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Thursday, February 9, 2017
Episode 13,020
Length:1425 descriptive words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)

Now without further ado ...


At the square Chloe runs into Anne while out and about with baby Holly. Madame Milbauer has good memories of the old days. She gushes about her new job at the Spectator and admires the baby in the carriage, assuming Chloe remarried after Dan. Chloe explains she did not. Anne praises the mother until Brady appears and announces it is not even Chloe! Anne makes herself scarce ... Meanwhile at the Kiriakis mansion phone Deimos warns his thug to stop being so brutal with his prisoners. He ends the call as Nicole arrives, having once more been summoned ... At the Prague police station Rafe excitedly updates Shawn on the phone that they finally got Stefano. Steve tells the gang that Stefano has been fingerprinted so proof he is alive will be sent to Salem. Paul suggests they call John with the good news but Marlena seems to hesitate. Kayla cannot help but notice her nervousness ... Deimos proudly presents Nicole with a design sketch. Tis for Holly's future nursery at the Kiriakis mansion. Deimos muses Chloe could not match this! She thanks him but warns him not to assume anything. He states he will help her get her baby back and prove he is worthy ... Marlena feels a chill. She asks to speak to Stefano alone for closure. Anna waltzes in with Tony's urn and tells her they should go first. Carrie and Austin are a bit embarrassed ...

Brady cannot believe Chloe is actually shopping for Holly for as far ahead as summer! He warns her Nicole will get custody and suggests she stop the court case ... Deimos is getting to Nicole. She sadly recalls losing Sydney and having a hard time so he tells her this is different as Holly IS hers. He adds he wants a child as well and would be honored to help raise her under the Kiriakis roof. She reminds him of his recent actions against Dario and Andre ... Rafe has spoken to Roman on the phone. Now that Stefano is alive, he will be able to pull rank on Raines and his order to shoot to kill. However, Hope will not be free until the case is dropped ... Marlena has agreed to allow Anna to see Stefano first. Anna approaches to his cell, angrily clutching Tony's ashes ... Carrie thanks the gang and notes now Rafe and Hope will be together. Rafe grins and agrees ... Behold the first final scene of Stefano in a cell. Anna confronts him and he laughs. But when she boasts her Tony is in heaven, whereas he shall go straight to hell, he stops laughing. She walks away and he grimaces ... Chloe claims she cares about Holly. Brady stares her down and states Nicole would be a wonderful mother. She calls her an ex porn queen. Brady snaps Chloe is no saint. The Deimos card comes up. Brady insists Nicole is no longer with dangerous Deimos but Chloe has her doubts. Brady warns Chloe her own questionable past will come out. In addition, Holly will hate her when she grows up. Chloe boasts at least Belle believes in her, unlike Brady, who is no longer her friend.

Back at the Kiriakis mansion Deimos states Andre is to blame for starting the war. He adds he is going to change as soon as he has tied up a few loose ends. It is all rather vague. Nicole wants no more violence. He assures her he will never order a hit again. However he does not promise not to approve one of his henchmen ordering one. Nicole is too emotional to notice ... Expert accountant Austin explains to the Mod Squad that Stefano was using DiMera money which had been set up in a dummy account while he was on the run. Anna comes back and updates them Stefano uttered not a single world. Kayla senses something is off for Stefano would have an encore escape up his sleeve. Steve insists this time he is done. Meanwhile Marlena walks toward Stefano's cell and triumphantly taunts him. The phoenix remains sitting and silent. She rubs in that romance is alive and well in these days of our lives despite his best efforts. Steve and Kayla are remarrying and she is going home to John. She repeats the words John spoke at his fake service, that he merely made them stronger soooo checkmate! She leaves him with a chess piece to make her point. A few tears trickle down Stefano's face ...

Paul and Sonny enjoy a beer together at an outdoor cafe in Prague. Sonny has to head home to Salem. Paul thanks him for his help. Sonny suspects Paul's future is bright. Paul smiles he loves making a difference. Sonny sighs about his own future back in Salem. He too longs to make a difference ... Chloe enters the pub and approaches Shawn and Belle's table. She asks about Stefano. Shawn tells her it is true. He was found in Europe. Chloe wants a word with lawyer Belle but first Shawn has something to say. They have been friends years but is she doing the right thing? Chloe sighs ... Deimos encourages Nicole to go upstairs and look at the room he thinks would make a great nursery for Holly. Once she leaves, he shuts the living room doors and makes a call to a certain judge, getting his call through by boasting he is the brother of Victor Kiriakis. He declares to the judge on the line he would like to discuss the child custody case. He has a proposition ...

Nicole returns and smiles she liked the room for the nursery. Deimos knows it will work out. Nicole wonders how he knows. Here comes Brady with Dan's heart! He disapprovingly deduces Deimos and Nicole are getting back together ... Back in Prague, Steve and Kayla invite Austin and Carrie to their Salem wedding. They accept and Kayla and Steve share a kiss ... Rafe is Stefano's next visitor. He drawls he is happy for Marlena and the Bradys and adds maybe now Sami will let the family know where she is hiding with the kids. Hope is coming home and he will never be able to hurt her again. He leers he lost and look out for the rats. Then he walks away. Stefano stares darkly considering his next move ...

Brady asks how Andre and Dario are doing as he glares accusingly at Deimos. Deimos innocently insists he is done with violence and steps away. Brady warns Nicole that Chloe is not going to give up. She has even been shopping for Holly's future outfits. Nicole is ready! Brady believes she will win. Holly and Tate will be playmates at the Kiriakis mansion. He murmurs she will be an amazing mom and they put their arms around one another. Deimos soap stares ... Shawn wants Chloe to know he thinks she is wrong. Chloe counters Nicole always puts her bad men first. Belle too has reservations but is still with her and thinks they have a good chance. Shawn will support Chloe as a friend, now that he has stated his case ... Paul wonders what Sonny means about making a difference. Sonny admits there was something more in the docks investigation but would rather not discuss it. He gives him a vinyl gift in a bag. Their old song on a 45 record! Paul loves it and laments he did not get him a gift. Sonny smiles helping get Stefano was a great gift. Paul must return to work and stands up. Sonny stands up with a smile and gushes first he has to do something. He kisses him on the lips. Paul has stars in his eyes ... Anna attempts to invite herself to the Valentine wedding and decides to join Carrie and Austin. She and Tony's ashes have unfinished business with a certain someone in Salem ...

Marlena now gets a call from unseen unheard John. She tells him Stefano is in a cell and agrees the nightmare is over ... Back at the Brady pub Shawn notes Belle will win her case and they kiss. Chloe has left ... Deimos looks like he wants to strangle Brady hugging Nicole, who is hugging him back ... Rafe, Marlena and the gang discuss Stefano being in custody in Salem as soon as he is transferred. Steve and Paul head to the cell to get him for his flight. Much to their shock he is gone again! The cell is empty. Stefano, it seems, has given them the slip ...


Stefano's legacy lives on ...

All the drama in Salem on Thursday, February 9