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Monday, February 27, 2017
Episode 13,032
Length:1570 descriptive words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)

Now without further ado ...


Marlena has summoned perky Jen to the pub. She explains it is about Eric. He has been pardoned and is out of prison. Jen gushes she saw him recently. She wonders why his mother is not happier. Alas he is not in a good way ... Eric tries to keep busy with chores and more chores at the high maintenance farmhouse. He picks up Jen's picture and stares at it, though he feels unworthy ... Chloe calls legal eagle Belle for one more favor ... Brady is surprised at the square when Nicole finally answers his call. She has been packing her office belongings. He offers to help. No need. And she is done with all things Deimos. Brady suggests they meet right after. She agrees. Deimos appears at the door and she looks at him with loathing ... At the station Gabi sees and hears JJ and Lani making plans for the fun they will have together. JJ notices her and is all business. He has questions to pose. Once Lani is gone she sarcastically warns him not to drink with her this time ... Marlena sighs Eric feels guilty for causing Dan's death. Jen insists the icy road played a part! Marlena asks her to speak to her son since she is aware they have become close. Jen confesses it was a one night stand and they were both out of it. Marlena probes and Jen assures her she is no longer using. Marlena is glad to hear it. Eric is also sober ... Deimos makes light of his attempt to bribe a judge and adds he can hire her a better lawyer. Nicole is not interested. He looooooves her. She snaps he lies and will never change. He soap stares ...

Deimos points out he did keep some promises. Chad and Gabi are alright. He reasons he did what was required to protect his family. Nicole accuses him of only caring about the profit. He reasons that too was for the family. She blames him for making her lose her precious Holly. Tis unforgivable ... Jen commends Eric for being the one who encouraged her to stop using drugs. However he ignored her letters and refused to accept any of her prison visits. Marlena tells her how he spoke of her and urges her to try. She feels she is the only one who might be able to get through to him ... Meanwhile Eric cannot help himself and flashes back to his past ... JJ solemnly states he will do right by Lani this time. He adds his love life is not Gabi's business. The lieutenant asked him to talk to her as someone who knows her, in case she is withholding anything from the cops. Gabi gets defensive. JJ tells her he knows it was Deimos who locked her up with Chad. But he needs a statement to nail him ... Jen wonders what she could do to help Eric the tormented ... Back at the station Gabi replies there was a goon but JJ replies the goon was long gone. He accuses her of lying cos Sonny was taken too. She calls it a coincidence. JJ suggests Ed ordered that. Gabi gasps no. Rafe comes in and tells his sister to stop lying ... Deimos argues he was the one who reunited Nicole with her biological baby in the first place. But that argument is not working. He calls Chloe unstable. He gets close and Nicole is not unaffected by his smoldering dark side. However she also remembers she loved EJ. Deimos went too far when he put two parents in a meat locker. He murmurs they must be together for she is in his blood. She cries he has to let her go and quits again as she leaves in tears. Deimos steels himself for his next move ...

Rafe tells Gabi to stop protecting him he is not worth it! They know about Orwell and big brother from the infamous book. JJ and Rafe update her on what Deimos did to the creator of the ultimate spyware. Gabs fears Rafe will lock up their father as he suspects him of snatching Sonny in return for her. Rafe would rather not have to arrest Ed but they really want Deimos. The cops demand to know what she knows, Here comes Dario reminding his sister of her Miranda rights ... Desperate Deimos bullies his way into making Chloe listen to him at her hotel room. He claims she can give Nicole her daughter cos now he is really out of her life. Chloe cares not. She makes it crystal clear she likes being a family with Dan's kids and closes the door. Deimos curses and vows to do something ... At the square sympathetic Brady tells Nicole that Chloe is moving to New York tonight. Nicole will get a job in New York then, she will follow Holly. Brady understands for he would do the same for Tate. They soap stare for a few seconds ...

Jen gets past what sounds like a jungle with tropical birds to get to Eric's unlocked door. She walks inside and finds her picture. He emerges and gasps she should not be here. The tension in the air is thick ... Gabi nags JJ about being with Lani and he nags her about Chad. She explains nothing happened between them, but they had to stay warm to stay alive. He is with his wife Abigail and she is happy about it ... Dario assures Rafe he and Ed will not get arrested. Rafe hopes not ... Jen wants to know about Eric's back tattoo as he puts on a shirt. He explains it is a native eagle tattoo he got in prison. It is supposed to help spiritual healing. He suspects Marlena sent her and insists he is fine. However he has had no spiritual healing since he helped Hope. Jen is amazed he was her savior and throws her arms around him ... Brady wants Nicole to wait a little while before going to NYC. She refuses. He convinces her to at last give him some time to think of another angle. Nicole humors him. Deimos phones Brady and summons him to the house to discuss business but Nicole knows better. It is about her. They agree to touch base later and Nicole walks away like a mother on a mission ...

At the club, Dario thanks Gabi for not cooperating with the cops. She is livid things went to hell and his goon beat up Sonny. Dario now lets her know that he and Ed would like to fund her new business. She admits she only has one client but would rather not accept their bribe. Dario assures her that he and Ed believe in her so she eventually agrees to the financial assistance. She wants to help people change but must be in charge of the venture. They shake on it ... Rafe approaches Marlena at the pub. She admits she is avoiding going home cos John is not there. The secretive ISA would only say he was on a mission in Thailand. Rafe would like to personally thank Eric for helping out Hope. Marlena replies he wants no visitors. Rafe wishes she could change his mind. Marlena feels Jen might be able to and she is with him now ... Jen apologizes for the hug. Eric breathes to go back and tell mom he is alright. Jen calls him loving and kind and adds she cares about him. He claims he is incapable of caring and turns away in torment. Jen grabs him in a passionate kiss and he cannot help but respond ...

Nicole appears at Chloe's door to announce she and Deimos are done. Chloe scoffs he said the same thing earlier when he came over. Nicole excitedly adds she too will be moving to New York. At least Deimos will not be there to cause trouble. She plans to work hard and prove to her old pal she is worthy of having Holly. Chloe replies by producing a restraining order she got against Nicole ... Rafe is so sorry for Eric's bad luck. Marlena thanks him and smiles to focus on making Hope happy. She wishes her best in everything and Rafe grins. Things are looking up now that Stefano is out of their lives ... JJ and Lani are starting their date with a drink at the square. They stand up and he impulsively and respectfully kisses her on the lips. Gabi is watching from a distance and fumes like a lonely femme fatale ... Jen promises not to give up on Eric and gushes she is going to be back. Eric is rendered speechless ... At the Kiriakis mansion, Deimos explains he needs Brady to help him get back Nicole. Brady believes he lost her forever and has no one but himself to blame. Deimos suddenly demands Brady come clean about being in love with her ... Nicole thinks Chloe is acting crazy. Chloe points out as per that paper she cannot come anywhere near her. That means after she leaves Salem with Holly tonight, Nicole will never see them again ...


Ahead on Days of Our Lives:
Things escalate in the battle for Holly, Rafe romances Hope, Sonny is ready for his birthright!

In the long run Deimos will lose big time ...


All the drama in Salem on Monday, February 27