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Wednesday, February 22, 2017
Episode 13,029
Length:1530 descriptive words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)

Now without further ado ...


Eric stands alone with his sorrow and stares at the bible. He puts it away and turns. There stands Marlena, who emotionally hugs her son, no words necessary ... Hope is happy to inhale the fresh air at the pretty park and Rafe admires the view of her. She left early and he drapes his arm around her, loving this free day of her life. Hope sighs still she shot Stefano and has to prove she did not flee prison. The hearing is today and the D.A, will decide. This could be the end of her good luck ... Chad wakes up to light on his face and brother Andre, who gushes welcome back. He grins what a relief and shows him Abigail's picture. He also points out she spent the night at his side. Andre insisted she head home to Thomas. Chad listens and hears he was not breathing in that meat locka but Abigail saved him. Chad now remembers Gabi, who is presently sitting up from a nightmare in her own room. Ed assures her it is over. She credits Chad for keeping her calm and alive. Ed probes. She claims she forgets the details though in reality she remembers every close moment, that kiss ... Eric and Marlena end their long hug and he deduces dad Roman shared his whereabouts. She is so proud he helped Hope. Tears idle tears. She tells him to come home to his loved ones. Eric the tormented snaps NO! Marlena was not expecting such a strong reaction.

Rafe gives Hope a pep talk about having the whole support of the town. They kiss in bliss and agree they missed being together. She is sorry she fell asleep so fast. No worries. He thinks she is worth the wait and she puts her head on his shoulder ... Chad informs Andre that Deimos was ranting about a key and locked them up. Andre notes it is destroyed and all is lost. Chad thinks it is over but not Andre! Deimos did dreadful things. Chad wants it over and done. There is the family to consider. Andre updates him on fatha being found and then lost in Prague. To Chad, Stefano still feels dead even if alive. Andre has a hearing to attend. Chad notes Hope already suffered enough. Andre points out they must protect the DiMeras. Chad adds so they must end the war ... Ed suspiciously states he is glad Gabi was not alone and concludes she loves Chad. She refuses to discuss it and he is relieved she is not with him. She wishes to rest. He will be back later with Arianna and exits. Gabi slips out of bed in her hospital nighty ... Marlena begs Eric not to hide and shut her out. She urges him to take his second chance since he was pardoned. He, however feels guilty as hell and believes he belongs in prison ... Hope and Rafe meet legal eagle Justin at the pub. She admits she is anxious about the hearing. Rafe hopes the closed door hearing will not end unfairly for Hope. Justin warns Trask might try to save face. And then there is Andre. However he will fight the good fight. Rafe reasons if Andre tries to thwart Hope's release then they will take him to task for kidnapping Sonny and embezzlement. Hope suddenly stands and stares as Andre enters with the D.A. dragon lady, all smiles. Her eyes mirror her dread ...

Marlena reminds Eric the death of Dan was an accident. He bellows a boy lost his father who needed him. Marlena lists all the family who need Eric and implores him to accept her offer of help. But guilt ridden Eric tells her to go. She refuses to go without what she came for - HIM ... Rafe is aghast Andre is actually chummy with D.A. Trask. Justin promises to bring it up to the judge and steps away for a call. Rafe tells Hope to have faith. Justin comes back and it is time to go. Hope and Rafe exchange I love yous and she leaves with her lawyer. Rafe remains at the pub. Andre has the audacity to appear at his table and boast he was just chatting with the D.A. Rafe warns him not to try and send Hope back to the slammer. Andre speaks in circles and slithers out, leaving Rafe to wonder what his next move will be ... Chad is now alone in his hospital room, remembering his passionate meat locker moment with Gabi. She arrives at his door with a smile and he looks up at the girl ...

The judge begins the hearing, convinced Stefano lives. The D.A. agrees he does walk the earth but Hope still committed felonies when she shot him and then escaped from prison. Justin states his case about Stefano pushing her over the edge so she would shoot him and make the world believe he was dead. She would have had to spend years in prison. He now argues Hope was not a willing participant in Stefano's plan. The D.A. talks justice. Hope soap stares ... Chad and Gabi are both good albeit a bit uncomfortable. She asks after Abigail. He explains she is with Thomas. He wonders what exactly she remembers. Gabi remembers Deimos locked them up, Chad fought with the guard, then they argued and it got fuzzy. Chad admits he has been having flashbacks about being cold and her fearing they would die. Also she told him she loved him. She gasps he said the same to her. She wonders what else he recalls. That they were attempting to keep warm. She nods and he notes they kissed. She wants to know what it means. He admits he has been thinking about it ... Rafe walks in and suspiciously wonders why she is out of bed. Now he wants a word alone with her out in the hall. He is relieved she is okay, he saw her last night, and they embrace. He thanks God Dario got to her and frowns but he overheard her with Chad. He does not approve she kissed a married man. She calls it a confusing situation and he is dismayed to hear she has feelings for him. Rafe reasons there is a war brewing between the families and now the heavies are tight lipped. There could be casualties ... In the court, Justin craftily complains to the judge that D.A. Trask was consorting with Andre DiMera of all people. Hope adds he hates her. The D.A. innocently insists Mr. DiMera, like the people, wants to move on so there shall be no charges. The judge tells Hope she is free to head home and she happily hugs Rafe ...

Marlena reaches for Eric's bible and brings up his sermons about God forgiving. Eric breathes forgiveness and peace are notions not within his reach. She cries to come home. He takes the bible with a shaky hand and notes Daniel cannot come home to his family. Marlena agrees to leave for now but she will be back! She loves him and hugs him, then departs. Eric the tormented whispers he loves her as well ... Gabi returns to Chad and apologizes for Rafe giving him the evil eye. They discuss the drama of being locked up together. She reasons they were freezing and not thinking clearly. It only happened cos they got locked up. Now she has clear thoughts and calls them but a moment. He has a son and wife, who happens to be her bff. Chad starts to say they ... She would rather end it at that and woefully walks out. Chad wishes she would wait and stares unhappily as Andre arrives with a food tray. The smile fades from Andre's intelligent face ...

Marlena is now at the pub and calls someone to speak in person. It concerns Eric ... Meanwhile Eric clutches his bible and stares at the spring flowers of life in his room ... Rafe surprises Hope with a picnic basket at the park. They happily hug and he recalls how she wanted to go so many places. She only needs to be with him. He kisses her and now produces a bag with feel good snacks. Hope giggles and cries at the same time. This is the beginning of the rest of her life. They kiss in bliss ... Ed comes back to see Gabi with a surprise. Arianna runs into mama's arms and Gabi calls her her everything. She is all she needs ... Wily Andre wonders wot he interrupted. Chad stares into space. Andre asks if anything happened when they were in captivity. Chad refuses to discuss. Andre reminds him how long his road was to finally reunite with Abigail. Chad admits something happened and he is going to have to tell all to Abigail. He holds her to a high standard of truth so ... he must confess his meat locker moment with Gabi. Andre pauses ...


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