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Friday, February 3, 2017
Episode 13,016
Length:1490 descriptive words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)

Now without further ado ...


Nicole is sickened by the sight of Chloe breastfeeding HER baby at the Brady pub. Chloe suggests she step away and let her continue ... Kate spies troubled Ed at the hospital. Tormented Ed tells her if does not look good for Dario. She is sorry and adds Andre was poisoned. Tis too much of a coincidence. It must have been DEIMOS. Meanwhile groggy Andre wakes up to Abigail in his hospital room, feeling rather ragged. He hoarsely remembers the champagne. Chad believed Deimos poisoned it. Andre wonders about brotha's whereabouts and Abigail sighs she knows not where he went. She cannot shake a bad feeling. Andre tells her to trust in Chad for he is a strong. Must be that DiMera DNA ... At the Kiriakis mansion Deimos has a gun on Gabi and Chad. She fibs she came to find Arianna's toys. Deimos scoffs and demands she give back the hard drive she is hiding behind her back, the one that belongs to him. Chad drawls it is really his. Deimos shouts hand it over or he will shoot both the burglars in self-defense ... Kate suggests she and Ed present a united front, for both their families' sake. Ed only can think about his son but feels badly about being angry with her for something she did not do. Kate tries to make him feel better by reminding him Dario is a formidable fighter just like his father ... She goes to get him coffee. He thanks her for everything ... Deimos gets back the hard drive and demands the key as well. Chad has no idea what this key he wants is ... Meanwhile Drew the human key is freaking out with Jenny about the danger. She gets him to find his focus. Now he decides to create a virus to cripple the Orwell. Jen likes the sound of that. No Orwell no war ...

Back at the Kiriakis mansion the confusion continues. Gabi gives back her copy of the house key ... Kate comes back with vending machine coffee. Ed is grateful. She offers to stick around. He considers her a good woman. The diva in her has doubts about her goodness. In addition, she is still smarting he did not trust her. He feels bad about that. Sweet music plays in the background as he notes they do have something. She agrees it is something special. Ed concludes if they overcome their respective truth issues they will be unstoppable. He steps away to consult with his son's doctor ... Abigail is very worried that Chad went to the Kiriakis house to have it out with deadly Deimos. Here comes JJ the questioner. Andre informs the dedicated detective that he was having dina and alludes to an allergy. JJ drawls Dario was almost killed too and demands the truth. Something is going on with the three families ... Deimos had another key in mind! Chad assures him he has no key and wants to leave with the Orwell, which he rightfully owns as it belonged to Andre. Deimos laughs like a loon. He hisses he needs the key or Orwell will not work. He now opts for blackmail ... with hostages. He barks if they dare move he will shoot. Chad is unable to convince him to let Gabi go ... Chloe cruelly calls Nicole creepy. Nicole makes nice and notes they both care about Holly. She admits it perturbs her that Chloe can do what she as the mother cannot. She thanks her for caring about Holly but she is not hers. Nicole now lets her knows she realized she was right about Deimos soooooo ... Chloe wants clarification. Nicole harbors doubts about Deimos but Chloe would want a wedding cancellation, a clean break to believe it. Nicole is close to tears. She is desperate for her daughter ... Drew the genius falls apart when his wife's screen saver pops up on his monitor. He bawls he might neva see her again ... JJ takes Abigail aside and probes her to come clean. He warns Chad could be the next casualty. Share and he will help stop the violence. Abigail agrees and updates him on the powerful Orwell technology that could crack any security. Tis worth a mint. Andre originally had it but Deimos must have stolen it. She suspects Chad stormed over to DiMera mansion. JJ is on his way to get a warrant ...

Deimos is locking Chad and Gabi in s secret soundproof room. He demands their cell phones and takes a picture of the somber pair together to prove they are alive. He leers he will come back to let them out only when he gets the key back from the family member who took it. He then locks the door. Chad growls like the next generation of Stefano. He stares darkly into space ... Kate paces at the hospital and Ed comes out with good news. The doctor gave a good prognosis so Dario will make it. They both suddenly get a text from evil Deimos himself, summoning them to Andre's room of all places ... Ed, Kate and Andre convene in Andre's room. They are as surprised by the summons as the Salem patient. Meanwhile Chad sighs to Gabi he knows nothing about a key but he heard there was a shipment with it. He asks why she had Deimos' mansion key. She admits what she and Abigail were up to. They wanted to destroy the hard drive to stop the senseless war. Chad is livid the gals were listening in on his secret meeting and wanted to ruin the Orwell project for the family. Gabi explains they wanted to protect the families from any future violence. Chad soon realizes she has no idea what happened to Dario. When she hears, Gabi pounds on the door and screams to let her out. She wants to be there for her brother ...

Andre, Kate, and Ed are joined by big bad Deimos. Ed scoffs he made a big mistake by going after his son. Deimos wants that KEY and insists they must have it. It seems they do not. He refuses to believe them and shows a photo of his two hostages. When he threatens to kill them, Ed leaps into assassin action ... Back at the pub Nicole begs to hold Holly. Chloe complains to a cop she is harassing her. Nicole hisses at Chloe to go to hell and the cop escorts her out ... Drew is having a meltdown about his wife and refuses to work. Jen offers to text her for him. Drew believes she could be in danger but Jen thinks Deimos would not come after Camilla ... Drew lies down and states he will wait. She implores him to work on his virus to stop another from having it and using it to create another such system. Global security is at stake. Drew slurps the clam chowder she brought him and Jen gets a text ... JJ and Abigail wake up sleepy Henderson at the Kiriakis mansion. It seems he has not seen Deimos. JJ sends Abigail home, he will call later ... Nicole complains to Justin outside. Chloe has been unfair and they have to stop her ... Meanwhile JJ notices Gabi's necklace on the Kiriakis floor - the one she dropped intentionally so someone would know she had been there with Deimos ... Chad promises worrying Gabi that big brother Dario will be alright and wonders how she could crack that safe in the first place. They both wonder if their families even have the key ... Ed growls it is a good day to die. Deimos begs to differ. Ed lets him go and Andre attempts to jump out of bed to rip his arch enemy apart. Kate says no and gently puts her hand on the patient ...

Nicole suggests a psych evaluation or something to expose baby crazed Chloe. Legal eagle Justin points out Chloe is provoking her on purpose. She should play it cool ... Jen reads Drew her text to him from Camilla who was at the hair salon and will find a safe place to meet soon ... cute emojis ensue. Jen now gets a text from the Spectator about the attacks and urges Drew to kill Orwell before it kills all of them ... Outside the Kiriakis mansion JJ leaves Gabi a message she dropped the pendant Chad gave her ... Deimos gives the gang 48 hours to get him Orwell or they will not see Chad or Gabi ever again! Abigail lurks at the door listening ... Gabi gushes to Chad she dropped a clue but he senses they are sunk. They have no guarantee Deimos will let them live even if he gets his key ...


Next week will be the last time we see Stefano, unless old footage is inserted into storylines. However we will see his influence in Salem forever...

PS Catfight at a later date.


All the drama in Salem on Friday, February 3