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Tuesday, February 21, 2017
Episode 13,028
Length:1560 descriptive words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)

Now without further ado ...


At the club, Abigail meets Dario to show him a list of Titan properties. How to search? Dario has contacts but they are not the kind of men she should know. She urges him to do what he must to save Chad ... Sonny is tied to a chair and starts to loosen his hands behind his back as his guard gets busy with his phone ... Deimos leaves Nicole a desperate message from the Kiriakis mansion. Ed and Andre appear and allude to the situation. Deimos deduces they both snatched Sonny. Andre asks for a fair trade. That means Chad and Gabi in exchange for Sonny. Deimos demands the key first. No key no deal and that means no peace ... Drew walks through a dark alley and calls twin Shane, who is strolling through the square. He tells him he is in trouble ... the deadly kind. Shane wants to help. Drew tells him that if he winds up dead he should make Roman arrest Deimos. Click! Back in the freezer, Chad and Gabi are more delirious by the minute. They smooch and moan their love as seductive music plays in the background ... Dario thinks he has traced the hostages to an abandoned warehouse via his security contacts but wants Abigail to stay away. After he leaves the club she follows ... Paul and JJ are in the alley again, on their way to the old hotel Andre got a call from. Paul blames himself for Sonny being taken. JJ thinks he is being hard on himself. Meanwhile Sonny finally frees his hands and tries to fight but he is no match for the big burly brute, who pounds him until he goes down ...

Ed threatens Deimos for crudely suggesting Gabi could be harmed the way Ed the assassin harmed so many. Andre wants to get back to the art of the deal. They have no key! Deimos sneers his key was stolen down at the docks after it was delivered. A thug now enters with protesting petite Jen. Ed explains she just happened to be down at the docks when the key went missing. Andre advises her to come clean. Deimos talks tough. Jen hisses at the three men she calls maniacs and threatens to write them all up in her Spectator story for the public as well as the police! Deimos demands the key again and makes the thug stop her when she tries to leave. The situation is about to escalate until ... Drew walks in to give himself up as said key. Andre is not surprised since he was also the mastermind of the Orwell project. His genius is legendary though such details seem lost on Deimos, who continues to act like a gangster with a one track mind. He threatens Drew, who suggests he give him the drive. Deimos gets it from the safe and smugly suggests they stay and watch what he will have! Drew types in a code and the Orwell appears to self-destruct with a virus. Deimos screams to stop! Enter Commissioner Roman Brady with backup and he is not in the least bit amused. He places his hands on his hips and demands an explanation. He knows about the abductions and demands to know what Drew is doing here! ISA Shane, it appears, kept the cops a step ahead thanks to Drew's call ...

Dario summons one of Deimos' goons to the park and angrily complains to his contact that Deimos kidnapped his sister with Chad. The goon had no idea! He tells him the location of the meat locker. Lurking Abigail looks and listens ... Meanwhile Chad feebly informs delirious Gabi that they are skating in Chicago. They hyperventilate and he calls her beautiful when she complains she is cold. Their eyes are half closed. Chad is whispering but his tongue sounds frozen and they slowly freeze into a kiss ... The three mafia men act innocent but Jenny is furious. Roman sends her and Drew ahead to the station to give their respective statements. Roman also orders the three to the station for questioning. Roman always gets his man ... Adrienne is with Justin at the square, stressed about Sonny. She blames dastardly Deimos for everything. Justin tries to talk her down. She gasps her good son will never be safe like Justin was not spared of the Kiriakis curse. Justin gently offers to take her home. He wants her to consider her health. She snaps she only cares about her son now, she is a MOTHER only for this moment! Justin respects that and suggests they see what they can do together to help ... JJ gets to the old hotel. He wants in a certain room due to a noise complaint but the guarding goon refuses. Meanwhile Paul sneaks in thru the window and unties Sonny, whose face is scuffed up. He groans in agony though his resolve is unbreakable ...

Abigail runs into the freezer and finds Chad and Gabi half nekid and half frozen together. She does cpr on her shirtless husband and begs him to breathe. Gabi is still sitting unconscious in her bra ... Now at the station held in the same room, the three mafia men are mad. Deimos rages he was close. Andre rages he should have stayed out of his bloody business. Ed suggests they come up with a story to corroborate their claims of innocence ... JJ babbles to the big goon and assumes Andre is his boss. The goon hears a sound and goes back in. JJ follows. The hostage is gone. The goon pulls a gun on JJ, who is forced to turn around ... Drew phones Shane from the station and brotha praises him for being brilliant. The commissioner is arranging witness protection for Drew and wife Camilla ... Abigail finally gets Chad to breathe. Dario arrives and covers cold unconscious Gabi, gasping to call 911 ... JJ reminds the goon he happens to be a detective and wonders who was in here. He closes the door and Paul is now seen, having been behind it. Sonny comes up behind the goon and knocks him out cold on the head. He plans to beat the son of a bitch to a pulp but Paul pulls him back and gently suggests he needs a hospital.

At the hospital the doctor assures loved ones that Gabi and Chad will be alright. They arrived just in time. Dario realizes Abigail is bothered by the state they were in but she insists she knows their body heat was what they needed to stay alive. However, her eyes betray her emotions. Dario advises her to go to her husband ... Back at the station Roman updates Jen and Drew. Drew feels awful about inventing Orwell. Jen tells him to blame the people who wanted it not his beautiful technological mind. Roman now heads to the three trouble makers, who have gotten their story straight ... Drew has an odd request and asks Jen to show him the meat locker. Jen discreetly obliges ... JJ is going to haul his handcuffed goon to the station. Paul insists on taking Sonny to the hospital. Sonny soap stares at the goon as if to say this is far from over ... Abigail visits sleeping Chad in his hospital room. She weeps he was cold and she is so upset. She is not bothered about Gabi as she knows they needed their body heat to stay alive. She blames his DiMera name for almost costing her her beloved husband. She emotionally explains she needs him and Thomas needs him ... Dario offers a heartfelt apology to sleeping Gabi. He blames their big damn Orwell dream and concludes all that matter is the family. He knows it now ... Drew is outside the meat locker with Jen, where he placed a bag with what is left of Orwell. He cannot let it live so another re-invents it. They head outside and watch from a distance as Orwell blows itself up. Now that it is destroyed, Drew bids Jen and Salem so long and walks away ...

Sonny is at the hospital and solemnly states he told Paul he was fine. Adrienne comes running with Justin and wants to take him home. Paul promises he will make sure he gets there. But once his parents are out of earshot Sonny growls he is done with Deimos and he has work to do. He rages he is taking over the family and getting revenge HIS way ... Roman warns the three lying mafia men this is not over and walks away. Deimos says the same thing to Ed and Andre. Andre informs Ed his family will bury him for stealing from them and exits. No Orwell now but the war is worse than ever ... Meanwhile Dario is watching Abigail, who tells sleeping Chad to end the war. She will be at his side. Dario clears his throat and explains he would like to thank Chad for saving his sister. Abigail goes to visit Gabi. Dario feels Chad is fortunate and delirious Chad speaks his first word. Gabiiiiiii ... Meanwhile as Abigail arrives, tossing and turning Gabi gasps Chad's name. Abigail watches with dread and wonders ...


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All the drama in Salem on Tuesday, February 21