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Friday, March 3, 2017
Episode 13,036
Length:1450 descriptive words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)

Now without further ado ...


At DiMera mansion Abigail updates Chad on her conversation with the head of the Horton center reading initiative for the book fair. DiMera's donation will be well received. They kiss and Hope appears, gasping Abigail? It has been a while. They hug in happiness. Hope is relieved that Chad is alright as she had heard he was locked up with Gabi. Chad had heard she was cleared of killing Stefano as he is alive. Hope suspects he is displeased with the result, as is Andre. Alas she will have to live with shooting Stefano. Chad has no desire to focus on father phoenix. He only cares about the future ... At the square, Gabi has shown Kate her ambitious plans for her image consulting company. She seeks her input but disagrees when Kate declares DiMera and Chad should invest in her startup. Kate realizes she has lingering feelings for Chad and claims she has never ignored what - or rather who - her heart desired. Ed appears and Gabi advises her to walk the walk instead of just talking the talk ... Brady is leaving Nicole phone messages, urging her to meet him. Deimos storms into the room raging she is HIS fiancee. They verbally spar, each suitor wanting to be victorious ...

Nicole meets an anonymous source she knows in a dark alley, carrying Holly in her bassinet. She announces they need his help ... Gabi graciously thanks Kate and takes her leave. Kate stands up but Ed wants her to hear him out. He acts remorseful and asks if they can spend some time together today. Kate dismisses him and he drawls he will be waiting for her at the club in case she changes her mind ... Hope praises Chad and Abigail being a family front again. However, this war, this feud that Deimos started is not going away anytime soon. Matter of fact it will worsen. Chad is all about peace talks. Hope warns them to beware of the danger and departs for the station, where she has yet to be reinstated ... Abigail feels strange about living in Stefano's mansion. Chad muses it is theirs and she is family. Abigail is starting to feel like a member of the DiMeras. Chad gets the never-ending struggle and they kiss ...

At the station Hope surprises working cop Rafe with breakfast and a coffee. They kiss in bliss. He believes she will be back on the force today. Roman emerges and officially welcomes back the lady detective. Hope gushes when he gives her badge back ... Andre and Kate arrive at DiMera mansion together to discuss the company with Chad. Andre disapproves that brotha even let Hope Brady through the front door, so deep is his disdain and distrust. Chad is not surprised but Abigail is. She sternly states this is their residence so she and Chad alone will decide who is welcome. Chad smiles smugly ... Deimos is convinced he can get Nicole back and will even help her disappear with Holly if she wants. Brady blames him for everything, as he ruined her chances by trying to bribe a judge. Meanwhile Nicole is given the key to a humble apartment by Mr. Anonymous. He had heard she stole a kid but wants to know nothing more. Nicole insists as soon as she has planned her next move, she will move out and move on ... Kate counters Hope the cop is a killer. Abigail argues she also happens to be family. Chad boasts he listens to his wife. Andre admits he could not be more delighted that they are togetha again. Chad suddenly states given what is going on with the impending war, they both would like Andre and Kate to move back to the mansion. Andre replies without hesitation. YES. Now it is time to consider the strategy of the company amid the conflict. Kate suggests they focus on business but Andre suspects sinking more ships could cause hardship for the competitors, aka the other two families. It would also intimidate them. Chad would rather follow a more peaceful path. At the Kiriakis mansion he became aware of photos in the safe of what seemed to be stolen artifacts. Kate is aware of those Kiriakis dealings. Chad adds Gabi actually saw them so he will have to get her involved. Kate quips of course Gabi will give him exactly what he neeeeeeds. Abigail soap stares ...

Nicole listens to Deimos' message to help but does not call him. She vows not to let anyone separate her from Holly again ... At the station Rafe discusses tracking down Nicole with Hope. Raines orders Hope to desk duty. Rafe snaps he is overstepping the ranks. Roman admits Raines is actually the new commissioner. Since when? Raines growls since this morning and Roman grimaces. He explains to Hope in his office. She fears he felt he had to leave as he compromised his position by helping her. Roman sadly states he has not felt the same since they lost Bo ... In their humble new room, Holly is rejecting her bottle of milk. Nicole is at a loss and looks at Brady's face and number on her phone. He has been calling her ... Brady meets Rafe at the station, hoping he heard something on Nicole. There is nothing so she must be on her own with Holly. There is not a clue to follow. They both agree Nicole needs to return with Holly before it is too late ... The DiMera gang gather at the outdoor book fair being held at the town square. Abigail and Chad are dressed for success, as is elegant Andre. Chad explains it was PR princess Abigail's great idea. All of a sudden Arianna races over and he lifts her up. Gabi is right behind her. Chad would like a word so Abigail leads the little girl away to color. Chad glares at Andre so he too discreetly steps away.

Chad mentions the Kiriakis safe and those photos, asking her to remember what she saw. There was a coin and a horse among them. Chad thinks that sounds lucrative and lets her know he intends to steal the stolen artifacts right back from Deimos. Gabi gushes she is IN ... Abigail sits on the bench by where her angel statue used to stand - until she ruined it in a fit of jealous rage. Andre joins her. He is so happy she is back on track with Chad again. She smiles she won but he warns her not to underestimate Gabi regardless of what she says ... Now that he knows she has no one helping her, Brady firmly believes Nicole will call him. Rafe asks him get in touch the minute she does ... Nicole calls Dr Lee, the doctor for Chloe's in vitro when she and Daniel visited. She fibs Holly is not weaned and is not accepting formula. Chloe went out of town and left her in a bind. The doctor agrees to help as the baby needs her nutrients. After the call, Nicole decides to destroy her phone in a microwave ... Raines talks tough with Rafe. He claims he crossed the line and now wants him to work on a stolen artifacts case, rounding up those involved. He orders him to work alone. Rafe sarcastically snaps yes sir! Hope brushes by and then seductively raises an eyebrow from her desk. Rafe grins, glad to have her back in his sphere ... When Abigail hears how happy Chad is that Gabi is going to help, she cannot help but worry, given Andre's warning ... Ed drowns his sorrows all alone at the empty club. Kate walks in, then changes her hurt mind and walks out. Ed turns around to see no one there. The country song about complications continues ... Brady and Maggie discuss the Nicole and Holly drama at the hospital. He is desperate to bring her home before something bad happens. Back at the Kiriakis mansion, Victor wishes Deimos would forget about Nicole and gets back to his newspaper. Deimos refuses and rants ... Nicole can hear crimes being committed outside, shots, shattered glass ... Abigail sweetly asks Chad to say a few words re: their donation to the reading challenge project. As he reaches the microphone, Arianna races to him and asks him to read to her. Gabi goes after her daughter and stands close to Chad, after a book is chosen. The photographers take photos of Chad and Gabi as he reads to her little girl. Andre warns astounded Abigail to do something to get them away from each other and fast ...


Deimos will be out of the Salem picture by summer.


All the drama in Salem on Friday, March 3