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Thursday, February 16, 2017
Episode 13,025
Length:1500 descriptive words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)

Now without further ado ...


Sonny storms into the Kiriakis mansion raging about Deimos, demanding to know where he is. Justin notes he is not home and wonders why he is not at his mother's wedding. Sonny updates the legal eagle on Deimos' latest misdeeds, including the abduction of Chad and Gabi. Justin is aghast at his actions ... In his room at the Salem Inn, mad scientist Drew is slowly working as Adrienne and Jen impatiently wait. Jen wishes they could both be at Steve and Kayla's wedding. She insists at least Adrienne should go since it is her brother who is remarrying. Adrienne is grateful. Drew exclaims he is getting closer to frying Orwell but alas is not quite there ... At the square, seated suited Andre elegantly sips his martini. Anna marches up to him, upset about her Tony being dead whereas the dangerous men like Stefano and Andre are alive. Andre gets sarcastic, then suggests she sit down and calm down. Anna accepts and complains about only almost shooting Stefano twice. At least she did tell him off. Andre hopes they have in common the ability to disappear on demand ... As her return is celebrated at the club, Hope apologizes for not having time to get a present for the bride and groom. Steve and Kayla insist she is the best present. Julie and Doug enter and embrace her, happy to have her safe and sound in Salem. Hope states a good Samaritan - who shall remain anonymous - helped her. She thanks Shane and he heartily hugs her, gushing tis like the good old days. Rafe growls only because Stefano got away again. Hope admits this time she is relieved Stefano is alive and wonders how it could be. Steve pales at the question. He kisses Kayla to cover when she notices his tension and adds he only wants to wed his baby on this day ...

Stephanie catches up with little brother Joe at the park. She is sorry he lost the baby. Joey says thanks and sighs some acted like it never happened. Jade arrives and grimaces she has not heard anything about the sister when she is introduced to Stephanie. She glumly goes ahead. Stephanie is surprised she is coming to the wedding and even more surprised that she is Joey's roommate. Joey wants to help her out. She praises her brother for his kind heart and they head to their parents' latest wedding ... Sonny rages to Justin that he has to stop Deimos no matter how. He will not underestimate him after he is finished with him ... Anna deduces Andre feels guilty he is alive while Tony is dead. She asks him to honor him by how he lives his life. Andre assures her he has already stepped up for the family. Anna concludes he always had Tony's face but not his heart. Andre replies he will have him with him in his hot always and Anna walks away. Andre's eyes flicker with a touch of sadness ...

Mayor Abe is happy to preside over the marriage of Steve and Kayla. The bride goes first, gushing she really knows what it means to marry him now and loves him always. Steve is touched. Kayla feels they can get past anything now. Steve replies amen. She will love him for all the days of her life. Marlena smiles in her blue dress ... Steve gets emotional as he tells his bride he feels the same way. The first time he saw her sweetness and light he was all hers. She saw the real him underneath his tough exterior and brought out the best in him. He gets choked up and praises her for healing people's hearts and spirits as she did his. He thanks her for their dream life together and calls her his true love. He vows to love her for the rest of their lives. He cannot live without her and kisses her, much to the delight of the guests. Steve now produces the big rock he got her for big bucks and slips it on her pretty finger. After the rings are done, Abe pronounces the super couple man and wife again. The groom kisses the bride as the guests erupt in applause and cheer ...

The champagne and good wishes flow at the wedding party. Abe gets the necessary signatures. Roman welcomes Steve back to da clan ... Julie admits to Doug she feels old remembering the ones who are gone like Bo and Shawn. It is marvelous to remember them by watching their descendants though. It makes her decide to call her difficult son David later ... Jen gets off the phone with Anne and her broken nail, annoyed she is in no hurry to relieve her. She offers Drew more cola and he moans about his Camilla. Jen says she wants him to keep working and gets a text. Finally Anne has agreed to come. Jen excuses herself to attend Steve and Kayla's wedding party and points out Anne will arrive in a few minutes. She finds out Shane is present and suggests they ask him for assistance. Drew stammers not to since last time things did not end well ... Back at the club, Claire kisses Theo when he gives her the gold rose watch. Ciara scoffs. Shane proposes a toast to the happy couple for new beginnings and courage. The time has come for them to have their first dance for the last time. Steve and Kayla take to the dance floor and Steve insists the other couples join them ...

Justin orders Sonny to stay out of it and he will deal with Deimos. Sonny reminds him he has a court date. HE will handle Deimos. All he needs is one day ... Jen arrives at the wedding party and asks Adrienne whether they should approach Shane. Hope happily hugs the gals. The slow song has ended. Ciara dances with Joey to a fast song and Theo cuts in. Claire fumes across the floor. Roman dances with daughter Carrie and wishes she would stay in Salem. Austin cuts in with a message. Hope wants a word alone with Roman outside. The clandestine commissioner obliges. Hope wants him to know a secret. Eric was the good Samaritan who helped her. She assures him he is sober though Salem is a bad memory still. Roman is hurt his son feels the family would not be able to help him but agrees to let him come home at his own pace. Marlena needs to know ... Val is ready to go back to DC in a day and admits she is going to miss Abe, who has made how he feels about her clear. She sparkles in her glittery gown though they no longer feel festive. Theo wonders whether he is to blame. Val assures him that is not the case and apologizes to Mr. Mayor ... Jade sighs she feels like a wallflower and decides she wants a drink. Ciara stands up with her. Kayla gathers the single gals for her bouquet toss. Claire jumps up and grabs it with glee. Hope asks her to give it to Doug and Julie the classic couple. Steve toasts the pair. Meanwhile suited Andre gets a call about Sonny being back in Salem. He orders his goons to grab him and purses his lips in thought ...

Shane gets an important text ... Doug and Julie are having a grand time. The guests all eat cake. Stephanie lets Adrienne know she prayed for her and is looking forward to seeing Sonny, who has not arrived. Abe sits with Theo, who is sorry but Abe appears inconsolable ... Carrie and Austin go looking for Anna, who is MIA again. Meanwhile Anna has followed Drew all the way to his Salem room door. She wonders why "Shane" is ignoring her ... Paul goes to search for Sonny after anxious Adrienne updates him on her son missing the wedding, not answering his texts ... Sonny walks through an alley and two goons jump him! He gasps he knows they are working for Andre and Ed but he was going to talk to them about what Deimos did. The giants leer their boss is not interested in talking. Paul comes around the corner and a goon knocks him out cold. Sonny is roughed up some more and dragged away by the brutes... Steve and Kayla are alone in their romantically decorated bedroom and kiss in bliss. He loves sweetness and wants to take her wedding dress off. She whispers she wants to start with him. And so it goes ... The wedding party are happily leaving the club as Julie gets a call from Scotty. She screams OH MY GOD! It is a mother's worst nightmare ...


Ahead on Days of Our Lives:
Tragedy and revelation.

Make no mistake. Deimos is going to pay ...

All the drama in Salem on Thursday, February 16