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Monday, February 20, 2017
Episode 13,027
Length:1540 descriptive words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
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Now without further ado ...


At the Kiriakis mansion Adrienne attempts to attack Deimos for denying the danger Sonny is in. Paul pulls her back. Brady urges the gang to keep it calm. Adrienne refuses and weeps she wants her son ... At the square JJ is on his phone with Lani, discussing her digging, the fact that he is convinced Deimos made Gabi and Chad his hostages. Abigail appears and he updates her, wondering what she knows. Abigail plays it cool ... Meanwhile Chad and Gabi are cccccccccccold in the freezer and keep warm by hugging as they sit on the floor in what they feel are their final moments ... The lady judge is ready to rule. Nicole has another emotional outburst and Justin gulps. The judge explains she understands it is hard and heard both sides, trying to ignore the personal baggage. She has to consider the welfare of the infant Holly above all else. She concludes the mother who could provide the most stable home for Holly would be CHLOE. The songbird smiles about getting full custody. The judge explains history played a role. She adds family services will now hand Holly to her mother. She lectures upset Nicole for trying to bribe the court. Nicole cries in denial. Deimos, it seems, blew the whole case for her. Justin assures his client they can fight in court still as she tragically falls apart. He has to hold her back when Chloe gets Holly in her arms ... JJ would like to know whether Andre gave Abigail any kind of clue. She states she has not seen him much lately and he shared nothing. However, she wishes they could get a step ahead of the bad guys. JJ gets an idea ...

Gabi shivers with Chad and whispers she is at least going to be with him in the end ... Back at the busy Kiriakis mansion, Adrienne agrees to stay calm and accuses Deimos of being a monster. She rages he will soon discover what a beech Karma can be! Deimos almost sarcastically suggests they contact cop JJ for information. He states Sonny will be alright since he is so strong. Adrienne hisses if anything happens to her son she will KILL Deimos with her own hands ... Justin promises Nicole they will win Holly back and offers to escort her home. She storms off somewhere else with Justin at her side ... Undercover Abigail summons Andre to the square. He patiently points out he cannot reveal anything to endanger her. But she presses ... At the pub Chloe is with Belle, who does not seem as celebratory as her client. Belle's heart aches for biological mother Nicole. But Chloe believes the baby will be better off being nowhere near Deimos. She knows some in Salem will not agree with her having custody sooooooooo she is soon returning to New York City. Belle solemnly states after the paperwork she can go. Shawn approaches and appears somewhat surprised she won ...

Nicole interrupts Adrienne's confrontation with Deimos, with Justin right behind her. She rages at him for losing Holly for her with his attempt to bribe a judge, who stepped down from the case. Deimos is shocked. Adrienne updates Justin on Sonny being kidnapped because of Deimos. Justin is livid. Nicole declares she is done with him and throws her engagement ring to the floor. Justin demands answers on the whereabouts of Sonny. Brady looks livid. Nicole adds she is done with Basic Black and Deimos and storms out. Brady stops Deimos from following her and goes after her himself. Justin bellows at Deimos he had better find his son ... At the square Andre elegantly sits at a table with Abigail. He starts to say he will level the playing field to get Chad and Gabi back but then an associate appears, wanting a word. He steps away for a moment. Abigail stares at his phone on the table and remembers JJ telling her to snap a picture of his recent callers. She does as asked and the phone rings. It spooks her and she hands it back to returned Andre, stammering someone was trying to call him. Andre answers and Ed announces they need to talk trade. When he mentions swapping Sonny for Chad and Gabi Andre gets a tad tense ... Back in the freezer Gabi gasps if they die at least they have been honest with each other. She also knows Chad loves Abigail and blames herself for not believing in him before. She mumbles they were meant for each other. Chad gasps to stop and she stares up at him. The delirious pair now kiss, finding some comfort in the icy hell ...

Paul visits JJ at the police station as a last resort. JJ wonders who punched him in the face. He exclaims a couple of thugs attacked Sonny and abducted him. He needs help! JJ says damn. Enter Abigail with an interesting update ... Deimos refuses to discuss Kiriakis business matters in the presence of Adrienne, as she now owns the Spectator. Once she has stepped away, still furious Justin blasts Deimos for the mess he made and demands he level with him. The consigliere is not amused ... Brady follows Nicole to the park. She sobs her heart out and tells him the whole story. He tenderly tells her she can still appeal. She sobs her baby will be separated from her for months. It is intolerable! She notes he must know how she feels cos once upon a time Kristen took Tate. Brady suggests she do what he did and channel the pain to fight back with power. She cries on his strong shoulder ... Shawn cordially congratulates Belle and also Chloe. Belle looks depressed. Chloe wonders whether they are staying in Salem. Belle explains at the moment she must return to Hong Kong to do business for DiMera. Shawn will come with but they always eventually come back cos Salem is home ... Abigail informs JJ that Eduardo called Andre and she suspects he has Sonny somewhere. JJ gets her snapshot of Andre's recent callers and steps away to check them out. Paul sighs to Abigail he is worried about Sonny, who is all alone, unlike hostages Chad and Gabi, who can at least lean on each other. Abigail soap stares ... Drew is working hard at his computer as Jen fixes her lipstick. Adrienne arrives out of breath. Jen gets her a bottle of water and wonders what happened. She gasps they got Sonny! As she updates Jen on Deimos starting it by kidnapping Gabi and Chad for the key, Drew quietly listens ... Now that they are alone Justin asks Deimos for the whole sordid story. Deimos complains Chad and Gabi broke in and tried to steal Orwell. Justin blames him for stealing it first. Deimos rants and raves about the key. Justin thunders to tell him where Chad and Gabi are right now ... As they sip red wine alone, Belle admits to Shawn she feels awful about getting the baby away from Nicole. Shawn tries to make her feel better ... Brady keeps touching Nicole trying to make her feel better. He assures her Chloe would never harm Holly. Nicole exclaims it does harm Holly to keep her mother away from her. When she is older she will tell her! She screams she is going to get her baby back no matter what it takes ... JJ has a hot lead on one of the cell numbers that called Andre. He traced it to an old hotel. He walks out of the office for a moment and Paul steps away to contact Steve ... Abigail peeks at the open computer and sees the list of Titan properties that have yet to be checked. She snaps a picture and gets going ... Chad and Gabi are not shivering anymore, just keeping their lips close, which is making them both warmer. He notes the body heat through their skin will keep them warm and in true soap fashion the shirts shakily come off ...

Jen realizes Drew has taken off. She fears he will give himself up in order to save the innocents ... Deimos arrogantly admits he is keeping Chad and Gabi until he gets his key and promises no one including Sonny will be harmed. Justin warns he had better pray his son is unharmed ... Back at the park, Brady warns Nicole they must be conservative and legal and get Holly back through proper channels. Nicole cries on his shoulder again ... Deimos gets a call from Eduardo, who has Andre standing silently at his side. The time has come to make a deal as each has what the other wants ... Paul and JJ head off to find Sonny together. Abigail has already decided what to do herself ...Shirtless Gabi tells shirtless Chad she loves him and he says he loves her. Their lips meet again in their delirious state.


Ahead on Days of Our Lives:
Sonny is in bad shape,3 men and a deal,Dario helps Abigail.

The Kiriakis men are clearly not in character. They would have overthrown Deimos in a heartbeat today.

All the drama in Salem on Monday, February 20