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Wednesday, March 1, 2017
Episode 13,034
Length:1390 descriptive words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)

Now without further ado ...


Abigail drinks at the club and Gabi joins her, having been summoned. Abigail wants to discuss what went down with Chad ... Chad ends a call at the square and thanks Dario for helping find him and Gabi. Dario grudgingly accepts his handshake ... Anne has a last visit with Chloe and questions just about everything, especially the judge ruling in favor of another, not the real mother ... Brady attempts to distract Nicole with offers of sushi, bowling anything. She cannot be consoled and he hates seeing her so sad ... Meanwhile at the dark Kiriakis mansion Deimos is ordering a goon on the phone to get what he wants and do whatever with Chloe ... Anne admits she actually came to Chloe for advice on Lucas ... Brady wants Nicole to do this appeal etc by the book. She curses she has been denied her own daughter and he holds her in a heartfelt hug ... Gabi insists the kiss was the result of them freezing and feeling delirious. Abigail is not angry and is grateful Chad could survive with his ... friend. Now to order some Mexican food. Gabi swears she would never stand between her and Chad. Abigail accepts that and they clasp hands ... Chad suggests a truce of sorts but Dario declares there are separate corners. Deimos appears like a bad penny and calls those true words ... Anne is interested in Lucas' likes and Chloe cackles, teasing she has the hots. Anne admits she has it bad and seeks wisdom. Chloe cannot say much about the good times when they were together. Anne is not surprised since she did cheat on him. Chloe stops and soap stares ... Brady talks Nicole down. One day at a time. She gets emotional that Dan should be here. If only he had not been in the car that fateful night! Brady now informs her that Eric has been freed. Nicole is against it and wishes he were in hell for life. His drunken stupor cost her Dan and he had no conscience. It is unforgivable! Brady calls it a tragedy but Eric deserves a chance. She cries her shattered life is his fault and she never wants to see that face again! Brady puts his hand on her shoulder ...

Anne apologizes for the comment. Chloe tells her his favorite oatmeal raisin cookies and where to find them. They have had great conversations. Chloe gets dismal about her own relationship history ... Chad stops Dario from attacking Deimos, who talks tough with no remorse and slithers into the night. Dario certainly hopes Chad will not be responsible for any harm to his sister or the fair Abigail. Chad wonders why the interest in his wife ... Abigail suggests girl time for Gabi and herself. Sure. She already signed them both up for belly dancing lessons. Gabi is bashful but her pal already paid for the first 6 lessons plus outfits. They giggle and toast. Meanwhile Dario explains he is a friend to Abigail and would hate to see her hurt. Therefore, if Chad harbors feelings for Gabi ... Chad cuts him off and acts offended ... Anne finds out this is Chloe's final night in Salem and why she wants to avoid Deimos. She gets it ... Brady explains Eric is a recluse on a farm far enough from Salem that Nicole will not see him. She is relieved and wants to talk of other things. She accepts when Brady invites her to the pub for some clam chowder. They will be able to meet in an hour after his business calls. She thanks him for being a friend and goes on her way...

Much to Eric's surprise Jen eagerly shows up at the farmhouse with a letter that might lead him home. She certainly hopes so ... Dario comes home to Gabi downing rocky road ice cream. He suspects Chad. She starts to babble and does not deny it when he notes she is in love with the guy. He can relate as he is in the same boat, loving someone who is taken. He needs ice cream as well ... At DiMera mansion Chad ends an angry phone call with a quitting employee who has read the DiMera bad press online. Abigail offers a solution a la PR by promoting the DiMera foundation which makes a difference. She steps away to call a company that can do just that. Chad is might impressed ... Anne drinks and doses herself with potion at the club. She touches Lucas on the wrist admiring his watch and he keeps eating, asking what is up. He hopes the job is going well. She gushes about rock star Adrienne and he agrees. Now she produces his favorite cookies from his favorite bakery. He wonders how she knew. Anne plays it cool ... Eric reads and Jen awaits his response. He calls her kind. She feels he is worthy of helping the Horton Foundation. He snaps he will not set foot in Salem. Jen gasps how brave and strong he is. And helping others will make him feel alive again ... At the Kiriakis mansion Deimos informs Brady he will be out of town a while. He does not give details but when Brady walks out he shuts the door and calls his goon. Show time!

Gabi wonders. Dario lies he meant when he was in grade 8. She knows he meant now. Dario admits she just had drinks with her. Gabi gasps he is in love with Abigail ... Back at DiMera mansion Abigail ends a call with old friend Lindsay who will write an op ed about how great the DiMera foundation is. Chad praises her genius and strokes her hair. Then he asks her to come work with him full time. Abigail gushes and grins ... Eric wants to hide but Jen wants him to live and help others. Maggie is on his side! Eric the tormented rages but he killed Dan, the man Nicole loved. It is for her that he stays away. Jen persists and begs him to say yes to the offer. He blinks and mutters he will consider ... Anne acts like Lucas' fav cookies are her fav cookies. She now asks what he likes to do on weekends off. He is into extreme sports these days. Anne brings up a romance novel she is reading about a couple on an adventure who jump off an airplane. The hero makes the heroine feel safe. Anne babbles her first jump will be with one she trusts. Lucas offers to take her up. She gushes Oh my God and cannot wait to get so close. She sits on his lap and suddenly kisses him. He fights her off and gasps what in the hell ...!

Chloe is packed and about to call for a taxi. A black gloved hand chloroforms her from behind and she falls onto the bed unconscious without a word ... Dario denies it is love but does complain he has feelings. The siblings fight over the ice cream ... As the fireplace warms the room, Chad is all for Abigail heading up his PR Dept. But first he seals it with a kiss and she is all smiles ... Anne apologizes for getting carried away. Lucas reminds her he loves Adrienne. She babbles more excuses and he walks to the bar for a refill. Anne drinks up and tells herself he is not ready for her - yet ... Eric is writing a letter to Nicole about not being able to ask for her forgiveness and the regret he will live with over Daniel for all the days of his life. He places it in an envelope and adds it to the pile of unsent letters he has already written to Nicole ... Brady is at the pub with his coffee waiting wondering what happened to Nicole. Meanwhile the black gloved intruder picks up the baby bassinet. NICOLE. She promises Holly she will never be without her again. Then she takes off with the quiet baby in tow ...


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