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Monday, January 30, 2017
Episode 13,013
Length:1430 descriptive words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)

Now without further ado ...


Chad calls Abigail from the square after a meeting, gushing about her Thomas update. Until dinner! He romantically agrees to get the champagne, then realizes glum Gabi was standing there ... Scary music plays as Deimos threatens Dario's hired hitman, who is in his hospital bed. He demands he do as he orders or else ... Jen comes across JJ at the station as she is working on a story. JJ thinks she should stop snooping. She asks about Nicole, who made bail. Raines summons him so she urges him to be careful. She then spies Brady, who pouts he needs to put out another fire ... Chloe is surprised to see Nicole at her door, as she made bail. Nicole apologizes for her behavior and calmly claims the DNA says Holly is her daughter so stand aside cos she is taking her home ... Gabi politely asks about Chad's presentation. It was fine but he feels she overheard him. He asks about Arianna and admits he overheard her words too and it has been unfair for her and Abigail. He has decided to stop the limbo and try again with Abigail. Gabi forces a smile and states he seems happy. He smiles he is and asks how she fares. Her eyes look haunted ... JJ is ordered by Raines to go get answers from Dario's almost assassin. JJ wants to do it by the book. He now meets his new partner - Lani again ... Brady laments he lost Nicole and fears she and Chloe could kill one another. He marches off to stop them ... Chloe calmly refuses to let Nicole in but she understands. They argue about being the baby's mother. Nicole warns her she is poised to win but Chloe is in denial and will not continue the conversation without legal counsel. Nicole reminds her she signed and agreed to give her and Daniel the baby. But that was then this is now. Chloe coldly states Dan is no longer alive. She cannot allow Nicole to place that baby in monster Deimos' arms ever. Nicole warns she will stay at her door so Chloe grudgingly gets out of her way. Nicole slowly walks toward the sleeping baby she loves so much and tries to keep it together ...

Chad convinces Gabi to come to the club for a conversation. He explains Abigail is still the woman he fell for ... She wishes he would not continue and claims to be happy for him with all her heart ... Val and Abe have coffees in hand at the square when they spy Theo. He complains about Claire hogging the shower. Abe senses more and probes. Theo sighs there is a bigger problem ... Raines orders JJ to update Lani, who is as surprised as JJ is. They agree to be all about work this time, no personal. Outside Jen asks Raines questions, seeking a statement about who ordered the hit on Deimos but he replies no comment again and again ... Nicole and Chloe both want the best for Holly. Chloe fights back the tears as Nicole notes she knows how hard it is to let go to a child. However, she would let her stay in Holly's life. The offer will not stand if she has to go to court, though. Chloe reminds Nicole she has been charged with attempted murder and is about to marry a mobster. Holly does not deserve a murderous household. What would Daniel say! Nicole starts to cry, realizing Chloe is right and Daniel would be dead set against Holly being subjected to sinister Deimos ...

Theo complains about biology. He hates it and hates the labs with dissections. Abe laughs. Val asks him to come to dinner and after she will help him with his notes. She will see them tonight and takes off to meet Jen. Abe now asks his son what changed between him and Val. He is no fool. He knows there was something ... Deimos orders the horrified hitman to refuse to press charges or testify against Nicole. The alternative would be deadly for his family ... At the station JJ updates Lani on the suspicious shipments. Lani cannot believe Rafe's clan would be so seedy and suggests they speak to Gabi. JJ would rather not involve her and admits she might know more than she is admitting, out of love for her family. Lani reasons she has a record so if she is an accessory, it would be disastrous. JJ looks worried ... As Nicole and Chloe bicker Brady bursts in. He wants Nicole to withdraw but she wants Chloe to give her baby back ... Jen and Val have lunched at the square. They are all giggles. Jen wonders whether she has made up her mind about remaining in town. Not yet. Jen assures her Abe would be elated and asks for an update on the bug on her phone. Val will only say it was planted by someone who suspected she had a secret. She admits they were not exactly wrong ... Brady believes Chloe should allow Nicole to hold Holly but has no luck. He stops Nicole and drags her out as she dramatically declares to Holly that her mommy loves her ... JJ and Lani decide to lunch at the club. She is sorry he is sad about Gabi and suggests they might work it out now that Chad is not in the picture. JJ cannot believe it when he sees Chad and Gabi chatting at a table. He demands to know whether Abigail knows of their rendezvous ... Val can only tell Jen her secret is a private matter. Jen knows all about secrets and kept Abigail's. They only want to protect their loved ones ... Theo glumly tells Abe he assumed Val was lying and had another man. She was nice and he was wrong. He explains she called someone sweetie on the phone, hence his suspicion. Abe frowns, sensing there is more ... At the Kiriakis mansion Brady tells Nicole to deal with a lawyer and keep her cool. He sits her down to breathe deeply. She cries about having to bear the pain of being kept away from her baby girl.

Abe states that would be Val speaking with her son. Theo found it strange she did not say so ... Val admits to Jen that she cares a lot for Abe her friend and harbors romantic feelings. She senses he feels the same. Jen teases it is serious and is happy for her friends, that they found one another ... Chad politely explains to JJ that he and Abigail are in a good place. Gabi hastily adds she is happy for them. Chad heads home and JJ apologizes. Lani tells him to get the coffee and hopes Gabi is alright. Gabi wonders what she means but says nothing... At the Kiriakis mansion Nicole is bothered that Brady believes he could never convince lawyer Belle to drop high school friend Chloe as a client. He gets close and tells Nicole to keep the faith, focus on her own legal. Nicole laments she is losing precious time with her baby girl, time she will not get back. Brady tenderly touches her tragic face ...

Alone at the square cafe, Jen gets an unexpected hot lead from a waitress who wants the Spectator to know her scoop. Her man mentioned strange happenings down at the docks where he works, shady happenings. Jen asks for the details ... JJ sulks over his coffee and Lani notices. He complains he got a call from Roman that the hitman Nicole attacked is refusing to cooperate. He knows exactly who got to him ... Chloe remembers all of Deimos' dangerous words. She now calls Belle with an update on Nicole's visit and assures her the baby is safe here. She suspects Nicole's next move will be ... Nicole gasps she got her miracle baby but this is a nightmare. Brady promises she will win her baby back. Nicole is grateful for his help. He gushes he can relate, given his own drama with his baby son. He knows how she feels and hopes she knows how he feels. Her problems are his. She thanks him as she does not feel alone. They share a tight embrace as Deimos walks in. He stares at the sight, ready to explode ...


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Hope has hallucinations, Eric sees Jen for real, the mission to flush out the phoenix begins.

Deimos is driving himself insane and it is about to get worse!


All the drama in Salem on Monday, January 30