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Wednesday, February 8, 2017
Episode 13,019
Length:1700 descriptive words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)

Now without further ado ...


Andre is solemnly sitting in his hospital bed. Enter Abigail, asking why he has not left and how he can be so calm! He replies he has not yet been officially released. Abigail is a nervous wreck now that she knows Chad and Gabi have both been kidnapped ... Chad tried with all his might all night but could not break down the door. Gabi fears they have been left to die in the small room ... Outside Raines is shown firing a shot into the air. T'was a warning shot. He orders Hope to come back but she bolts. He takes off after her but she gives him the slip ... Marlena is nowhere to be seen after heading out the exit, surprised by a man's hand on her shoulder. Rafe rages it must have been Stefano the sob who took her ... Eric decides he must go find Hope before it is too late ... Drew is in his room working when Jen returns, assuring him she spoke with his Camilla, who got her own bodyguards and went underground. She is safe from Deimos. Drew wishes she would have spoken to him. Jen claims Camilla also wants him to disarm Orwell and then hurry back to England. He boasts he completed the virus and it worked so they will be able to break Orwell. Jen jumps for joy though it is still a tad premature for a celebration ... Raines calls in his Hope pursuit and growls she is gone. He orders all available units to search the area and apprehend her ... Eric the angel assists Hope through the door at the farmhouse. She wonders what happened to the semi-trashed place ... Rafe blames himself for going after the Stefano lookalike distraction. The gang are glum Marlena is missing. However, Marlena now returns with suited son Austin, who startled her. As a result a drink was spilled on his suit so she showed him to the men's room to clean up. Rafe hangs his head in defeat but Steve states he is certain Stefano will be here! He drapes his arm around Rafe to show two things - that he supports him and also has the situation under control ...

Back in Salem, Drew declares it is poetic for him to destroy what he created. However, there is a snag. Thus far he has been unable to get past the Titan files so he will have to hack into the server ... Andre stands up and faces anxious Abigail in his shimmery blue shirt. He insists she steer clear of evil Deimos as Gabi should have. He reasons the girls and Chad do not have the same history he does and could not handle a villain like Deimos in the manner that HE can He gets a wicked glint in his eye ... Chad and Gabi wonder who in the world has the mysterious key Deimos is demanding. Gabi falls apart and Chad consoles her with a hug ... Austin insists on helping the Mod Squad with Stefano. They would rather he stay out of their mission. No can do. Austin promised loose cannon Anna he would help them find the phoenix. It was the only way to keep her from going awol with her gun again. Rafe gets a call from JJ and curses. He updates the gang on Hope getting away just barely from trigger happy Raines. He growls he has got to get Stefano!

Hope updates Eric on her update from Hattie about the women in prison beating her for helping her ... and then there was Raines, who gave her a warning shot only. Hope complains she could not convince him that Stefano could be alive. Eric is more worried about her by the minute. He knows the search party will hunt high and low. Hope adds there is also an APB out on her now. (when Bo was alive I used to call an APB in Salem Always Phone Bo). Eric decides Hope must stay in hiding at his house ... Abigail insists to Andre she is not to blame. Andre feels she is fragile so she shouts in protest. Andre urges her to head home to her infant son. Let him deal with Deimos in his own devilish way. She disagrees and storms off to find her husband herself. She gets as far as the pub ...

Chad reminds frightened Gabi they got out of the DiMera panic room so they will succeed in getting out of here too. She sighs at least it is not hot and sweaty in here. He tenderly tells her he enjoyed the talk they had in that room and she looks at him with longing. A piano tinkles in the background. They are hungry, however, and want food and drink so they should it out ... Andre approaches Ed at the club. He announces the time has come for them to make an alliance. Ed is elusive. He is too busy worrying about his kids. Andre asks how Dario is. Ed replies he has to recover and he will. The situation has become intolerably dangerous. Andre points out his son survived. Now Deimos is holding Gabi and Chad captive for the key. They are aware they need to give Deimos the key he is demanding. Andre asks if Ed has it. Ed scoffs ... Drew requests a Titan laptop to get his virus in, change the configuration. Jen admits she has a contact who could get her one. He urges her to hurry but then Abigail woefully calls, summoning her to the pub. Jen is on her way and leaves Drew all alone in his room ...

