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Monday, February 6, 2017
Episode 13,017
Length:1280 descriptive words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)

Now without further ado ...


Paul is stunned to find smiling Sonny at his door in Prague. He is making a personal delivery ...Meanwhile Rafe, Steve, Kayla and Marlena sip cafe coffee. They need masquerade ball tickets to save Hope, it is as simple as that ... Eric enters Hope's room and asks how his patient feels. Hope feels better and thanks him for nursing her back to health. She now asks for that burner phone. He hands it to her and she calls the prison, pretending to be Hattie's sister. She hears something that horrifies her ... Sonny has the masquerade ball tickets for Paul, who was not expecting him to deliver. He came in person as he is the name of the invited party, the others are going to be his guests. They grin at one another ... Steve shows the gang the ballroom layout. Tis a big place but they will have all exits covered, with the help of their friends in the ISA. Marlena declares there could still be a distraction. It would be typical Stefano DiMera. Steve drawls but she is the bait he will not be able to resist revealing himself to ... Hattie was badly beaten and transferred to another prison ward. Hope is frail but feels she must find a way to get her out. Eric loudly disagrees ... Ciara is in tears at the teen apartment over the latest article about Hope. She fears for her fugitive mother's safety. Theo gives her a poignant pep talk and she puts her head on his shoulder ... Sonny arrives at the cafe with proud Paul and the tickets for the gang. He explains he has to attend as they are his guests ... Theo and Ciara agree they can always lean on each other. She mumbles she was messed up when she pushed him away in the past ...

Back in Prague, Rafe focuses on the task at hand. They must take Stefano into custody to free Hope. That is their only option. He gives orders about how and what they should do, what doors to cover ... Sonny will be with stationed with Paul. Sonny believes Stefano will be wearing his mask as a disguise but Rafe reasons he will show himself to Marlenaaaaaaaaaaaa. Steve assures her she is gonna be protected. He and Rafe will be hooked up with ISA who will also be there. They are in it to win in but a key character is missing and that will make it more risky ... Hope suspects Alfi and Andre are one and the same. If she can prove that it was Andre who framed Hattie, she will be released. Eric gasps she cannot go after another DiMera, it already ended badly for her with Stefano! Hope plays along and pretends to be hungry so the former father goes to get her some food. That is when she makes her not so great escape, staggering away to save a friend in need ...

Marlena has a major Stefano flashback. She was like his pawn princess back then, partly under mind control. Stefano has no beard as he states this journey would be one of no return. Strange lights glow. He opens a closet and they walk into the mist. Marlena must have been drugged ... She recalls a later time when she wanted out and he laughed he knew her every move when he appeared to thwart her escape. So many masks so many obstacles only one man - John Black - could overcome! Back to the present. Marlena announces to Kayla she must do this for Hope. Kayla know she is having her doubts. No one knows Stefano better than John and he is not here. Downstairs the men are ready in their tuxedos. Rafe and Steve will wait while Paul and Sonny step away for a walk to get some fresh air ... Rafe seems worried but Steve is cool as a cucumber ... Hope sneaks into Hattie's room disguised as a doctor. The groggy blonde believes she is dreaming. Hope assures her she is real and thanks her for getting her out. She is here to return the favor. She finds out Coco and her flunky were suspicious she sprung her so they beat her up pretty bad. Hope offers to turn herself in to save Hattie, who is suspected of helping her escape. Hattie says noooooo. Alas she is in no condition to go on the run now. Hope points out she can prove her innocence. She has an idea ...

Julie finds Ciara at the park and sits with her to smell the flowers They discuss Hope. Julie praises Ciara for her strength and assures her Hope is proud of her good and strong daughter ... Back in perilous Prague, Sonny lets Paul know he is liking their James Bond adventure together. Paul notes they might not succeed. Sonny gushes he believes in their success and he also believes in Paul. They smile at one another with stars in their eyes ... Back in their hotel room, Marlena gathers that Kayla is concerned but she has no choice. She has to at least try to help Hope and save them all from Stefano once and for all ...

Sonny states he has faith. Paul gushes he is glad they are in a beautiful city together, where past problems do not exist. Sonny considers Prague magical. He muses he was here before, and would love to stay longer with Paul. A few days. Paul likes that. Sonny says they should get back but Paul just stands there. Sonny wonders whether he is alright. Paul leans in for a mini kiss and grins he is now. Sonny smiles and they walk back together like a couple ... Naturally Julie broaches he subject of romance with Ciara, who has complained about a bff being involved with another bff she was torn about. Theo's name is not mentioned. Ciara sighs she pushed him away in the past but wants him now! Julie believes breaking up friends is not good ... but she should tell him how she feels so she can move on. Ciara likes the sound of her logic and leaves to do just that ...

Dr. Hope tells tired Hattie about her Alfi theory. She produces a picture of Andre and Hattie confirms it is him, crying out the snake ... Ciara comes back to talk to Theo, who has been busy shopping online. She has something to say. He seeks her input about the best gift for Claire for Valentine's Day. He wants to get her a rose gold watch for the rose would never die. Ciara is crushed but claims she loves it. He is the best boyfriend ... Kayla comes downstairs. Steve admires sweetness in her black and white outfit, her sophisticated updo, and remembers their wedding plans. He steals a kiss from his bride-to-be. Paul, Sonny, Rafe and Marlena return. Paul wishes John was there to see how beautiful Marlena is in her glittery blue gown. Now they all leave for the mission. The masquerade ball awaits ... Eric returns with food for Hope, who has vanished from her room ... Hattie is furious she was duped by a DiMera. Hope decides she should leave and promises to be back later. She turns her back to the door as Detective Raines waltzes in asking the patient if she knows where Hope Brady is. Hattie lies she has no idea. Hope needs to think fast ...!


Ahead on Days of Our Lives:
Masquerade mayhem, Hope gets lucky, Deimos is driven by insane jealousy.

Stefano lives for a few more episodes at least ...


All the drama in Salem on Monday, February 6