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Tuesday, February 7, 2017
Episode 13,018
Length:1670 descriptive words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)

Now without further ado ...


Nicole is in a red dress at the Kiriakis mansion and woefully picks up a blue blanket. Her phone rings with a call from Deimos and she remembers wanting to leave him behind for Holly. She does not answer and informs Brady she came not to see Deimos but him! He wonders. She falls apart in his strong arms, upset over Chloe brazenly breastfeeding HER baby. Brady asks how she reacted so she tells him Chloe called over the cop to make her leave. Brady is bothered and bewildered. Nicole now knows Chloe wants to keep Holly as her offer was not enough. Brady asks if she is really leaving Deimos ... Paul, Sonny, Rafe, Marlena, Steve and Kayla arrive at the masquerade ball wearing masks. Sonny is having trouble with the spy talk. Strauss plays as they hope they will be fast enough for Hope to be proven innocent ... Meanwhile Raines repeats his question to Hattie about Hope's whereabouts. Hope has to think fast ... The masquerade ball is in full swing with glamorous guests. The French champagne flows freely. The groups of two take their positions at the exits. Steve has a direct line with the ISA, who is in contact with Shane in London. He also communicates with Paul and Sonny. Rafe and Marlena also confirm their secret spy radios are working. Steve warns anything might happen at midnight when the masks come off. Stefano might emerge ... When Raines turns toward the doctor - Hope - Hattie tries to distract him by babbling about men in uniform. He waits for his answer and Hattie insists the lady doctor leave them alone. Hope slips out without letting Raines see her face. Hattie flirts. He accuses her of stalling and starts to suspect she is keeping him in the room. Then he does the math and takes off, realizing Hope was that doctor in disguise ...

Back at the ball, Rafe curses they have yet to spot Stefano. Marlena urges him to relax or he will give them away. She orders him to dance with her so they waltz. She quips next time he waltzes with Hope he can step on her feet instead. Steve assures sweetness tonight will work. He then contacts Sonny to find out if Stefano checked in as a guest. Sonny goes to check as Paul teases iron eagle, his chosen code name. Sonny asks whether Rodolfo Marati checked in and the doorman gets snooty. Meanwhile Marlena is starting to feel the presence of the phoenix ... Nicole unhappily updates Brady on Deimos going gangster, what he did to Andre and Dario. He did not even deny it, declaring a war. Brady wants to keep her safe. Nicole admits she still loves a part of the man they call a monster. Brady believes this war will not end anytime soon. She fears what else dastardly Deimos might be doing as they speak ... Deimos is at the square trying to reach Nicole, who is not taking his calls. His flunky calls and he updates him on the families having 48 hours to get him that key if they want to see Chad and Gabi alive again ...

Another waltz ends with applause. Steve senses sweetness is troubled and hands her a glass of champagne. He tenderly tells her life is too short and will make the most of every moment they have in this beautiful city together. Sonny teases Paul the super spy and praises his formal look. Paul returns the compliment and asks about things in Salem. Sonny would rather enjoy the night and offers to get him a drink. They need to hang out together more often he says. Paul grins and agrees. He admires the view as Sonny steps away to get their drinks ... Nicole is torn between Deimos and Holly as Brady urges her to do what is right for the baby. She believes being with mama Nicole is best but fears Belle will be able to use Deimos' transgressions against her before the judge. Brady notes that is Deimos not her and adds he wants her to have Holly home. Nicole weeps and thanks him. He lets her know he is on her side and Daniel's side. Deimos is listening, having arrived and overheard. Nicole cries and thanks Brady. Deimos dangerously cocks his jealous head at the poignant pair ... Mediterranean music plays as Brady holds Nicole's hands in his. Deimos appears and thanks Brady for looking out for her. Brady brings up the war. Deimos states it will end soon and dismisses him so he may speak privately with his fiancee. Brady politely steps away and reminds Nicole he is here for her. Deimos notes Nicole did not return his calls and lets her know he would do anything for her and his family. He had no choice but to stop the bad guys who meant his clan harm, hence his fight. Nicole sighs she hates the fighting. Deimos spins his story as him fighting for their future together. She, however, is dismayed by what he did and fears retaliation. He insists it will be over soon and she fears that means more violence. He tells her to trust in him. She snaps then he must stop the violence! This is his last chance. One more violent act and they are over. She storms out ... Eric fumes as the cops search the farmhouse for Hope ... Outside Hope hides behind some crates in the snow. Raines comes around the corner with his weapon drawn. The fugitive feels trapped!

