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Tuesday, February 14, 2017
Episode 13,023
Length:1220 descriptive words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
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Now without further ado ...


Deimos walks into the Kiriakis mansion, on phone with his minion about how to bribe the judge in the custody case. He is dismayed to discover Detective JJ has a search warrant and has the Salem PD searching the house ... Meanwhile Gabi and Chad are hungry and trapped together. The clock is ticking ... Abigail joins Ed, Dario and Kate at the club for a meeting. They have the abducted on their minds and are admittedly at a loss over the key Deimos is demanding. Kate cannot wait for Sonny to come home and speak to Deimos. Ed notes he would do well not to go see Deimos first and sounds like he knows something ... In the room at the Salem Inn where Jen has been hiding the now dozing Drew, Adrienne Anne and Jen discuss what to do about their human key. Jen and Adrienne agree they are in danger as Deimos might discover they have him! Reporter Jen even believes the bellboy is on the take from Deimos ... Kate suspiciously wonders why Ed said Sonny should not go to Deimos first. Ed innocently states they should speak to Sonny first. It is all rather vague. Kate sighs about the trapped two and notes Chad and Gabi are both special people. Abigail sighs they are counting on Sonny. Dario and Kate express their extreme distrust in Deimos when it comes to honoring the deal, however ... JJ sternly says the search goes on and adds Chad and Gabi were last seen here! He produces Gabi's necklace he found on the floor ... Meanwhile Gabi and Chad are now being chilled as the freezer exhaust came on. Gabi gasps in horror Deimos could be killing them ... Jen wants to work alone. Adrienne and Anne insists they are IN. And so a scheme starts to take form ...

Back at the club, Abigail excuses herself to pick up Thomas. Dario morphs into a macho man and drawls she is going nowhere! Kate blinks ... Trapped Gabi prays and then panics in Spanish. Chad feels helpless...Deimos smoothly states he is not surprised Gabi lost her necklace here since she sees Sonny often. JJ talks his warrant and Maggie arrives, wondering what is going on. Detective JJ updates her on the situation and she stares accusingly at Deimos. The redhead demands to know if he made Chad and Gabi disappear. The Kiriakis plays it cool ... Jenny concludes they have to break into the Kiriakis mansion to get a laptop for Drew. Only then will he be able to get past the server and destroy Orwell. But Jen and Adrienne have already called attention to themselves ... Jen suddenly gets a text from a source about JJ searching the mansion. Madame Milbauer knows what to do ... Dario wants to be Abigail's bodyguard in these dangerous times. She assures him she will be careful. Dario steps away to call around for help locating that key. Ed looks at Kate and wishes for another chance. He even remembers how she likes her coffee ... Now alone with Deimos Maggie demands answers. Did he do something to Chad and Gabi! He replies with a resounding NO but she knows better. He is LYING ... Chad explodes and tells screaming Gabi to stop. She turns toward him with fury flashing in her fiery eyes ... Deimos claims he only wants the family business to come out on top. After all he is acting CEO. Maggie snaps Victor would certainly not approve! She blasts him for committing a felony and Deimos takes another drink to steel his nerves. Maggie orders him to release the pair before it is too late ... Gabi rages she is going to fight to the end and hates Chad's cold stare She shouts she is warm and alive unlike him! He grabs her by the shoulders and snaps to stop. She hisses to let go ...

Anne has a cop uniform on and Annie's also got her gun! Back at the club Dario returns with an update. He spoke to a longshoreman about the shipment which was moved to another pier. There was a blonde short woman wearing a cap and coat lurking, babbling about a cheating boyfriend. The longshoreman later realized she looked like columnist and part owner of the Spectator. Kate gasps in shock. Ed solemnly stares. Then he wonders what Jen was up to. Dario replies she might have been following a tip. Kate is suspicious and goes to call her. Ed wants to know more about Jenny, who could become collateral ... Jen wants Anne to leave the gun. Drew wakes up. He will keep working. Adrienne gets the gun away and Anne goes off to do battle. Jen must meet Abigail so Adrienne stays with working Drew ...JJ has the Titan files at the station and discusses the next step with Lani. She wonders why he did not ask Deimos enough. JJ wants him unaware of what he knows ... Victor emerges, mad about the cops tearing up the house. Maggie quips asks Deimos and waltzes out. Deimos admits he has Gabi and Chad locked in a meat locker at another location. Victor doesn't like it. He tells him resolve this before it is too late. Deimos looks confused about his meaning ...

Chad tells Gabi to breathe but the arguing continues She wants to see her daughter again and cries she is afraid ... JJ admits he is at a loss. He did not find any new clue from the Titan files. He is desperate to find Gabi and Lani cannot help but notice how much he still cares ... Chad apologizes for calling Gabi crazy ... She notes she is nothing like him and he gets emotional ... Abigail meets Jen at the dark park. She is worried but Jen thinks Chad and Gabi will be alright soon, she can feel it ... Anne is in the Kiriakis residence! Deimos rudely shoves past her. She tells a senior officer she has orders from the commissioner to take that laptop! ... Ed and Dario quietly convene. Ed explains Sonny is expected soon and admits he and Andre are gonna get him as collateral. Dario looks like he doesn't like it. Ed now gets a call from Deimos with a deadly update. The deadline for the key in exchange for the prisoners is now tomorrow night ... Anne triumphantly brings the laptop to Drew, Jen and Adrienne. Jen and Adrienne are impressed. Drew gets to work ... Lani suggests to JJ that they search all TItan owned properties. JJ is desperate to find Gabi. Failure is not an option!

Cold Chad quietly cries he only knows how to feel angry. Gabi sighs she will sit all alone then. He thinks this is no normal situation it is ccccccold so they hug one another for body heat ... Abigail addresses Chad's photograph on her phone. She is missing her husband and vows to find him, no matter what it takes. Meanwhile he huddles with Gabi as the Grim Reaper creeps closer ...


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