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Wednesday, February 15, 2017
Episode 13,024
Length:1610 descriptive words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)

Now without further ado ...


Andre curses and Kate sits with him at the square as he admits it was a dead end. He asks about her own lead. She knows nothing more about Jen at the docks but Andre suspects Jen knew about Chad and was snooping. He complains his next coffee has not come. They now discuss Hope and Kate notes it is likely she will go free. Andre alludes to the other things she must answer for ... At the farmhouse Hope updates Eric on her Alfi/Andre footage, which shows he was at the company to see Hattie the very day the company account was hacked. She also followed the trail to an offshore DiMera account used by Andre. Hacker Hope can clear Hattie and hopes Steve can do the same for her ... At the pub Kayla and Marlena wonder when Steve will arrive in Salem for his wedding today. Steve sweeps in and gives his baby a flower and a kiss. Shane is right behind him. Rafe is said to be at the courthouse awaiting the decision of the judge regarding Hope's review. All of a sudden Rafe appears and grins no more conviction. However the other lesser charges are pending. The gang cheer about the overturned murder conviction. Hope has no idea ...

Roman's statement about Hope has gone online. Hope gets an email news alert and gasps to Eric, getting choked up while she reads. She is now a free woman! They embrace and she exclaims she did not kill Stefano. Then she stops and apologizes, as Eric remains tormented by the death he caused ... Andre gets the news from his man at the court and frowns to Kate about the reversal in Hope's favor. Kate worries what he will do and becomes distracted when Austin and Carrie greet her. Andre excuses himself and Austin wonders why she dwells under the DiMera roof. Carrie calls Andre scary. Kate calls him good company. She bids them sit and tell her all the latest about Stefano and more, smiling that they are here and so happy ... Kayla wants to postpone the wedding but Rafe and Marlena feel Hope would want them to go ahead as planned. Rafe is unable to attend as there are still loose ends and wishes groom buddy luck as he leaves. Steve and Shane head to the Salem Inn to get suited up. But first Steve promises this one will be forever and gives Kayla her last single kiss. Kayla gets emotional and tells Marlena she loves him so ... Hope apologizes for being insensitive but Eric is happy for her. She feels she owes him a great deal. He urges her to go home to her loved ones and get her life back. She urges him to join her, stop living as a hermit. He, however, is not ready to face his family. Hope disagrees for his folks miss him. Eric explodes his decision is final, he is not going back to Salem!

Eric catches his breath and tells Hope he is sorry for his outburst. But make no mistake, he can never go back as he killed Daniel and it pains him still. Hope points out there must be a prayer of absolution. He gasps he is no longer a man of God. Hope understands, kisses him and says God bless you twice. A tear trickles down his tormented face. Hope sadly leaves ... At the pub phone Kayla is conversing with unheard Caroline, who is with Kimberly in California. She then shows Marlena her gift from her mother, her precious pearls. Marlena giggles and gives her another gift - a traditional wedding garter. Daughter Stephanie surprises her mother and they happily hug. Stephanie would not miss the royal wedding of her super couple parents for the world ... At the station Ciara and Shawn agree to let Rafe handle Raines. He does just that and marches in the room for a showdown. Outside the office Hope sneaks up and hugs her kids. The nightmare is really over ...

Back at the pub, Marlena teases smiling Stephanie about living in rainy Seattle. Kayla wonders how she got away from work. Steph is thrilled to be there and Marlena muses all is right with the world as mother and daughter catch up ... Steve and Shane are suited up at the club and Shane reminds him of their success. Steve questions that. Shane states all they know the phoenix is a fugitive wandering the world waiting to die. Steve agrees he is history ... Austin has heard about the DiMera Kiriakis war but Kate calls their business dealings civilized. Besides, Andre is different now. Austin and Carrie warn her to watch out for his evil side. Kate counters she has been looking after herself a long time. Carrie goes ahead to the wedding after giving Austin a kiss. He sits back down and wonders how his mom is doing with Stefano out and about. Kate doubts he will ever return ... Hope bursts into Raines' office (really Roman's) and Rafe hugs her. She assures him she is fine and credits him with saving her. She tells Raines she wants to turn herself in with a statement. He states she will still be charged with escaping. She tells him her friends chloroformed and smuggled her out. The prison driver was a witness. But she ended up alone, injured, and he left her there bleeding. Raines fumes she looks fine. She will only say she was saved by a good Samaritan. Rafe drawls the D.A. would want him to drop the escape charges. Raines suggests he not advise him on how to do his job and walks out. Andre has pushed past Shawn and Ciara, wanting for a word with Hope. Rafe tries to make him leave but Hope is up for the challenge. She meets his cold stare ...

Stephanie admits she had doubts her dad and mom would reconcile. She grins they can be a happy family again and Kayla agrees. Stephanie knows Caroline and Marlena have covered the something old and new. She presents her mother with a blue teddy. Carrie comes in and hugs are exchanged. Carrie now hands Kayla the something borrowed - earrings from Prague. Kayla loves them all and Marlena muses it is time to get ready for the ceremony. Kayla has never been more ready ... Shane insists to Steve even their wives cannot know the truth about Stefano. Never! Steve hates having to keep lying to his wife and gets distracted when Joe arrives in his suit. They ask how his new living arrangement is. Good and Jade appreciates his folks helping her. Steve tells his little man how proud he is. Joey is proud too and suggests a parade for the two town heroes. Steve suggests he call his mom instead to get the wedding party started ...

Shawn and Ciara agree to leave. Rafe remains with Hope, who tells Andre his father fooled them all. Andre the devil leers their old deal is off. He threatens to expose her for setting him up so Hope calls him out on romancing Hattie as Alfi with embezzlement on his mind! He stole that fortune and framed her friend Hattie! She happens to have security footage proving HE was Alfi the hacker. Andre snaps so wot! Hope boasts she also followed the money trail to DiMera Enterprises and HIS user account. She produces a file and threatens to give it to the FBI. Then again she could always just use enough to free Hattie from prison. Rafe warns him he would need to leave Hope alone. Hops adds and the others. She taunts cornered Alfi and wonders what his decision will be. Andre the snake considers ... Steve hugs Stephanie his little sweetness. She greets her grown up looking brother and takes him outside to catch up. Marlena hugs the groom. Kayla appears needing help with her zipper. Marlena ushers her away and asks Carrie for a hand. Steve admires his blushing almost bride ... Rafe sarcastically wonders which door. Andre accepts the bloody deal and storms out. Rafe and Hope laugh and he gives her a kiss. He is worried about what she went through and she assures him she is alright. He praises her policing skills and she hugs him, happy to be back in his arms in Salem USA. Andre stops and stares darkly at the pair through the window. He is never without a plan ...

Haunted soulful Eric places another letter in his wooden box ... Austin proceeds to probe Kate about her love life. She has decided to be alone. He wonders who the guy was who broke her heart and offers to get even. Kate sadly sighs it would not have worked. Austin can see in her eyes how much she cares. He thinks she can accomplish anything and she smiles at her son. He grins he loves her too ... Bride in white Kayla faces her beaming groom at the club. She takes his hands and notes how happy they are to be together all the days of their lives. Steve gushes they've got their good people around them on this perfect day. Rafe drawls it just got more perfect and steps inside with Hope. The gang cheer. Let the wedding begin...


Ahead on Days of Our Lives:
Married,mad,and mourning.

At least Steve and Kayla will have a little happiness before his trouble making son from Ava Vitali comes to Salem. Meanwhile we just know Andre is already plotting his next move ...

All the drama in Salem on Wednesday, February 15