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Thursday, February 23, 2017
Episode 13,030
Length:1590 descriptive words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
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Now without further ado ...


Claire has snapped another starlet selfie and Ciara solemnly reminds her they have to attend a funeral. For their Julie. She calls uncaring Claire selfish ... At the pub Julie tells Hope to rest on the phone. Doug arrives having overheard Hope felt unwell. Julie hangs her head and Doug places a supportive arm around her. Maggie is there as well. Doug suggests they get going to tell David goodbye in private first. Julie stands and dramatically declares she does not even deserve to attend ... Abe teases Val for working late at the hospital. Just checking on Chad and then she is through with Salem. Abe was glad to get to know her all over again. She agrees and adds her son was missing her. He offers to take her to David's service and be her rock ... At the club Ed assures Dario that Gabi is going to be alright after a rest. Dario asks how much she knows. Ed starts to explain the new navigation when Kate appears, hissing words of betrayal. Dario makes himself scarce. Ed explains they would not have hurt Sonny. She rages they did. He is truly sorry about the rogue rabid guard but his daughter's life was in danger. They all survived intact. Kate begs to differ ... Abigail flounces into Chad's hospital room and throws herself into his arms. She apologizes for her recent past problems and Chad looks guilty as a soap sin ... Val states Abe is sweet but she will be fine. He notes she was bothered before. She tries to make light of it and asks whether Theo will be in attendance for she would like to bid him farewell. She gets tears in her eyes as she tells Abe what a great man he is. She hopes he will find someone who knows. He woefully states he assumed he had and walks away. Val now leaves son Eli a message, hoping for dinner together when she gets home ... Back at the teen loft, Claire calls Ciara harsh given she never knew David. They bicker until Theo appears and plays the role of the referee ...

Abigail asks Chad for forgiveness and he starts to speak of his own guilt until Dr. Val interrupts, to examine the patient. Abigail will wait outside ... Kate feels she should have trusted her instincts about Ed. He softly suggests she would have done the same and talks destiny. Kate's answer is to storm out and he raises his eyes to the heavens ... JJ is with Lani at the station, bothered about the bad blood he believes will escalate. She is surprised he has not seen Gabi and wonders whether she knows he and Chad saved her. JJ grins and calls her and him a great team. He wishes she would accept that post Roman offered. It was actually his idea ... Ciara and Claire continue to clash and get shrill. Theo does not defend Claire, which makes her madder. Ciara leaves and Theo wonders what went wrong. Claire gets coy and goes to change, adding she will snap their picture after. Theo sighs in frustration. The girl does not live in the real world ... Maggie and Doug argue Julie belongs at her son's service. She feels to blame for the distance between them and sighs she gave him away. Doug points out she was a teen at the time. Julie adds when she did get him back there was no bond left. Maggie begs to differ about late bonding not working - due to her Dan connection. Julie, however, could feel David's dismay she gave him up as a baby. Doug reminds her they still had years but Julie complains they clashed and could not reconnect. Now it is too late and she feels unworthy of the right to grieve ... Abigail comes back to Chad and Val smiles he has a strong heart. Once they are alone again, Chad notes Andre said she found them and breathed life back into him. She gushes she would do anything for him. Chad stammers he and Gabi had to stay warm. Abigail is glad about that and wants to move on. First he has to confess he kissed her. Abigail looks away and blinks her blue eyes ...

Ciara hugs sad Julie at the pub, having heard she might not attend the funeral for her son. Ciara praises Julie as they can always count on her. Claire comes in and Ciara explains the situation. Claire helps talk Julie into it and suggests she tell them stories about her son. Ciara agrees and adds they can do that at the church so all will hear about him. Julie hugs her girls and away they go. Doug follows, arm in arm with Theo and Maggie ... Meanwhile Val sadly talks to David's casket at the church. They tried hard but could not make it. She wishes she had told Eli the truth ... Abe appears and speaks her name so she turns around ... Ed drowns his sorrows. Dario is sympathetic about Kate. Ed calls it a climb. Dario senses she is under his skin. Indeed. Ed now praises Dario for helping save his sister. Dario also voices his concern about Abigail and Ed questions him on that concern. Dario drawls he does not want his friend to get hurt and walks away ... Abigail makes her own admission. When she saw Gabi and Chad together she was worried but she has heard about the brain being confused when close to hypothermia. She insists they are good and goes to check on Thomas after they tight hug. But her tears in her eyes mirror her hurt ... Lani likes hearing JJ wanting her to stay and smiles she will think it over. Suited JJ is pleased to hear it and has to get to the family. She knows Abe will attend the service and asks to tag along. Done ... Abe is sorry if he interrupted Val's private moment. Julie appears and is so happy she came. She knows they loved one another. She hugs Abe when he tells her how sorry he is for her loss. Val soap stares ... Abigail stands at the angel in the park that bears her likeness. She wonders why she pretended to be dead and assumes Chad is in love with another now. Then she screams and attacks the angel in her honor from Chad, knocking it to the ground. She falls down sobbing. Dario to the rescue with a manly hug ...

Violins play at the church as Julie addresses her late son's casket, Doug standing dutifully behind her. She always loved her son and prays he knew it. Then she falls back on Doug and thanks him for insisting she come. Ciara thanks Claire for helping and is sorry for her harsh words. Claire is sorry she was not so nice. Theo is relieved they sound like friends again and rushes to sister Lani when she walks in with JJ. He updates her on Valerie leaving and JJ lets them know she could stay in Salem if she wished ... Maggie tenderly tells Val she remembers how important she was to David as Abe stands by her. Maggie asks Val about her own son but Val pretends she has no picture on her phone and excuses herself to Theo. Maggie thinks the lovely lady should stay in Salem and Abe agrees ... Abigail sobs about the statue but Dario knows better. The image of Chad and Gabi in each others' arms must have hurt. She tells him about their kiss. Dario pauses and she probes. They sit on a bench and Dario admits he heard Chad calling for Gabi in his delirious state. She heard Gabi call for Chad and blames herself for vanishing, making her husband grieve. Alas he has moved on! What if it is too late? She asks Dario if he thinks she should let Chad go and he gazes at her ...

Chad holds his ring finger as he flashes back to being with Abigail again. He remembers their romantic dance at the DiMera mansion as he wrapped his loving arms around her. Then he looks at the flowers on the table to his left and touches the lavender, which reminds him of another ... Abigail wants to do right by Chad even if it means letting go. Dario realizes she loves him but if Chad does not love her he does not deserve her! However he believes Chad is going to forget about Gabi. She thanks him for being such a good friend with all the right answers and hugs him. Dario soap stares, feeling down about Gabi ending up hurt by Chad as well as his own unrequited feelings for the girl in his arms ... Later Chad sleeps. Abigail glides in and approaches his bed. Then she lies at his side and snuggles. Tragic music plays as a close up reveals him holding the lavender ... Val ends a call as the guests sit for the service. Her son Eli appears and she wonders why he came. To bury his father! Val reels from the realization that he knows the secret she has hidden for years ...


Ahead on Days of Our Lives:
Chad chooses Abigail, Val wants Eli to hide her secret.

Dario is going to have to fall for another girl.

All the drama in Salem on Thursday, February 23