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Tuesday, February 28, 2017
Episode 13,033
Length:1420 descriptive words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)

Now without further ado ...


Dr Kayla is teased by Steve as he hands her a flower wanting honeymoonish kisses at the hospital. Done ... Hope apologizes for the late hour, the traffic and is happy to see Rafe at his abode. She suggests an Italian restaurant and they kiss. He suggests they stay in and she help him cook. She likes the sound of that and they kiss again ... Victor meets with Sonny at the club, wondering who had him grabbed - Ed or Andre. Sonny suspects Ed and Andre both and blames what Deimos did. Matter of fact Deimos has too much power. Victor, however, is pleased with his profits. Sonny reasons he is too rash. Who could replace him if and when he made a mess? He recommends himself ... Back at the Kiriakis mansion Brady replies to Deimos he loves Nicole only as a friend. Deimos demands he admit he wants to be more ... Nicole is horrified by what she has read as Holly is her baby! Chloe points out this paper is protecting her from coming near Holly. She claims she is unstable and Nicole will be jailed if she approaches within 100 feet. She cries to go and Nicole breaks down. She loves her baby and sobs why. Chloe is a tad bothered but not enough to do the right thing ... Brady and Deimos continue to clash. Brady believes Deimos blew it with Nicole all by himself. Deimos scoffs he will appeal but Brady warns him the girl is onto his gangster ways. He deduces Nicole deserves better anyway and walks off ... Nicole begs Chloe, who claims she has no choice. Nicole gasps Deimos is gone from her life. Pleeeeeeease.

Rafe and Hope seductively knead dough together. Sexay cooking. He gets closer for a kiss and then returns to his chopping counter. Hope wants him to come back and help her kneading. He likes what he sees and dabs more flour on her face. She hits back and they have a flour fight that ends with a dusty kitchen kiss ... Kayla giggles as Steve suggests they continue their honeymoon at an empty room. She cannot as she has catching up to do so scoot. He seductively states he will be waiting at home and she blushes. Kayla enters a room, where a male patient is not cooperating, not wanting to be hooked up to his monitor. She realizes this is Jade's father. He growls he wants to leave but Dr Kayla cannot let him after reading his chart ... Victor thinks Sonny could run Titan later but today it is Deimos. Sonny wants it in writing and reasons it is natural as his father would rather do law and Brady does not like making tough Kiriakis style decisions. As of now he wants to have his say and understands the familia! Victor agrees to have the papers prepared to make him the next in line, should Deimos fall from Greek grace ...Chloe uses the Deimos excuse again and again and plays mind games with heartbroken Nicole. Then she asks her to get out and opens the door. Nicole puts down a toy and takes her bag but she shuts the door and stays inside to beg for another chance ...

Kayla calls Jade, who is at the loft flirting with Joey. He explains he needs to study. Kayla updates the girl on her father being in hospital. It is not an emergency but serious and she suggests she come see him ... Nicole reminds Chloe she loves her and they are old friends, through thick and thin. Chloe weeps, though she still wants to have her baby! Nicole knows she saw how much she wanted a baby, hence her agreeing to be the surrogate for her and Daniel. Then she gave her Holly only to take her away. It is wrong and she cries whyyyyyyyyyy? She begs for her baby as one mother to another ... Jade and Joey are at the hospital. Kayla has told Jade that her father would need a liver transplant fast as he is in the final stages of cirrhosis. His wife left him two weeks ago and his son is out of the country unreachable. That makes Jade the closest kin. She asks Joey for advice and he offers to go see her difficult dad with her. Kayla watches with worry ... Sonny storms into the mansion and blasts Deimos for what happened to him. Deimos calmly blames the other families. Sonny fumes he started it when he kidnapped Gabi and Chad. Deimos explains why. Sonny tells him off for the Orwell project, which was destroyed. It makes him utterly unfit to run the Kiriakis empire ... Chloe threatens to report Nicole, who walks out and cries her heart out at the door. But Nicole is no quitter. She steps away ...

Hope has champagne in a bubble bath as Rafe rubs her shoulders. She invites him in and pulls him in when he kisses her. Rafe is over the moon. Bubbles, bubbly, and a beautiful girl in his big bathroom... Jade asks about her father, who replies from his bed he feels unwell. He faces certain death unless he gets a transplant and he can only turn to her. He asks her to be tested. Jade is still smarting from the past and refuses. Joey goes after her when she walks out ... Deimos takes a step toward Sonny and tells him he is still in charge, he gives no damn what he thinks. Sonny suggests he has more experience running a company. Deimos tells him to quit if he does not like it. Sonny warns him he will not let him ruin Victor's company and rages he will make him resign ... At the square Brady catches up with Nicole, who complains and cries. He assures her she is not alone as she will always have him ... Hope and Rafe make love in the candlelight as a romantic song plays ...

Outside the room Joey tells Jade to take the test for her father. She wonders what it means to give him part of her liver. Kayla explains how it would save him and hers would grow back. It is quite a common procedure but first they must see if she matches. Jade is torn ... Sonny meets Steve and Paul outside and asks them to officially watch Deimos. Once slip up and he will pay for his soap sins! Steve is on his side as he dislikes Deimos. Now he is summoned to the hospital by sweetness. Paul wonders whether Sonny really wants to make Deimos his sworn enemy. Meanwhile Deimos makes light of Sonny's ego to doubtful Victor. Deimos only wants to worry about how to get Nicole back and pours himself a drink ... Brady tenderly tells Nicole to give Chloe some time. She will have her chance soon. She wonders why he is always here for her and their eyes lock ... After the lovin, Rafe and Hope pillow talk and kiss in bliss. She praises him for believing in her. Always. Another kiss ... Steve is at the hospital as Kayla and Joey discuss Jade taking the test. Steve urges him to support the girl, whatever she decides. He agrees. Jade slowly enters her father's room and he assumes she is abandoning him as Kayla convinced her not to help. Jade counters she made up her own mind and she is taking the test. She will help him if she is a match. Her father gets emotional, then realizes she has left the room before he could call her the best daughter ...

Paul sweetly surprises Sonny with a translation of poetry. Sonny smiles he already saved his life. Paul grins he likes playing the hero and they share a sweet kiss on the park bench. But Paul is still perturbed about Deimos. Sonny refuses to let Deimos ruin Titan and announces his intent to seize control ... Brady murmurs he is a friend. Nicole calls him her rock. Brady seems to channel his inner Dan when he smoothly suggests she be patient with Chloe ... Back at the Kiriakis mansion Victor is impatient with Deimos pining after Nicole. He growls good luck. Deimos is a man obsessed. He boasts Chloe will not see him coming when he goes after what he wants ...


Ahead on Days of Our Lives:
Will Abigail take her chance to work with Chad?!

This means Kiriakis war - and my money is on Sonny!


All the drama in Salem on Tuesday, February 28