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Friday, February 10, 2017
Episode 13,021
Length:1600 descriptive words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)

Now without further ado ...


Marlena, Rafe and Kayla wait at the Prague police station, pleased they have proof with Stefano's fingerprints, his DiMera DNA. Rafe growls he wants him back in Salem. Marlena smiles in agreement. Alas the moment will be short lived. Steve and Paul have just discovered his empty cell. Foiled again! Back in Salem, Ed emotionally apologizes to sleeping Dario at the hospital for what happened to him and Gabi. He vows revenge on Deimos ... At the square with Kate, Andre ends a call and they try to plan but so far have no clues on the key. Andre angrily states he will kill Kiriakis if he harms his brotha. Kate understands ... Gabi wakes up Chad, who was defending her honor. She gasps the goon could have killed him. She could not bear to be without him ... The Prague guard simply stepped away to sign papers and the prisoner disappeared! Steve calls Shane about the situation. Time to notify the ISA. Meanwhile Rafe assumes all is well and Stefano will be in a Salem cell soon. Marlena and Kayla feel like celebrating. All of a sudden the alarm goes off and Steve and Paul return. Steve sighs he is gone. Rafe is devastated. The gals gasp ... Chad realizes he was being rash. Gabi gasps she was so scared. He praises her for being real. She sadly states things have changed between them. He knows. It is Abigail ... Meanwhile Abigail visits shirtless Dario, who is now awake in his hospital bed, hooked up to a monitor. Abigail refers to the doctor believing he will fully recover. He talks tough about retaliation against Deimos. She urges him to consider Gabi and Chad and he demands she explain what happened ... The Mod Squad are stunned by Stefano's disappearance. The mood has morphed from joy to horror. Rafe rages at the Czech guard.

Steve and Paul stop Rafe from accusing the guard, who promises to check the footage. Rafe starts to accuse him of being bribed ... Marlena warns they are foreigners here and should not antagonize local law enforcement. Now comes the bad news. The camera was blinded at the moment the prisoner escaped. Rafe sweats but not Steve ... Back in Salem, Kate advises elegant Andre to focus on finding the damn key Deimos wants instead of revenge though she feels his pain. Andre cannot lose his brotha and they sit to discuss the key. Kate thinks Deimos would not hurt them but Andre feels this is all out war and Deimos does not take prisoners. It sounds sinister ... Gabi claims to be happy for Chad and Abigail's reconciliation. However, she does feel resentment toward him for speaking words of love. She dared to dream. He whispers he is sorry. She accepts his love for Abigail though her heart cannot let go. Her heart loves him even now! Chad blinks ... Ed approaches Kate at the square. She asks about Dario. Asleep expected to recover. Arianna misses mama Gabi. He asks how Kate fares. Kate admits she and Andre have no clue what that key is. Eduardo threatens to get revenge on Deimos if he hurts his daughter. She notes he is not the only one and sympathetically shares her concern for him. Ed is touched. He admits he has her on his mind a lot. Andre now sits with them and Kate notes they should all be cautious with loose cannon Deimos. Andre scowls. Kate suggests a third party to talk to him. Perhaps Victor, but he would never help. However, Sonny would. Andre and Ed are listening though not for the right reasons ...