Back at the ball, Sonny and Paul toast to being oneself and knowing what they want. Their eyes lock as they sip their cocktails ... Steve concludes he and Kayla are a great couple as he draws her into drama and she keeps him grounded. She smiles. All of a sudden he gets an ISA update on a car suspected to be Stefano's pulling up. He might already be inside! Marlena stands by Rafe and notes tonight the madness is going to end ... The searching cop is close to Hope's family photo as he rummages through a drawer. Eric considers his next move ... Raines pulls back so Hope weakly emerges. He turns back and tells her to put her hands up, gun on her. She raises her tired eyes to him like a wild animal at the end of a hunt ...

Cardigan Victor offers Deimos his drink as he deserves it after all his hard work. Deimos thanks him. Victor heard how he put Andre and Dario in the hospital and suggests he get the job done next time he tries to eliminate an enemy ... Nicole bumps into Brady at the square and he offers her his warm coffee in the cold. They get back to their discussion of Deimos. She drops a bag full of baby supplies. He suspects she is on her way to see Holly, which Chloe would not allow. She admits she wants to snatch her. Brady believes she should stay away and hugs her when she tries to leave again. She cries and he holds her close ... Eric advises the cop he forgot to check the end table. He takes the bait so Eric hides the fallen photo behind his back. The end table contains a bible so Eric quotes seek and ye shall find. The cross cop goes ... Hope argues Stefano might be alive! Raines counters it is not his call and orders her to turn around with her hands on her head. Hope looks him in the eye and refuses ...

No one has spotted Stefano so far at the ball. Sonny and Paul now notice a suited man with the doorman, who points at them. The man walks out via the south exit so Rafe goes after him. Marlena now informs the others she sees a man who seems to be Stefano. She simply has to follow him and ignores her partners warning to stay where she is. She heads for the east exit all alone as eerie music plays ... Brady encourages Nicole to hang on longer and hang onto him if she needs. He warns her of the consequences if she breaks the law, as Daniel would want him to, and tells her he is here for her until she wins. Nicole nods and they hug again as she emotionally thanks him ... Back at the Kiriakis mansion Deimos gives an order on the phone for whatever can be dug up on the judge for the custody case. Victor notes he is busy with delicate dangerous matters and wonders how he intends to accomplish his goals. Deimos boasts he will help Nicole gain custody of her baby. Victor considers Chloe the selfish sociopath the only thing standing in her way. Deimos agrees and adds he and he alone will be the man who can make Nicole's dreams come true ... Marlena is urged to wait for backup. Meanwhile Rafe is given the slip. Kayla gasps t'was a trap and Steve states not to go after Stefano. Marlena is already at the east exit. She notes no one is there and gasps when a familiar hand clamps down on her shoulder. Then there is silence ... Eric sits and stares at the photo of Hope's happy family ... Hope begs Raines to let her go. He blasts the Bradys for believing they are above the law and warns her not to resist. However, Hope has nothing to lose as being sent back to the slammer would mean certain death. She starts to walk away and dares him to shoot her. BANG!


Ahead on Days of Our Lives:
Marlena is believed abducted, Hope gets away, Abigail fears for Chad and Gabi, the DiMeras and Hernandez families join forces.

There is nothing simple about Stefano's story - or Marlena's mysteries hint hint!


All the drama in Salem on Tuesday, February 7