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Monday, March 6, 2017
Episode 13,037
Length:1250 descriptive words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)

Now without further ado ...


Nicole prays to God through the sunny window, wishing for luck to keep her and Holly safe in this notorious neighborhood ... Chloe crashes the station and complains to Hope about the inaction, demanding they locate her child ... Ciara is at the loft door, giving a guy the brush-off over the phone. Inside she sees sleepy Theo and Claire snuggling on the sofa and gets depressed ... Tormented Eric reads Jen's offer for the Horton Center and remembers her. Knock knock! Tis Jen again! He has summoned her and she waits for his decision. He blinks and she almost smiles. He breathes he will not accept her kind offer. Jenny has yet another idea. He need not deal with the public and he shouts NO again. She offers to keep his work a secret so he snaps no and stop the stubbornness ... Hope laments to Chloe she cannot work this case and apologizes. She was removed from field work. Chloe shakes her head ... Nicole assures baby Holly she will have that bottle for her soon and takes out a jar. Knock knock! Nicole looks nervous ... Ciara quietly closes the door and Theo stands, seeing her unhappiness. She confesses she had a crummy date and he drawls a guy would be fortunate to have her as his girlfriend. Claire stirs and slyly listens ... Jen tries to reason with Eric the good. She now gets a text and gasps Nicole! Eric is listening. She adds she is in real trouble. Eric soap stares. It seems his heroic sensibilities have been bothered ... Neighbor Tiffany asks to borrow a towel from Nicole and notices the baby. Nicole gushes when she hears she has got her eyes. The girl probes where the papa is. She asks her story and Nicole pauses ... At the hospital Brady ends a call about the search from Nicole. Lee overhears. Brady notices him and brings up Nicole and Chloe but the good doctor can reveal nothing. Brady explains Chloe stole Nicole and Dan's baby and senses his nervousness. He demands he reveal anything he knows ...

Claire says hello to Ciara and gets close to Theo. He has his arm around her and Claire acts condescending about her relation's Mr. Right. They head to the pub but Ciara turns down the offer to come with ... Brady is ready to threaten the doctor, who sighs he spoke with Nicole for a moment. He made a suggestion for feeding Holly as she was having trouble but he knew not where she was or that she was a fugitive. Brady updates him and urges him to avoid the cops. He wants to convince her to come back to prevent arrest. They agree to keep in touch if she gets in touch. Brady now gets a call from someone he must see stat ... Eric gets Nicole's full baby story from Jen. He becomes extremely emotional over the name Holly ...

Nicole tries to avoid the topic of her past and Tiffany assumes the worst. She can relate. Nicole muses she made the right choice for her baby is the love of her life. She would do anything to protect her ... Happy reinstated Hope drops by to see Ciara, who seems down about boyfriends and girlfriends. The online dating has not gone well. Hope hopes she has been careful. Of course though the first guy was a letdown. Theo thinks she should give it a chance. Hope wonders about that. Ciara gets upset about having Theo on her mind. Hope is sorry and hugs her, concluding she is crazy for him. Ciara wonders whether they could have a chance. Hope knows they had a connection so what went wrong? ... Brady summons PI Paul to the park with an assignment. Nicole called Dr. Lee and he needs his call from Nicole traced to her location. But no cops. Done with discretion ... Tiffany the new bff wants to help. Nicole admits she wants to avoid being seen by her husband and takes her up on her offer to pick something up. She gets out her money and hands her some. Tiffany leaves with a sweet smile. She seems too good to be true ... Naturally Eric is on Nicole's side and is bothered by the injustice. He wishes he could... Jen wonders. He sighs Nicole would not want him in her life and he feels she would be well within her rights.

Ciara sighs she pushed Theo away and there was pretty Claire but she keeps rubbing in their romance. Hope suspects Claire is insecure. She suggests Ciara tell Claire the truth for they are family. Meanwhile at the pub Claire the princess ends another show and says tata to her 200 online viewers. Afterwards, she complains it is not enough. Theo gets a text about a pop quiz but Claire complains she has her own problems ... Chloe runs into Brady at the park and they bicker about who the baby belongs with. Chloe threatens to cause trouble and accuses him of being in love with Nicole like always ... Jen points out Eric is not the cause of Nicole's predicament. She insists Dan's demise was an accident and heaps on the praise. Eric scowls to stop trying to save him but Jen keeps going about his family and friends believing in him. He cries he cannot be near anyone at the moment and her in particular! Their eyes lock ... Brady claims his feelings are not what matters now. Chloe begs to differ. Brady defends Nicole for trying to keep her baby, the last thing from the deceased man she loved. He rages Chloe would do the same and calls her cruel! She already has a child! Chloe claims the baby is hers but he counters that is not true. They will see who finds Nicole first! Chloe advises him to damn well do the right thing. Then she walks away ...

Claire complains about dumb college classes making her lose fans online. Theo excuses himself to study. Ciara arrives and sits with Claire, wanting a word and it is important ... Eric places his gentle hands on Jen's shoulders and then turns away. She decides to depart so he tries to stop her. Birds chips as she blasts him for not taking back his life. He could live and make a difference ... Claire excuses herself from Ciara to take care of a career issue ... Paul meets Brady now with an address. He offers to come with but Brady wants to go alone ... Eric sits at the crackling fireplace and does an internet search of Nicole Walker ... Chloe clutches Holly's little bear and begs God to bring back her daughter ... Tiffany updates her gangster boss as she returns outside with bags for Nicole. She leers she knows where she has her stash of cash hidden. Meanwhile Nicole murmurs to her babe in arms that they might be safe at last ...


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All the drama in Salem on Monday, March 6