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Tuesday, January 31, 2017
Episode 13,014
Length:1400 descriptive words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)

Now without further ado ...


Rafe texts Hope to be strong for they will catch Stefano soon. He knows not she has been delirious, as Eric tends to her. She stirs and he suspects septic shock has been bothering her ... Ciara is at the teen loft, trembling like a leaf as Shawn enters. She panics the police have been ordered to use force against Hope. How could this be! Shawn reminds her Hope is resourceful and assures her she is safely lying low as they speak ... In Prague Marlena softly suggests her Stefano strategy. Kayla and Steve suspect it would work but Paul is worried. The blonde boldly announces she will be the bait ... Colorful Julie confronts Jen at the hospital over a Spectator article about Hope on the run ... Eric urges the Salem patient to rest. He is going back to get what they need ... Woman in black Marlena assures the gang she is fully aware of the danger. Stefano must be stopped for all of them! Rafe agrees they have to beat him at his own game. Steve and Kayla look serious. And so it begins ...

Ciara picks up some pub food and runs into Claire, who wonders about Hope the outlaw she would love to play in a movie. Ciara is disgusted all she cares about is the story and calls her dense. Her mother is in grave danger. The cops could shoot to kill! Claire claims to be sorry and calls her grandma strong. Ciara fears she is still in danger. Look what happened to strong Bo! She melts down she must not lose her mother as well. Claire hugs her ... Julie blasts Jen for the article she wrote without consulting with Hope's loved ones! Jen argues what she wrote was real about Hope's danger in prison. Julie cries Doug saw it as an obituary and they have not slept well since. Jen is sorry and embraces her. Eric is standing nearby in a cap and watches Jen's every move without a word ... Steve tells Paul about John's pawn days. Rafe is determined to band together and get Stefano, who seems to consider Marlena a worthy partner. She assures them she knows this fiend but Paul feels she needs protecting. He insists on calling John to inform him of the risk she intends to take. Steve blinks. So does Rafe and then Marlena, but she does not back down. There is simply too much at stake ...

Shawn approaches Jen and Julie with bad news. They are horrified to hear Raines gave the green light to shoot to kill Hope. But Shawn shares that she sent him a cryptic email she was alright. Julie implores him to let Doug see it. Eric is listening ... Delirious Hope wakes up to the sound of her daughter crying for her and feebly sits up ... Eric manages to steal a supply key and opens the door. He pockets the meds he needs to save Hope and vanishes ... Marlena wishes Paul would not call John. Rafe reasons they have no time. Steve states they do know Stefano well. Marlena asks for a word with her stepson ... Kayla thinks they are at a disadvantage as they are always the pieces on Stefano's sinister chessboard. Steve suggests they find a place Stefano loves where his guard will be down in this place called Prague. Rafe gets an idea and takes off ...

Ciara heads home feeling in a funk. Shirtless Theo comes out, having showered after the gym. She asks what is wrong. He heard about Hope and asked Abe to intervene. The mayor will see what he can do. Sad Ciara needs a hug and Theo obliges. Claire walks in and freezes like a feline ... Julie thanks Shawn for agreeing to forward Doug the email about Hope. He now gets a call that makes him curse. Raines has a hot lead! After he has left, Jen literally bumps into bearded Eric and wonders how he got there, all smiles. Eric looks intense ... Hope imagines Ciara calling her and staggers through the snowy bushes. She has no idea Raines and his gun are nearby searching, his men spread out ... Eric politely removes his cap and informs Jen the governor just pardoned him. She is thrilled and he swears her to secrecy. He claims he came to visit his father and insists no questions. Jen considers him a friend still and he touches her cheek. Then he walks away like a thief in the night. Jen is baffled by his behavior and excuses herself from eager Anne, who wants a word. She shows her papers for the Spectator that need signing so the freelancers can be paid. Jen is aghast Adrienne actually hired her. Tis her worst nightmare. Anne enjoys it ... Marlena and Paul stand by a vase with flowers. He fears John would never forgive him for not telling him of her dangerous plan. He would want to protect her. Marlena points out Paul is here now and suggests he be the one to protect her. They need to take Stefano down stat for the greater good. Paul eventually agrees and adds he will not let her out of his sight ... Claire steps back and eavesdrops as Ciara excuses herself from her friend to study. Theo heads back to his room, rubbing his neck. Claire walks in and frets ... Eric returns with the meds, realizes Hope is MIA, and runs out ... As Hope gasps in her feverish delirium, Shawn joins the search party and begs Raines not to do this. Hope starts to move from behind a bush until Eric grabs her and places his hand over her mouth. Saved again!

Jen gets sarcastic with Annie, who asks Jenny to let go of the past and live in the future. Jen calls the girl her grudge. Anne tells her how much lovable brother Lucas helped her get hired as office manager. Jen had no clue they were acquainted and hisses Satan must have been her reference. She calls Adrienne and gets louder as the phone rings. Julie tells her to calm down and suggests it might not be wise to bother Adrienne with a hiring disagreement now ... Theo comes out in his t-shirt and pants and asks Claire to talk to Ciara to make her feel better. Claire claims she already did and suggests she too is stressed about Hope! Theo hugs her so she stops the fake tears ... Hope passes out and Eric the hero carries her back to the farmhouse. Shawn, meanwhile, does his darnedest to get to his mom before Raines and his trigger happy men ...

Steve and the gang are waiting when Rafe returns with the perfect plan. A masquerade party ... Julie convinces Jen not to bother Adrienne with her Anne complaint. Jen admits she has more important matters on her mind but does not mention Eric by name. She gives Anne her signature and walks away, taking the high road ... Theo takes Claire for hot chocolate. Ciara wonders where he is and gets a call from Shawn. He has not found Hope. She wishes the nightmare would end ... Eric has put Hope back in bed and makes her take another pill with water. Then he implores her to stay in bed until she gets better. The patient falls back asleep ... Rafe elaborates. A musical festival in Prague is closing with an invite only Masquerade Ball. Rudolfo Marati, as per the ISA, is indeed on the guest list. Alas it is too late to secure an invitation. However, all is not lost. The gang will try to get in regardless. Marlena suggests Paul start searching for a costume store. Rafe now gets a long distance phone update from Shawn about Raines wanting excessive force against Hope and shakes his head ... A nervous youth hands the mysterious Mr. Marati his glossy invitation to the Masquerade ball and a black gloved hand takes it. Meanwhile Marlena steels herself for what she knows she has to do ...


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Marlena going missing just might be part of her plan!


All the drama in Salem on Tuesday, January 31