cries he is to blame for being a mean drunk all those years. She warns him not to hurt this family who has been so good to her. She continues and he starts to put down the needle. Steve grabs him and a cop cuffs him. Steve finally hugs sweetness in relief ... Sonny and Paul have been reading Deimos' boring emails. Fearless Sonny feels it would be easier to get Deimos the old school way. Paul warns him it would be unsafe. Sonny does not seem to mind ... The Bulgarian believes Deimos would retaliate against him if he resigned. One cannot quit the mob after all. Chad points out with his documented proof he would have enough on Deimos to make him withdraw. He stands up and announces he has something to show him but before he can produce it, the two girls return, clad in their belly dancing costumes. The Bulgarian assumes this was what Chad was referring to. Abigail smiles and slyly plays along ... Handcuffed Hal's wheelchair is pushed away by a cop. Steve gives Kayla a glass of water. She feels sorry for Hal. Jade tells Joey she is sorry and hugs Kayla. Steve notes there will be charges laid. Joey wants to take Jade back to her room. She tells the Johnsons they are her family now ...

Kayla lets her hubby know how grateful she is he played the hero for her again. He takes it all in stride and she adds he did not let them down as he stated. He came back and made things right for their family ... Julie gazes up at Eli and smiles she sees David in him as she touches his face. She weeps she is a grandmother and turns to Val, wondering what happened. Eli makes his mother tell her story. Val cries she did not know she was with child until they were over. Eli complains she never told him either. Val explains Terrence, the man she married, helped her by stepping up as her baby's father. Julie wonders. Eli replies he loved Terrence dearly but he died in the line of duty. Julie emotionally cries she is sorry. Val is sorry too. Julie takes off, feeling overwhelmed. Eli is right behind her. Abe arrives and embraces crying Val, who finally comes clean ... As it turns out the Bulgarian stolen artifacts dealer's wife was also a belly dancer and he thanks Chad for doing his research. He waits in the living room for the ladies to perform. Gabi gasps she cannot as they only had one lesson but Abigail insists. Gabi rotates her hips to the eastern music as Abigail moves like a graceful gymnast all around the Bulgarian businessman. After the little performance, he gushes he is ready to work exclusively for Mr. DiMera. Chad grins and they shake on it... Once he has left, Chad kisses Abigail in celebration. Gabi soap stares ...

At the Kiriakis mansion Sonny overhears Deimos throw a fit on the phone when the Bulgarian middleman drops him. Deimos talks tough. The French Bulgarian warns he has documented proof against him and hangs up. Deimos explodes and Sonny smiles in bemusement ... Val tells Abe the whole truth and weeps Eli will never forgive her ... Eli joins Julie outside. She sighs she was so sad and now here he is. her grandson whom she senses is a good and honorable man. This is a gift from God and her heart is full thanks to Eli. They emotionally embrace ... Kayla wants the cop to know that Hal was likely experiencing an adverse reaction to anesthesia. Steve is not surprised she is so kind and forgiving. Kayla now wonders why Steve came by. He admits he got some expected news today. She is listening so he continues. According to Raymond his and Ava's baby is actually alive. He has a son. Kayla blinks in disbelief ...


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Be Careful Chad ... cos Andre the renaissance man could easily fool you with forgeries!


All the drama in Salem on Thursday, March 9