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Monday, February 13, 2017
Episode 13,022
Length:1460 descriptive words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)

Now without further ado ...


Abigail tenderly attends to escaped patient Dario at the club office. He gasps he blames himself for Gabi being snatched. It has to have been Deimos hell bent on revenge ... Crazy computer wizard Drew, aka Shane's twin, reminds Jen he needs a Titan laptop to get the virus started to destroy Orwell. Jen admits she is stressed as Deimos had two people abducted and will stop at nothing to get back his key. Drew decides to give himself to Deimos. Jen disagrees ... At the station Roman informs Lani and JJ that Stefano is alive! The commissioner is happy as a clam. They all are but Raines rains on their parade about the fugitive still being a felon on the lam ... At the farmhouse Eric has a computer for Hope. She is grateful and innocently asks why he was keeping a picture of Jen in his bedroom. Eric gets intense ... Steve and Shane drink to Shane's success in his Stefano disguise. They gloat they got Stefano's DNA sent to Salem as proof he is alive even though they consider him dead ... Elegant Val is with Abe at the square cafe, looking forward to dining on different dishes. The mayor, however, has a certain matter on his mind. Is she seeing another man?

Jumpy Jen stops Drew from leaving his room at the Salem Inn. She suggests they have time as Deimos set a deadline for the safe return of his key. Drew exclaims JJ the detective could get into Kiriakis mansion for the computer they need to neutralize Orwell. Jen gets an idea ... Roman is back in charge and reminds Raines no excessive force. He then brings up the war between the families to JJ. Jump Street JJ explains they are fighting over the Orwell software. Roman is no fan of malicious and powerful spyware and announces the war has to stop, no matter what it takes. Orwell's days, it seem, are numbered ... Eric tries to make light of having Jen's picture. Hope the romantic sees something more in his eyes ... Abe admits Theo overheard Val talking to a man on the phone and she used a term of endearment. Val sighs Theo had the wrong idea for she was speaking with her son ... Dario laments this is all his fault! He wanted his dad to be proud he was tough. Abigail agrees it was not a tough thing to do when he hired a man to take down Deimos. She sweetly suggests he learn from his mistakes and never do it again. He agrees and a soulful Spanish guitar plays in the background ...

Steve recalls how he felt sorry for Hope and then Shane got in touch ... A flashback of Shane approaching him is shown. That was how the plan to save Hope started. They still suspect Stefano knew he was dying and provoked Hope into shooting him. They still suspect he is dead for real ... Tormented Eric tells Hope he had been in a bad place. He and Jen got together once though it was for all the wrong reasons. She deserves better ... Abe questions why Val would not reveal to Theo she had a son. Val states it was none of his business. Abe apologizes and they sit at their table for dinner ... Myron the computer whiz is working on the Orwell again but having no luck. Abigail ushers Dario away for some much needed food. Before they leave Dario begs him to find a solution, he needs it for his sister ... Steve and Shane continue to celebrate. Shane is said to have planted Stefano DNA in Prague and run around in his disguise so as to be captured via cctv. He also transferred funds from DiMera to throw off Andre. It was by all accounts the perfect plan - at least until amusing Anna and her gun showed up and shot Steve ... Hope happily informs Eric that Jen is clean now. Eric murmurs he wrote her letters from prison, letters he never sent. She thinks he should have ... Roman puts his arm around JJ and warns him not to fall under family influence as a detective. He must keep impartial. JJ gets it. Jen is listening at the door. Roman steps away and JJ wonders what his mother needs. Jen soap stares ...

Jen fibs she came to visit her son at work but he knows something is troubling her. She brings up her big story and the war. Then she whispers about Deimos kidnapping Gabi and Chad. JJ realizes that is why Gabi dropped her necklace at the Kiriakis mansion. She was leaving a clue! He takes off to investigate ... Eric is relieved things are better for Jen. Hope wants to hug him but he mumbles he must get back to his chores and walks out of the room. He is still holding Jen's picture in his hand ... After their dinner, Abe apologizes to Val for being overly suspicious. He praises her for being so smart, fun and beautiful. Matter of fact he has not felt this way for a while and hopes she will agree to stay as a permanent doctor at the hospital here in Salem. Son Eli calls and she decides to call him back later. First she has something to say to Abe the good man. She admits she returns his feelings, which is why she should return to Washington. Abe's face falls ...

Jen is back with Drew, babbling up a storm. She calls one person she can trust - Adrienne who is with Anne at the pub. She summons her to the Salem inn ... Back in Prague, Steve and Shane agree they will let Hope believe she did not kill Stefano forever. Steve knows Bo would approve. Shane believes Hope will be able to get her life back ... Abe is bewildered. Val explains she is close to her son. His father Terrence passed away when he was six. Abe suggests her son move to Salem as well. Val suddenly exclaims NO, there are risks. Abe starts to worry ... Adrienne arrives and is introduced to Drew, whom she initially mistakes for Shane. Jen boasts this is her big story! Drew is the key she was talking about ... Steve and Shane marvel at their magnificent plan as they look at the cctv footage of Shane in what he calls his fat suit. All of a sudden an image of Stefano DiMera feeding Prague pigeons appears. Steve laughs but Shane blanches that one was not him ... REAL STEFANO LIVES!

Hope makes good use of the portable computer from Eric and gets footage of Alfi when he visited Hattie at work. ANDRE. Hope notes she can now nail him but Eric notes that is not proof he was involved in any illegal money transfers ... Abe thinks they should not walk away. He lets Val know he is not going to give up on them and goes to get the car from the valet while she waits ... Adrienne starts to feel dizzy from the detailed drama. She sits as Jen continues to babble about Orwell and Drew. Off the record it is also known that Deimos kidnapped Chad and Gabi. He is demanding the lucrative security spyware key for himself. The good news is that Drew's virus could destroy Orwell. However he would need a Titan computer. Adrienne opens the door and her suspicions are confirmed. Anne was eavesdropping! She assures them her lips are sealed and she is IN ... JJ concludes the clues indicate that Gabi is really missing. He updates partner Lani. He suspects Chad and Gabi are being held against their will at the Kiriakis mansion. It must be on the order of Deimos the devil! Lani asks him if he still has a warrant for the mansion. He does indeed ...

Back at the club, Dario gets mad at Myron's lack of progress. Abigail reminds him the genius is fatigued. She suggests he stay calm and will be in touch later. Now there is somewhere else she must be. Myron is smitten with her sweetness. Dario drawls she sure is something ... Hope curses and considers hacking into accounting at Hattie's old company ... Steve inists Stefano was not the man feeding Prague pigeons. It had to have been a lookalike, a coincidence. Shane solemnly suggests they both know otherwise. BOOM!


Ahead on Days of Our Lives:
The families formulate a rescue plan for Chad and Gabi, Victor rages at Deimos, Orwell is going down!

BRAVO STEFANO! The sly fox was not actually shown feeding the Prague pigeons but at least his legacy lives on ...

All the drama in Salem on Monday, February 13