Rafe and Raines rage at one another over the phone. Raines hangs up on the defiant detective he barks is his underling. Back to reality. Marlena reasons they still have a job to do tonight. Steve suspects Stefano will make an appearance at midnight when the masks come off. Rafe certainly hopes so. If not he is leaving ... Hope is sorry about the cops trashing the farmhouse. Eric gives her the fallen family photo he found. She is ready to regroup but Eric thunders she has to stay inside ... Austin asks Rafe for a word alone. Meanwhile glamorous Kayla and Steve manage to enjoy their romantic dance ... until she gets a text from the wedding caterer. Paul and Sonny are standing by the door waiting for the Stefano sighting. All of a sudden a slow song plays, a song that reminds them of their romantic history. This song played when they first met. They danced back then. Sonny wanted them to go out dancing together as well. Paul sighs he would not be seen with him in public. Sonny understands now and notes things were different plus Paul was a famous ball player ... Outside Austin asks Rafe about Carrie, who claimed there was nothing to worry about. Rafe assures him they are friends only and she loves Austin. Austin can see he is all about Hope now and Rafe replies she is the one ...

Eric asks for the burner phone back so he can destroy it. Hope wants to go online. He has to go to a computer store first in the nearest town ... Paul muses it will be midnight soon. The Mod Squad are at their stations and Marlena has her mask on again. Someone is spotted by the ISA coming from the foyer and walks right up to Marlena. The heavy set man in the suit stops before her and starts to remove his mask. She gasps STEFANO and all the lights go out!

The lights come back on after the Stefano has disappeared ... Ed reasons he would give Deimos the key to save Gabi if he had it but thinks Andre would not care to save Chad if he had it. Alas neither has it. Andre suggests team work but Ed has doubts about trusting the DiMera. Andre explains Abigail wants to go find Chad first and she is fragile. Ed agrees they have to do something before someone else gets hurt ... Abigail has a romantic Chad flashback that ends with a kiss. Jen arrives and teary-eyed Abigail swears her to secrecy. Then she tells her the strange story of Gabi and Chad being kidnapped by Deimos, who was waiting for a key down at the docks ... A burly guard brings a bag of food to Gabi and Chad and leers he will have use for her later. Chad stands in front of her and growls no. The burly guard punches him in the face. Chad goes down and the guard grabs the food back, slamming the door shut. Gabi rushes to his side ...

Rafe and Steve search outside, insisting the others remain inside. A heavy set man in a suit staggers past and they aim their guns at him ordering him to slowly turn around. He does and Steve starts to smile. He drawls IT'S OVER DIMERA ... Jen listens to Abigail telling her the story of Deimos' mysterious key and the family war he started. She flashes back to finding Drew the key in a crate ... Hope is tidying up and comes across a sweet sketch of Jennifer that Eric was hiding under his holy bed. She wonders ... Drew is trying at his computer but still has no luck ... Ed quietly states he is in and shakes hands with Andre, who grins he will not regret it and takes his elegant leave ... Chad will not wake up and blood trickles from his mouth. Gabi frantically begs him to open his eyes ...Marlena assures Kayla the man who was taking off his mark in the dark was indeed Stefano. Paul and Sonny are still by the door waiting for word from Steve and Rafe. Marlena defies the order to stay inside and starts to go out. Rafe reappears with a grin. WE GOT HIM. WE FINALLY GOT HIM ... for now!


Ahead on Days of Our Lives:
The Prague group feels like celebrating but back in Salem things are far from perfect.

Soap formula says Stefano dies, he comes back, then he gives the slip again. After he escapes from captivity this time, however, the man might become but a legend ...


All the drama in Salem on Wednesday, February 8