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Thursday, March 2, 2017
Episode 13,035
Length:1360 descriptive words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)

Now without further ado ...


On the DiMera couch, Chad flashes back to his meat locker moment with Gabi and shuts his computer with a sigh. Abigail returns from getting Thomas back to sleep. Abigail teases she is onto why Chad seems distracted and sneaks a peek at his computer. He confesses the whole thing with Deimos has him consumed. The only way the families can co-exist is if Deimos is is defeated ... Deimos finds Chloe sprawled on her hotel bed. He checks for a pulse and sighs what did Nicole go and do ... Meanwhile Brady leaves another anxious message for Nicole, who failed to show at the pub ... Nicole is looking like Lady Gaga in her wig and sunglasses as she checks into a motel with her baby, acting like a battered wife on the run from a bad romance. The initially suspicious male clerk offers to help as he can ... Lani and JJ engage in cute talk about the fun clean games they can play together as they end up at the square. They start to arm wrestle and Gabi stares jealously ... Abigail does not like the sound of Chad getting drawn back into the Deimos darkness. Chad refers to him as a threat that needs to be disarmed is all. He already knows his Achilles heel. Abigail offers to help. Chad grins he already has the perfect person in mind ... Brady meets Sonny at the pub. Sonny sits and shares his plan to take Titan from Deimos ... Deimos leaves a phone message for Nicole, fuming she messed up when he clearly told her to keep her graceful hands clean ...

Abigail wants to know more about Deimos and his Achilles heel. Chad knows for a fact that Deimos has photos in his safe of what looks like an inventory of stolen artifacts for Titan. He got the intel from Gabi and explains he would need to ask her more about it ... Lani steps away for a call so Gabi ends up talking to JJ, who morphs into detective mode. He wishes she would cooperate with a statement and warns Deimos might still come after her. Gabi dismisses the notion and blasts him for hanging around the woman he cheated with when he was hers. He asks how come she cares. After all, feelings change. Gabi goes on about his cheating. She mutters she moved on too but will not reveal the name of the man who has her heart. JJ certainly hopes it is not his sister's husband. She denies the charge ... Back at the pub, Brady offers up words of wisdom to Sonny. Deimos is a ruthless adversary, an ex con who is cut throat. Sonny retorts he will not let him ruin the family empire. Uncle Victor was not a vicious kidnapper or killer. Brady counters he merely did not get caught. He suggests Sonny appeal to grandfather first but Sonny will not wait. Brady acknowledges Deimos is out of control given his recent actions. However, it would be MUTINY to go against their patriarch with a power play. Sonny argues they have to act now and he is either with him or against him. Brady agrees to at least consider and departs to track down Nicole, whom he fears got entangled in another confrontation with Chloe ... Nicole whispers to crying hungry Holly they will be able to hide forever ... Paul joins Sonny, expressing his concern about him going after Deimos. Paul reminds him what he once told him when he faced a killer pitcher - to stay calm. He thinks he should heed those same words now. Sonny assures him he will be smart about it but still Paul worries ... Brady finds Deimos standing over chloroformed Chloe in her hotel room and jumps to the wrong conclusion. Meanwhile Holly cries and Nicole blames Chloe for nursing her for she was not her baby ...

Sonny promises Paul he will stay calm though he sounds worked up. Paul explains evil Deimos would think nothing of harming him. Sonny makes light of the danger but Paul is perturbed ... Abigail sweetly states she is good with Gabi and totally trusts her husband. Chad gushes he loves and likes Abigail and a piano tinkles in the background. He hugs her, admits he never stopped loving her and they kiss. She teases to go call Gabi but Chad wants another kiss and another ... Brady bellows where is Holly and Deimos covers for Nicole by claiming he sent her somewhere safe. His driver arrives and notes he does not have the baby. Brady realizes Deimos was covering for Nicole and ushers him out of the room so he can deal with Chloe, who has started to stir. She raises her groggy head and gasps where is Holly??

JJ and Lani are eating at the outdoor cafe when Paul approaches. He shares his concern about Sonny, whom he fears is about to make a move against Deimos that could be a colossal dangerous mistake. JJ nods and notes he will need to talk to him ... Chloe panics that Nicole and Deimos took her baby. Brady makes her promise not to call the cops or they will go deeper underground. He will find them. After he leaves, of course Chloe calls the cops ... Nicole has rocked Holly to sleep at last. Mother and daughter are bonding ... until Nicole sees an Amber Alert on TV, announcing Nicole the known newswoman is is on the run with an abducted baby. She panics as her plan had not anticipated this ... Back to Lani and JJ at the square. She has decided to stay in Salem as she has a good reason. She kisses JJ the good reason. Then they get the Amber Alert and take off together ...

At the pub, Sonny complains to Gabi about the creeps involved in the family war. Old school Deimos needs to be neutralized ... Back at the DiMera mansion, Chad indulges in popcorn. Abigail is pr brainstorming for the re-branding of the DiMera name. One of her ideas involves the DiMera Foundation making a donation for books for kids who need them most at an early age. Chad thinks it sounds positive and praises how she always likes to help. They kiss and she gushes she is grateful for his truthfulness. She trusts and understands him. Chad murmurs she means so much to him. He kisses her again and she smiles. He adds she and Thomas bring out the best in him! She concludes she will call Horton center tomorrow and mentions their movie night. Chad, however, has something else in mind. More kisses ... Knock knock! Mr. Room service is at the door with a menu. Nicole tells him to slip it under the door and pretends she is busy breastfeeding. She suspects he is onto her and about to report her ... Gabi senses Sonny the nice guy is no match for dangerous Deimos. He hates being called a nice guy and unexpectedly asks her about being found nekid with Chad. Gabi is flabbergasted. He explains he is worried about both Abigail, whom he is rooting for with Chad, and Gabi, whom he does not want to get hurt. She sighs too late ... Abigail and Chad start to make love on the DiMera couch ... Chloe deduces to Detectives JJ and Lani that Nicole and Deimos took Holly. JJ notes Nicole was seen leaving with the baby on hotel security footage ... Back at the Kiriakis mansion, Deimos admits to Brady he has no idea where Nicole went ... Meanwhile Nicole creeps out of her motel room with Holly ... Brady is dismayed to discover Chloe went behind his back with an Amber Alert. Deimos laments now if Nicole gets arrested she will lose Holly forever ...


With Nicole leaving the show, the right thing to do would be to give her and Eric a happy ending some way somehow. Even Ari (the actress) once told me she could feel the pain of the "tortured" Ericole fans!


All the drama in Salem on Thursday, March 2