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Tuesday, March 7, 2017
Episode 13,038
Length:1155 descriptive words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
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Now without further ado ...


Kayla catches up with the father of Jade, who is headed to surgery today. Jade was a match and Kayla praises her for helping papa. He scowls about her doing the right thing for once in her life ... Joey is with Jade in her room. Today is the day. He tells her it is not too late to change her mind. She wants to do right by her dad and asks him for a friend hug. He obliges and Steve soap stares from the doorway, his eyes filled with fatherly worry ... At the pub Lucas enjoys his food. Justin assumed he was with Adrienne, who has just experienced her final chemo appointment. Lucas makes light of the fact that she wanted to be alone. Justin feels he knows her better and is bothered that she lied to him. Meanwhile Anne knocks at Adrienne's hotel room door, she was worried she was a no show at work. Adrienne gasps to go away and runs into the washroom to get sick ... Brady is on his phone with Paul. Brady vows to bring Nicole home no matter how! In her room Nicole is with Tiffany the little blondie thief, who leaves her with bags of what she bought. She hands her back the money left over acting ever so modest. Then she steals the key from the bed. Mama Nicole steps into the bathroom, leaving Holly's bassinet on the bed. Blondie comes back with her boyfriend and they steal the cash. She insists on taking the baby too for ransom as the sound of running water is heard from the bathroom ... Adrienne eventually lets Anne in and informs the altruistic employee she wants to be alone. Then she crumples on the couch, feeling queasy as ever ... Back at the pub, Justin does not approve that Lucas agreed to leave Adrienne alone. Anne calls Lucas with an update. Both bucks are on their way ...

Nicole realizes Holly is gone and races into the alley crying for her stolen baby. She is in full mama bear mode ... Jade and her dad talk before being wheeled into the OR for his liver surgery. He lets his girl know she did good. Joe and Steve are there for Jade and Kayla wheels her in ... Justin, Lucas, and Anne arrive to see Adrienne. She feels like firing Anne for bringing them! The gang have dehydration worries about her but she says this last round was supposed to be the worst round. Lucas and Anne go to get chicken broth from the pub. Justin has another idea ... Nicole now has blondie and the boyfriend in her sights. She screams gimme my baby beech and the pair bolt leaving the bassinet behind. Nicole takes the wailing baby back to the room, ever so sorry. The troublemakers have totally taken off.

Justin attends to Adrienne with watermelon juice, which she drinks with ease. She was able to consume the drink when pregnant with Sonny and experiencing morning sickness. He smiles she never complained. She smiles Sonny was worth it. They recall the old days when they had kids and she cries about this nausea being for nothing. She also cries about losing her beautiful body but Justin tenderly tells her the fact that she will be alive is by far the most beautiful thing. They share a sweet brief kiss ... Joey assures anxious Steve that Jade accepts they are friends only but Steve has been there. He lets his son know he needs to be careful not to lead her on ... Nicole sits with Holly in their room feeling like a failure for the creeps stole all their food. She almost lost her baby and becomes emotional ... Anne and Lucas get the chicken broth at the Brady pub. Lucas assures Anne that Adrienne likes her. Tough talk is the way she communicates. Anne apologizes for kissing him earlier. He blames the romance novel she was reading. She quips it was the book ... Adrienne teases Justin she brushed her teeth before that kiss and he laughs. They remember more old times. Justin gets her to try a cracker - she does and manages to swallow ... Nicole thinks aloud, stressing as she holds Holly in their room. She feels insecure as a mother but still determined to keep her baby away from Chloe ... Jade wakes up to pal Joey in her hospital room. He explains it went well. She is feeling no pain due to the painkillers they must have given her. She worries about a scar but he thinks she has plenty of time before bikini season ... Steve informs Kayla he is concerned that Jade still cares for Joey. However according to Joey helping Jade helps him forget what he did to AVA. Steve sighs that situation was all his fault. They decide they will spend the night snuggling at home ...

Brady is with searching Paul on the phone, standing in a certain alley. He vows to leave no stone unturned. After the call something catches his eye - Nicole's basic black bag. He now gets the motel name ... Nicole sighs she knows not where to turn. She wishes Dan was here! She wonders what he would do, unaware the man who now has his heart is within reach ... The famous soup arrives with Anne and Lucas. Adrienne feels better but asks all to leave as she feels queasy. They accommodate her, as at least she has no dehydration ... As Steve flirts with Kayla about her foot massage tonight, he gets an unexpected call. Someone wants to meet him. Steve will be there in ten and suddenly looks serious. Kayla assumes he is meeting a new client and will be waiting for him at home in her pajamas ... Nicole gets disguised in a dark coat and cap. She cleans her fingerprints from the room and exits with Holly, unaware she left behind a green pacifier ... Lucas, Anne and Justin discuss Adrienne and what she is going through. Next up she has surgery. Justin knows his ex wife well and notes she will need something to hang onto through the hardship. However what could it be? ... Brady finds the pacifier in Nicole's now vacant room. He waits ... Jade asks Joey to take care of her once she gets home to the loft. He assures her they all will. All of a sudden her dad's room calls a code blue ... Back at the pub unsmiling Steve meets with Raymond from Chicago. The contact claims he has news on Ava Vitali ... Nicole comes back to the room with Holly and Brady holds up the pacifier noting she forgot it. She sighs ...


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Something wicked this way comes. The spawn of Joey's worst nightmare!


All the drama in Salem on Tuesday, March 7