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Wednesday, February 1, 2017
Episode 13,015
Length:1500 descriptive words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)

Now without further ado ...


Adrienne is at the pub when Jen marches in mad about her hiring Anne. Adrienne asks her to give Madame Milbauer a chance. Now onto the next matter. Jen lowers her voice and lets her partner know she has a hot lead. She updates her on the sketchy story surrounding the DiMera, Hernandez - and Kiriakis clans. They are close to war. Adrienne immediately worries about Sonny and gets going to gather some intel of her own ... At DiMera mansion Thomas is sleeping and seductive Abigail tells smitten Chad she got a makeover. Chad liiiikes it and they kiss in bliss. She murmurs about last night being wonderful. She praises him for agreeing to include her on the big family meetings. Chad drawls he is meeting Andre in a few to discuss DiMera business. He asks her to come along. Alas Abigail cannot for she agreed to meet Gabi. Chad wonders whether he has anything to worry about as they seem to be such good friends. Abigail wickedly wonders does he have anything to worry about and they kiss in bliss. When she leaves Chad is baffled ... Gabi sits in Dario and Ed's office at the computer to do some digging. Dario comes in and turns it off. She tells him she only wanted to check the weather but Dario is no fool. He senses she is up to something with Abigail, whom he caught in here with his tech genius Myron earlier. Gabi is saved by a call from Sonny, who explains he has a family meeting, after which he will bring Arianna to her.

Nicole is utterly depressed at the Kiriakis mansion, staring at what she fears might be the only photo she will ever have of herself with daughter Holly. Deimos tenderly tells his fiancee she will have Holly soon with many more such pictures. Nicole is inconsolable until Brady steps up with a pep talk. He urges her to hang in there and holds her hands. Deimos stares darkly at the sweet moment ... Gabi and Abigail now meet at the pub. Gabi assures Abigail she is happy that she and Chad reconciled. Her mind is focused on more important matters, like getting Orwell to end the family feud. They suspect Sonny could help their cause ... Andre wines and dines with Chad at the square. He smiles how civilized when he hears Abigail is spending time with her friend Gabi. Chad boasts he and Abigail are back together and Andre could not be more pleased. He makes it clear he would do anything for the young couple. Now to business. Chad grins. Tonight they will intercept a Titan shipment connected to Orwell!

Deimos updates Brady and Sonny on his stolen Orwell. They only need the key to use it. Then the world will be theirs! Sonny has a bad feeling about it and places it in the Kiriakis mirror safe on the wall. Pink Arianna runs in to see daddy and the nanny runs in after her. Sonny tells his daughter daddy will see her after his meeting. Adrienne arrives and listens at the door ... Alone again with the men, Sonny insists there be no violence. Deimos boasts the key to making the device work comes tonight! Brady fears this could lead to another Titan ship being sunk. Deimos boasts it will be above board, arriving at pier 119 at 10 pm. He hears a noise and throws open the door, revealing Adrienne, who pretends to have spilled the contents of her purse. For a moment he wonders whether she overheard ...

Andre gushes he loves how Chad does business but Chad only wants to end the fighting. He insists they keep it clean for the family. Andre sighs with fatha out there somewhere it is good to have this new confident Chad on his side. Chad notes this is his wife and son's legacy. Andre is proud to be with him in work and proud he is his brotha. He toys with his glass of champagne ... Sonny asks Adrienne if she is alright. She lies she came to look for an earring cos chemo gets her confused. Deimos opens the door and she politely departs ... Back to the meeting. Brady talks ETHICS cos this device Deimos wants to use is powerful and unconstitutional. Deimos snaps are they with him or against him. He sees everything in black and white ... In the foyer, Maggie finds Nicole. The redhead reasons Chloe is being selfish for Holly belongs with her mother as Dan would want! She will do what she can. Nicole thanks her. Maggie notes Deimos and Brady are also on her side, especially Brady. She is over the moon about this unexpected Dan baby. He loved Nicole and this baby is their miracle. Nicole believes Dan was the best thing that ever happened to her. They hug, and the future suddenly feels bright. Nicole is even happy about Victor helping Maggie with Holly ... Sonny needs more details before he makes his decision. Deimos points out the big picture is that the world would be theirs. Sonny thinks Orwell could do some good and approves of that aspect. Brady agrees he is IN as well, if only to keep it away from the dangerous DiMeras. Sonny now leaves to take Arianna to the pub. Brady soap stares when Deimos boasts of the Kiriakis greatness Orwell will ensure. Deimos is starting to sound like a man obsessed with world domination ...

In the club office, Ed lectures Dario about his attempted ordered hit on Deimos. If ever needed he will do it for the family himself. He wants his son spared of such evil so do not go rogue again. Agreed. They now discuss the plan to steal what is being smuggled in on the Kiriakis ship tonight. Dario promises to proceed with caution ... Abigail arranges for Gabi to distract unsuspecting Sonny when he comes to the pub with Arianna. Abigail lifts his keys and excuses herself to take a call. Gabi innocently asks about the meetings at the house. She shares that she heard Dario sent a man to kill Deimos. It sounds like trouble. Sonny asks her stay out of it, they have the situation under control ... Back at the Kiriakis mansion, Nicole is alone with Deimos, who seems drunk with the notion that he will have everything in the world for Nicole and Holly. His phone rings and she fibs she feels like a bath, after which she sneaks out ... Meanwhile Deimos confirms a deadly order over the phone ... Outside Adrienne updates Jen on what she overheard at the house. Jen morphs into investigative reporter mode and decides to get to the pier first ... Andre is elegant and eloquent as he tells Chad their family is stronger than ever. However, there could be conflict between Gabi and Abigail. Chad has no reason to believe so ... Gabi woefully states she wants no war and wants to help Sonny stop it. She asks him to reveal what the war is really about. Sonny gets paged and Abigail comes back. He searches for his missing keys and she pretends he dropped them on the floor. Once he is gone, Gabi slyly asks Arianna is she ever saw what was in the Kiriakis safe. A box ...

Jenny is down at the docks half disguised with a cap on her ponytail head. She overhears the shipment will be moved to pier 27. All of a sudden a thug appears, asking what the little lady is looking for. Jen acts like an angry woman. She snaps get your paws off me and takes a fit about her man. The brute backs off ... Gabi wants herself and Abigail to get what is being hidden in the Kiriakis safe but how? Meanwhile undercover Jenny is at the right pier but there are too many crates to tackle. She gets a crowbar and pries the first one open, gasping in disbelief when she sees what is inside ... Two thugs corner Dario outside the club to deliver a message. They proceed the beat the living daylights out of him ... Andre smoothly states it was necessary to sink the Titan ship but promises no more secrets. To the future of their partnership and legacy! Chad seconds the notion. Andre now sips his champagne ... Deimos is playing his piano in the dark, surrounded by candles. It is all very Phantom of the Opera ... Meanwhile the two thugs try to beat Dario to death ... Andre starts to choke on his poisoned champagne. Chad jumps up ... Nicole comes across Dario lying half dead outside the club, beaten and bloodied. She crouches down and whispers who did this to him? He gasps Deimos and she looks nervously around ...


Ahead on Days of Our Lives:
Danger, daring and doubt!

So starts the demise of Deimos and the beginning of Brady as Nicole's new hero.


All the drama in Salem on Wednesday, February 1