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Thursday, February 2, 2017
Episode 13,015
Length:1580 descriptive words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)

Now without further ado ...


Detectives JJ and Lani are staring at the suspects board. JJ's source believes a big shipment comes in tonight. Titan has increased security. He gets a call to Pier 27 but Jen is there first and opens a crate of human cargo. A Shane lookalike laments he had a change of heart and grabs her in desperation. She assumes he is Shane for a few seconds ... Abigail and Gabi discuss what must be done to get Orwell from the Kiriakis mansion. Gabi is in, and grins she knows a good safe cracker ... Nicole calls 911 and screams for help as Dario faints. He is badly bloodied. Meanwhile Deimos the would be killer gets a call, pleased the two deeds are done. He blows out two candles of death ... Chad realizes Andre is choking and yells call 911. He gasps he needs a doctor. He tells Andre to hang on as he crouches beside him ... Chloe meets with her doctor at the hospital and asks about nursing the baby as breast milk is best. He prescribes something to stimulate the production and praises her for caring so much for Nicole's baby. Eerie music plays ... Gabi knows from Sonny what time Henderson takes his nightly sleeping pill and she can get into the Kiriakis mansion with the key. The gals have a deal ... The bearded man explains he is Drew and realizes this is Jen Horton. She wonders what he is doing here and he asks the same of her. He was supposed to meet Deimos Kiriakis and babbles about being kidnapped. Jen babbles about the key. They hear a noise and hastily take off together ... Andre, whose champagne was poisoned, is taken to the hospital on a gurney. Chad thinks he knows who did it ... Deimos gets a call from his goon about the cargo aka the key being gone! Meanwhile Jen helps Drew to safety behind some trees. She promises to come back with food and then he has some explaining to do ... Chad summons Abigail to the hospital as there has been an incident with Andre. Gabi is still going to break into the Kiriakis mansion ... JJ and Lani arrive too late at the pier. The crate is open and empty ... Blood trickles down Dario's half dead face as Nicole denounces the war and begs him to hang on for her. Sirens are heard approaching ...

JJ and Lani walk near the dark park and discuss the drama, the fact that someone found the contents of the create before them. Drew listens. Jen runs back with a bag of food and JJ asks why she is here, having gotten an update on the two incidents, one of a beating, the other of a poisoning. Jen soap stares ... Chad hugs Abigail at the hospital and updates her on his brother. He blames himself for Deimos doing something to his brother. The doctor emerges and explains it was poison but they are hoping they pumped his stomach before it is too late. Chad curses Deimos and vows to go and make him pay. He talks revenge. Abigail is desperate to stop him ... Chloe sits at the pub and pops a nursing stimulation pill. Belle joins her and warns not to pop pills in public, lest the other side use it against her in the case. Belle finds out what they are for and questions her sanity ...

Dario is hooked up to the monitor with a lacerated kidney and liver at the hospital. The surgeon promises Nicole she will do her best and excuses herself to prepare for surgery. Nicole stares at sleeping Dario and calls busy Deimos, who was on his way out, raging she found Dario after his hit and he spoke his name! Deimos decides to join her but Nicole demands to know whether he did it. Deimos insists he is not interested in revenge, he cares only about getting her Holly. All he cares about is her. Nicole pauses ... Abigail begs Chad not to be rash. The situation could escalate. Chad sounds ready to kill Deimos to keep his family safe but Abigail reminds him he does not want Stefano's violent legacy for their son. She convinces him to stay with her a while and hugs him. He states first he has papers to sign. They exchange I love yous and a mini kiss. Nicole appears with a long face and he angrily asks if Deimos sent her to see if Andre was dead yet. Nicole wonders what he means ... Belle believes Chloe is facing a long hard battle. She notes nursing might make her feel bonded to the baby and what if she loses? Chloe claims she only cares about now and now she will look after Holly, who needs her ... Nicole hears about Andre from Chad and Chad hears how Dario pointed the finger at Deimos. Chad also suspects Deimos of attempting to off Dario ... Gabi gets into the Kiriakis mansion and proceeds to crack the safe like a pro ... Jen stammers she has supplies as she is working on a story at the Spectator. She asks if JJ is on a case. No can say. The detectives get going and Jen gets back to Drew with a bottle of water, ushering him away fast ... Gabi gets the safe open and is rummaging when a door opens. There stands CHAD! They are both surprised to see each other. She hides something behind her back and claims she came to look for some toys Arianna left. The she saw the safe was open and was about to close it. Chad knows she is holding the hard drive and states it is rightfully his. He suspects she is working for her father and brother but she denies it. However she cannot let him have it either. They appear to be at an impasse ...

Jen hides bearded Drew inside and suggests they contact the ISA. He blasts the ISA and brotha Shane, admitting he is wanted by Interpol. This matter is much bigger than she could ever imagine. She mentions the key she wanted to find to stop the danger. It will be her biggest story yet. He chuckles he just happens to be the key she is looking for... Nicole sits with sleeping Dario and wonders whether the accusations against Deimos are true. If so, she and Daniel's daughter certainly deserve better! Deimos walks in having overheard and they soap stare without blinking. His eyes look as dead as his soul. She warned him not to come but he claims he was worried. She accuses him of the hit and trying to poison Andre as well. Deimos insists he was fighting back in the war, having already been targeted. She reminds him she is trying to fight for Holly. He feels he is fighting for them both but she will not subject Daniel the good man's baby to such a scenario. He was the love of her life whereas he is nothing but a cold blooded killer. Chloe was right to not want him near the baby. She too will walk away from him and Chloe will let Holly come home. She leaves him standing alone ... Abigail goes in to visit Andre in his hospital room. She tells her unconscious friend he is far from perfect but has a kind heart. She praises him for standing by her and keeping her secret, risking his relationship with his brother. She might not have made it without him and now hopes to return the favor. She begs dear Andre to come back to them for they are his family ... Jen now knows that it was Drew who discovered the technology, Drew the rather devilish twin who turned out to be an IT genius. It is the ultimate technology! But then he met and married Camilla, who warned him not to proceed with the dangerous project. Jen deduces then the DiMeras stole it. He curses Stefano. Jen gathers Deimos found him and demanded he help finish the project or else he would harm Camilla. Drew begs Jen to hide him ... Gabi and Chad argue about who deserves the device, then hastily hide in a closet when they hear Deimos returning. They are extremely close. Deimos numbly pours himself a drink ... Belle warns Chloe to be cautions and Chloe feels her milk coming. Then she picks up Holly and nurses her at the pub. Belle excuses herself ... Nicole walks in and watches in horror ...

Nicole confronts Chloe and tells the crazy beech to give her baby back ... Deimos walks around and gets a strange feeling ... Chad motions for Gabi not to make a sound ... Abigail informs JJ and Lani at the nurse's station that Andre was poisoned. She suddenly realizes Chad is missing ... Gabi and Chad creep out of the closet, assuming Deimos is gone but he is waiting for them at the next door with a loaded gun pointed at the pair. The friends freeze without a word. Alas there is no way out!


Ahead on Days of Our Lives:
Gabi is in grave danger, Kate is there for Ed, Jen takes action, Chloe and Nicole have the mother of all cat fights!

These sweeps were the work of head writer Dena Higley, who has since been relieved of her writing duties. By summer expect select storylines to take another direction ...


All the drama in Salem on Thursday, February 2