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Friday, February 17, 2017
Episode 13,026
Length:1520 descriptive words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)

Now without further ado ...


Julie stares in horror. Hope asks her what happened. She gasps her son David is gone. Doug does not understand. Dead! Val and Abe are aghast. He was instantly killed in an unfortunate motorbike accident. Julie sobs on Doug. Val is deeply affected ... Chloe is unhappy when Belle announces the woman from child protective services will have Holly during the hearing. She hands her over and they vanish from view. Chloe fears the judge will favor the biological mother. But Belle is ready ... Meanwhile Deimos boasts to Brady at the Kiriakis mansion that he will get what he wants. Brady warns him Nicole would be crushed if she lost but Deimos claims Nicole will win with this judge. Brady suspiciously probes ... Nicole is with lawyer Justin at the door and he feel upbeat. Then he gets an unexpected call ... Deimos tells Brady that 96 percent of the time the judge sides with the biological mother so the statistics are on their side. Brady remains highly suspicious. Justin now informs Deimos the hearing will be in the judge's closed chambers so he cannot attend. Deimos is determined to wait outside but Nicole implores him not to. He assures her she will win and Brady walks her faithfully out to her car ... Justin asks Deimos about his run-in with Sonny for they know what he did. Deimos snaps he did not see Sonny and only wants to get Nicole her daughter. Justin is surprised Sonny did not reach him ... Adrienne finds Paul bleeding from the head in the alley. He wakes up as she tends to him and laments he lost Sonny. The bad guys took him. Adrienne worriedly asks to where ...

Sorrow fills the Salem Square as Rafe, Doug and Hope sit with Julie, who cries about impulsive David not heeding her warnings about dangerous motorbikes. She blames herself as Doug and Hope try and comfort her. Val too starts to cry ... Belle believes they have a better chance than before as something has happened. Justin and Nicole now join them at the judge's chambers. Nicole begs Chloe to drop this and she will let her see Holly whenever she wants. Chloe asks if that means she is done with Deimos. Here comes the judge! Tis not Judge Pierce, since he opted out of the case. Belle smiles slightly. Justin starts to sweat ... Paul curses they hit Sonny before he could stop them and dragged him away. Adrienne deduces it is the war and she knows all about it! Paul realizes it is retaliation. Hernandez or DiMera likely want to trade Sonny for one of the hostages. Adrienne attempts to call family consigliore Justin, who turns off his phone as the court is in session. Belle gets her chance first. She points out Judge Pierce admitted he had inappropriate contact with Deimos. Chloe is appalled. Nicole insists she knew nothing about it ...

Doug holds devastated Julie as the gang look on. Abe thinks it is awful she lost a child and notices Val is deeply affected. She excuses herself and takes off. Back at DiMera mansion Brady wants a word with Deimos about Orwell and the war he waged. Deimos only cares about the custody case and wants to go down to the court. Brady demands he come clean about his latest stunt ... Paul insists he and Adrienne pay Deimos a visit together immediately. The clock is ticking for Sonny ... The lady judge warns she will be enforcing the strict rules of the court. Justin intends to investigate the charges of inappropriate contact but Belle beat him to it, with phone records and a signed statement about Deimos. The judge asks why Chloe should get custody. Belle argues Dan is no longer alive and Nicole is involved with dangerous Deimos Kiriakis. Justin objects. Belle starts to list his misdeeds. She points out Nicole is planning a marriage to the man, which could pose a dangerous environment for baby Holly. She uses the U word. Unfit. Justin is not allowed to object. Belle now brings up Nicole's porno past and babynapping to name a few. Justin argues they are irrelevant as is Chloe's sordid past. The judge snaps to sit down. Belle believes the present matters most. The fact that Deimos tried to influence a judge speaks volumes. In addition Nicole recently stabbed a man. Nicole quips he was an assassin. But it does not seem to help matters. Belle concludes the best choice for Holy is clear and ends her argument. Nicole starts to weep, sensing her miracle baby is slipping away ...

Back at the square Hope realizes Val is upset as David was her first love. Abe goes after her ... Back at the Kiriakis mansion Brady warns Deimos not to risk Nicole's chances. Deimos alludes to bribing the judge. Brady exclaims that could come out in court and ruin everything. Deimos disagrees ... Justin gets his chance to state his case. He reminds the judge that Nicole is the biological mother, who was bffs with Chloe, the couple's chosen surrogate. But then Miss Lane lied to defraud Nicole of her rights as a mother. He explains how Nicole saved her when the baby was born but still Chloe said nothing. The biological mother should have her baby! In addition, Chloe has a postpartum history. Belle objects but the judge shuts her down. Chloe assures the judge she is not postpartum. Justin is done. Nicole suddenly stands up to address the judge ...

Hope is at Julie's side as she sadly states David rarely returned her messages. She feels she should have reached out more and not argued. Hope assures her he knew she loved him. Doug appears, explaining he and Rafe have alerted family members who will share the tragic news as needed. He takes his beloved home to rest as she laments tis a terrible day. Hope and Rafe sadly watch them walk away ... Marlena comes across crying Val at the park. She finds out Julie's son David died in an accident. Marlena is aware of their history and Val laments he was her first love. Marlena asks about David's son and Val gives her a strange look ... Deimos opens his door, only to be confronted by Adrienne and Paul for abducting Chad and Gabi. They all know! Brady is bothered and listens as the story comes out. Adrienne exclaims they took Sonny in retaliation so Deimos has to let his hostages go! Deimos grimaces ...

The judge notes Nicole may speak. She tells the tragic tale of losing her babies and admits she loves Chloe for agreeing to be her and Daniel's surrogate. She weeps Dan is gone and all she has is Holly. She thinks of holding her every night and insists she would never endanger her baby, she would be there for her always. Chloe shakes her head. Nicole ends her plea and sits back down. The judge exits to consider her difficult decision. Nicole breaks down as Chloe stares impassively ahead ... Hope is alone with Rafe at the club as sad music plays. She wants to drop by to see Julie on her way home. Rafe reminds her she is free at last and plays a romantic song. They slow dance together ... Val wants to know what Marlena means! Marlena innocently explains she was referring to David's son Scotty. Val is visibly relieved. Marlena senses something. Val admits their relationship was hard back then and she never stopped feeling David's presence ... Paul angrily updates doubtful Deimos on his attack. Adrienne knows about the missing key he is after to make Orwell work. Deimos accuses her of eavesdropping as a Spectator sleuth. He calls it a rag and Paul exclaims he should care cos nephew Sonny was attacked and carted off. Brady demands Deimos confess right here and right now about what he did to Chad and Gabi. The buck stops now ...

Rafe and Hope enjoy their slow dance to the song about never being alone. Then he kisses her ... Val admits there is something David did not know and swears Marlena to secrecy. Then she starts to tell her ... until Abe appears. Marlena hopes to catch up with Val before she heads back to D.C. Val agrees and Abe asks to escort her home. She would rather take a walk by the river alone. Abe understands and adds he is here should she need to talk. Then he steps away. Alone again.Val thinks aloud she should have told David but now it is too late ... Deimos condescendingly claims they have no proof Sonny was kidnapped so it may have nothing to do with these rumors. Raging Adrienne grabs him and screams she wants her son back ... Nicole and Chloe bicker about whether Deimos is dangerous and Her Honor returns. After careful consideration, her ruling is ready ...


Not a good ruling for Nicole but of course something is gonna give ...

All the drama in Salem on Friday, February 17