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Friday, February 24, 2017
Episode 13,031
Length:1380 descriptive words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
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Now without further ado ...


Brady meets Chloe at the club but Nicole is not aware of it. Chloe reminds him Nicole lost and suggests she not appeal for Holly is hers ... At the church, Eli informs Val he knows the now deceased David was his dad. Val hushes him. Julie appears, asking for an introduction ... Chad is glad to wake up with Abigail beside him in his hospital bed. They are both ready to resolve what happened with Gabi and go forward. Chad assures Abigail he is hopelessly devoted to Thomas and her ... Eli politely introduces himself to Julie with a handshake. Val states he is her son. Eli is sorry about the loss of Julie's son David and wonders whether she would mind him staying for the service. Julie is gracious and feels there is something familiar about his face. Val starts to sweat ... Chad and Abigail share a sweet kiss. He cannot wait to get home today! They hug again and he advises Abigail to be careful cos the tensions between the three clans are at an all-time high. Abigail reminds him she is no shrinking violet. He remembers she is strong and adds he is happy they are having their second chance. She gushes in agreement ... Brady believes Nicole is well within her rights to appeal. Chloe attempts to discredit her by calling her out of control. She brings up her bad choice of dangerous Deimos. Brady declares she did dump him. Chloe looks worried for a moment, then harps on Nicole's history with questionable creepy men. Translation: she is not going to give Holly back no matter who she dumps!

Julie stands before the Salemites who have assembled to remember David. Eli and Val emotionally weep as she shares their love, her regrets. At the end Julie leans on Doug. Always ... After the service, Claire sighs she wishes she had known David. Julie agrees and excuses herself. Ciara and Claire conclude things are good between them again. Theo places his arm around Claire, who invites Ciara to come visit Chad with them. Ciara unhappily declines and claims mom Hope needs her. Theo gives her a hug and she sadly stands alone again ... Abe is excited to meet Eli but senses the tension between mother and son. Val steps away to tenderly tell Julie that David knew she loved him. Julie thanks her and insists all that matters is family. Val sadly glances at her handsome son, who is standing with Abe ... Abigail has brought some clothes for Chad to change into cos baby it's cold outside Brrrr. Abigail suggests they second honeymoon and take Thomas to a warm place like Cancun. Chad replies Gabi knows Mexico and mentioned Cozumel was better. Abigail agrees they can look online together ... Brady reminds catty Chloe that Nicole delivered her baby and saved her life! He assumes she is isolating herself from anyone who used to be close to her for some reason and touches her hand. Chloe gets defensive from his rather Dan maneuver. She hisses she will not be shrinked ... When Theo and Claire arrive at the hospital, the gals give Chad and his brother a chance to catch up. Theo notes nono - Stefano - is alive, they now say. He misses him. However, Chad seeks peace for their family so no nono! He also advises Theo to avoid the Hernandez and Kiriakis people like Deimos and Dario, though the women folk are fine. Theo lets it slip that he loves both Claire and Ciara and wonders whether a guy can love two girls the same way. Alas Chad has no answer. Outside Claire complains to Abigail about another girl wanting Theo. Abigail tells her not to let it get to her, just focus on Theo knowing how SHE feels ... Back at the club, Chloe gets cross at Brady for putting Nicole first even when they were man and wife. She fumes he fell for her all over again ...

Abigail heads home to DiMera mansion with Chad. She helps him sit on the bed and he asks to see Thomas. She will bring him to the bedroom ... Eli and Val head outside the church, where they have a somewhat heated discussion. She denies his father was David but he had to produce information on his past when he applied to the FBI. As a result of his research, now he knows the truth! He warns her not to disrespect him by dismissing him. Val agrees. He knows his DNA is one quarter Irish and adds it was not black Irish. Terrence was not his biological father. He is livid that Val lied to him his whole life and now it is too late for him to have a relationship with his real father ... Brady sighs Deimos was the one who drew him into the baby drama with Nicole. He repeats Nicole is Holly's mother. Chloe quips the judge said different. He suggests she not leave town but Chloe angrily announces she is leaving for New York tonight!

At the square, smiling JJ suggests what he and Lani could do together. She does not like his ideas and he concludes she is rejecting him. He lets her know he was trying for a bonafide date. She grins. Lani likes the sounds of his last idea - sushi ... Brady says don't be cruel. He wants Chloe to let him help her get settled in Salem and nannied up. Chloe stands and scoffs she is sorry but Nicole needs to move on. Brady calls it all wrong. Chloe walks out and he frowns, rubbing his forehead in frustration ... Val tries to explain to Eli what happened ... She and David almost got together but he could not completely commit, even to his other son Scotty. By the time she realized she was with child, their last chance at love was over. She cries she loves her son, who is the best thing that ever happened to her. Eli snaps if she did love him she would not have kept him from his father. Val weeps in her heartbreak ... Back at DiMera mansion Abigail is attentive to Chad and helps him to the bed, keeping close. He teases Thomas is looking more like her by the day and adds he loves being home. She likes him home too and talks of the future. Chad blurts out he loves both Thomas and her and she blushes ...

Chloe is holding Holly as she meets with Maggie at the pub. She announces she is moving to New York City with Holly and Parker forever. Maggie looks like she has been slapped ...Lani agrees it would be great to have a sushi date tonight. Alas she left her phone at the church and must first return there to retrieve it. JJ will be waiting ... Val reasons that Terrence came along at the right time. She wanted to protect her son from heartbreak, hence the secrecy. He cries she did not succeed She sobs she is so sorry and wonders whether he will tell anyone. He drawls it is not her damn business and storms off ... Abigail asks shirtless Chad whether he wants a sandwich. He has something else in mind and murmurs he loves her. She loves him right back but believed she had lost him. Never. They kiss in bliss ... Lonely girl Ciara goes on her computer to find love online again. Hopefully she will have better luck this time. Meanwhile Claire and Theo have a beverage at the club and he wonders what was bothering Val at the church ... Abe joins Val at the square, concerned about her state. Eli will never forgive her! She cries on his shoulder ...

Inside the church, Eli silently waits for Doug and Julie to walk out, then approaches the casket of his late father. He woefully states he is sorry he never knew him and hangs his head. Lani walks in and watches ... Chloe promises to permit Maggie to visit the kids anytime but refuses to discuss Nicole with her. Maggie gets choked up as she holds granddaughter Holly to say goodbye ... Brady is pacing outside as he leaves Nicole an urgent message. He has news on Chloe she needs to know ... Chad and Abigail slowly make love under the golden sheets in his big DiMera bed. "Because you're miiiiiiiiiiiiine" seductively coos the love song playing in the background...



All the drama in Salem on Friday, February 24