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Wednesday, March 8, 2017
Episode 13,039
Length:1565 descriptive words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)

Now without further ado ...


At the trendy club stylish Abigail discusses DiMera image with Dario. He is distracted. She wants her next event here. She assures him their families are no longer at odds and they are good friends. He smiles ... Chad summons Gabi to the DiMera mansion to discuss the photos Deimos had. She exclaims this is enough ... Joey heads to Hal's room, where he is being zapped by Kayla to save his life ... At the pub Steve tells his Chicago contact Ava is not alive. The contact claims his and her son is very much alive. Steve freezes ... Kayla explains to sleeping Hal they will need tests. She tells worried Joey who arrives and admits there could be a blood clot so the new liver will not work. No need to worry Jade just yet ... Steve cusses cos he was told opposite but there was a black market case and now his contact has the full story. Steve's son is alive. Steve gives him a suspicious stare ... Stylish Gabi accuses Chad of summoning her unfairly as they should not be alone ... Abigail is all business about the charity event she is planning with dancing. She checks the ceiling to see how high her banner can go but slips and falls into Dario's arms. He looks like he wants to kiss her ... bad ...

Steve warns Raymond he distrusts him and demands the truth. Raymond replies he was contacted by the young man, who found out he handled the adoption. He was the black market baby Vitali senior gave him as per the records and he is his and Ava's son. Steve thinks Ava might have lied and nods when he hears according to the birth certificate he is the father. However, that is all Ray will say due to legality. The adopted young man was put off but plans to find his biological parents. That means just him. Steve takes it all in ... Joey attempts to calm Jade, who now wants her father to be fine as he used to be. She hopes her good deed was not in vain ... At the station JJ is thrilled when Lani puts on her detective badge, officially back in action. He sweetly shares his candies. Raines walks by and warns them to cut the cute stuff else he shall request no fraternization. Jump Street JJ retorts that rule was history with Roman! Raines reminds him Roman retired and he is his replacement. Things are changing ... Chad agrees with Gabi and wants to be friends ... Abigail gasps Dario saved her and he gasps he is glad. She whispers let go and Dario daydreams he kisses her passionately ...

Raines threatens to work the detectives extra hard. Dedicated Lani says no problem and he promises to hold her to it. JJ misses Roman. Lani tosses him a candy and they enjoy the sweet stuff, a team .... Dario wakes up from his daydream of kissing Abigail and releases her. She thanks him for rescuing her from the fall and invites him and a date to her party. He pretends he does have someone but fibs he is not a good enough dancer for her, hence his hesitation. Abigail offers to show him some moves and he takes her hand with a grin. Meanwhile Myron is watching ... Back at DiMera mansion Gabi and Chad agree to be friends without romantic hopes. Chad feels they are fine. He has a list of items, photos of stolen artifacts that could be in Deimos' safe. Gabi gets intrigued and identifies some stolen from a dig in the Middle East. He wants to find the middleman and she gushes then they can get Deimos. Chad hopes so and thanks her for the help. From now on, he will avoid any private chats and meetings as per her request. Gabi goes and he sighs ...

Andre is elated when Chad presents him with the pictures and information. He drawls Deimos must have the objects hidden and calls it a lucrative field. He recognizes some as being stolen from Alexandria. Chad muses the reward from a government for the return of the stolen goods would be huge. Andre had another idea - that they hold onto them. Chad points at him and he smiles it was only an idea. He suggest he make a few calls to find out who Deimos has on his payroll ... Dario is a fast learner and dips Abigail, who giggles his girl will be impressed ... JJ comes across Gabi crying on a bench at the square. He is sorry he upset her and she notes it is not about him. She will not say more but JJ wants to be her confidant. No can do. He is here anytime and places a hand on her shoulder. Lani looks at the gesture and grimaces ... Hal wakes up and Kayla informs the former medic what happened. He hears he has a blood clot and it ruined the new liver. Hal freaks about needing another liver and not living long enough. Then he yells out a blood curdling scream ... Steve sure hopes Raymond is sure. Raymond talks DNA test and hands him a card. The lad is in Arizona. He asks to be reimbursed for his time so Steve hands him 272, what he has in his wallet. But not a cent more! Raymond thinks it will be good if he gets in touch with his son, he could use some support. He wishes him luck and leaves the pub. Steve wonders ...

Joey joins Kayla and Hal and explains Jade was worried. The patient thinks all is lost and snaps at Kayla to shut up. Joey tells him not to talk to her like that and Kayla asks him to return to Jade. Hal accuses her of lying and loses it. He also accuses her of wanting him dead. Meanwhile Jade weeps upon hearing her dad is back on the donor list. So much for hope! Joey suggests something might happen. Jade hangs onto his hand and laments she is alone without him. She begs him to stay ... Abigail is deciding on appetizers, the auction. DJ. And Chad DiMera can pay. Dario gets sarcastic and Abigail explains things are not easy for him as he has gone legit. He wants to do the right thing and she supports him. Dario drawls that makes her a DiMera. He adds it is not always easy to take the high road. Abigail believes he will never do anything illegal ever again ... Andre asks when Gabi identified the photos and wonders whether Chad's marriage is at risk as he met her again. Chad questions his sincerity regarding Deimos and Andre acts bemused about bringing down Deimos with an irresistible bargain attached ...

Joey stays with sad Jade, who remembers her childhood, how things went sour with her drinking dad. Joey is sympathetic and a nurse enters with something to help her sleep. Jade argues but Joey agrees she needs her rest. The nurse will be back soon. Jade claims Joey does not really care so he holds her hand tight as she falls asleep. He updates Steve when he walks in. Hal is not going to make it. Steve is sorry and goes to speak with Kayla. He will need a word with his son as well ... Kayla tries to calm down hysterical Hal, who curses his kid for not loving him. He blames Kayla for botching this and hisses she shall pay ... At the square Lani has coffee for JJ and questions him chatting up his ex again and again and again. JJ explains he was trying to cheer her up. Lani apologizes for being bothered as they only had one date anyway. JJ states this is their second date and kisses her on the lips ... Back at the club, Myron calls out Dario for pretending he was not an expert dancer. Dario wants to focus on more funds still furious they lost Orwell. He has a new idea ...

At DiMera mansion, Abigail holds Thomas in her arms as she and Chad update each other on their day. She gushes things are good. Chad gushes they are great and cuts in to hold the woman he loves in a sweet slow dance. They are all smiles and a piano tinkles in the background ... Gabi joins Dario at the club to discuss using the space. Dario updates her on Abigail reserving the place for a party and she tells him he is blushing. He denies it and teases her about Chad. Maybe ice cream would help ... Thomas yawns so mama takes him for a nap. Chad waves bye bye to his boy. Then he whips out his phone, about to call Gabi again. Pause ... Kayla turns to calm crazy Hal with something but he comes up behind her and accuses her of wanting him dead. Steve steps in the room as Hal hatefully holds the needle to her neck. Kayla glances at her soap hero. She is seconds away from death ...


Ahead on Days of Our Lives:
Kayla needs saving ... And in another story how far will Chad go?

Character crushes come and character crushes go as do head writers with the wind.


All the drama in Salem on Wednesday, March 8