Back in Prague, Paul and Sonny step away so Paul can also see the footage. Rafe realizes they were being played. Steve grins they do have DiMera's DNA, aka proof he lives. In addition they could get statements from the Prague police. They saw him alive. Therefore, Hope could not have killed him. Kayla agrees but Rafe was counting on revenge! Steve takes him to check the evidence. Marlena reminds Kayla they all saw him. Marlena looks nervous when Kayla notes he must be long gone ... Abigail is aghast Dario is tearing everything off his body that keeps him in the hospital. He stands up and staggers, determined to save his sister from Deimos. He knows who will be able to find the hostages ... Gabi woefully wishes she could still be involved in the little things of Chad's life. He gave her confidence. He calls her beautiful and marvels she is mucho more. She smiles ... Andre speaks Sonny's name and Kate mentions his good qualities. They know Deimos would have to hear him out. Kate suggests they start by summoning him back to Salem ... The ISA and Salem P.D. are being sent the DNA results ... Paul returns with Sonny and wonders where Stefano escaped to, where he would feel safe. Sonny now gets the call from Kate, who complains Deimos kidnapped Gabi and Chad to get a key he wants. It is vicious and vague. Sonny lets it slip he knows what the key is, then stops short. Kate wishes he would help them reason with his awful uncle ... Dressed Dario assures anxious Abigail he knows someone who will be able to reveal where Gabi and Chad are being held ... Gabi knows she should stop fantasizing about what if. It is hard letting him go as she loves him. Chad tells her not to say that. He gets it though ...

Sonny angrily decides to take the first flight home and deal with Deimos. Kate is not surprised to hear from him that Stefano cheated death again. She gets sarcastic about nostalgia and notes the police will never find him. Sonny bears good news about the money, however. The missing money from DiMera! Forensics accountant Austin had the money trail followed. Sonny frowns when he hangs up. He then updates Paul on Deimos' dastardly deed. Paul looks worried. Steve returns with an update. A man matching Stefano's description took a private flight from a private airfield, No one filed a flight plan. All is lost ... Dario staggers in to see Myron with Abigail and asks him to track his abducted sister with the device. Myron has doubts about being able to do it. He excuses himself to the washroom when Dario bellows at him. Abigail advises him not to antagonize the technical genius. He sits down and grimaces in pain ... Kate informs Andre that Stefano lives plus Austin has a hot lead on the missing money. Andre only considers the money good news. Kate steps away when Austin calls again. Andre slyly suggests to Eduardo that they snatch Sonny and use him as a bargaining chip. An eye for an eye. Ed considers ... Chad tries to get cold Gabi warm with his jacket. She apologizes for wearing her heart on her sleeve. He admits it is hard trying to pretend and points out it is also hard to put the fact that he loves her too back in a box ...

Ed is IN and Andre is delighted. Ed the expert will arrange the hostage taking. Andre says not to harm Sonny yet. They change the subject when Kate comes back. Ed excuses himself to visit Dario. Kate updates curious Andre on an account with Stefano's alias. She notices Andre is acting different. He sits and complains Stefano let him rot in prison. He believed his DiMera drivel about family. Kate sighs she used to love him. Andre loves him still ... Kayla and Steve continue to reassure Rafe they have their evidence for Hope and how long can a man with colon cancer and diabetes run? Marlena muses something will kill him. Rafe agrees to head home. Nearby Paul is perturbed that Sonny is not going to share his Deimos news with Rafe ... Steve suggests to sweetness he stay a while longer. He needs to review things with ISA Resnik. Kayla romantically reminds him to remember their Valentine Wedding. He would not miss it for the world and they kiss in bliss ... Chad stammers he loves Gabi but also Abigail. Gabi already knows. He explains he is attempting to fix his marriage and family. She gets it. Chad admits he loves two women at the same time. He ever knew it could happen but he loves them both. What to do?! Gabi is sorry they got into this mess but if they die together at least she is with him. They hold hands ... Andre is not interested in hearing Hope will be released as she sent him to prison too. He wants him and Kate to focus on Chad and his fashion consultant in captivity. He cannot lose his brotha ... Dario insists he is no longer dizzy but falls down again. Abigail rushes to his side and begs him to wake up ... Marlena announces the plane is waiting at the airport. She agrees with Kayla that Rafe did good and saved Hope. Now it is time to go ... Steve, the only one who stayed behind, enters a room as a man removes his disguise. The so-called Stefano slowly turns around. T'was actually ISA Shane and Steve masterminded the whole plan ...


The footage of Mascolo (real Stefano) yesterday was still fantastic!

All the drama in Salem on Friday, February 10