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Friday, January 27, 2017
Episode 13,012
Length:1320 descriptive words

Beware of copycats.
These are my words.
There is only one DaysCafe :)

Now without further ado ...


Rafe and the Prague gang wait for late Shane. Unlike Rafe, Marlena is peacefully patient... Justin tells client Nicole he will get her out on bail soon but she cannot fight her feeling of sadness. He gives her a pep talk about being positive and patient as they await those DNA test results. With those he expects an airtight case to regain her stolen child. She has a solid case for sole custody. When he goes out of the room she finds herself face to face with ghost Dan ... Deimos has summoned Victor and Maggie to the hospital to hear his stunning news. He warns they will not believe it but stops when Chloe comes out holding Holly in her arms. He dares her to tell them the truth and advises the cop nearby to press charges against her. Chloe eventually spills her surrogate story to Victor and Maggie. The redhead lets out a gasp when she realizes Holly is really her granddaughter. Victor grimaces about his late godson falling prey to Chloe's mischief and hurls insults. Maggie is unable to stop him through her emotional tears ... Nicole decides Dan is a dream but she is actually wide awake ... The medicine man murmurs he knows about their baby. Nicole hopes he likes her name. Perfect. She woefully wishes he had told her before instead of speaking in circles from the other side. Dan smiles knowingly the way soap spirits do. It will all work out. Nicole nervously notes Chloe has a lawyer and wants custody. Dan takes her hand in his manly one and lets her know he trusts in her. He tells her she will get their little girl back ...

Steve sides with Rafe and agrees ISA Shane should not be late. The super spy now sweeps in with his trench coat and an update of the Stefano surveillance story ... Nicole weeps she is going back to her wicked ways but Dan disagrees. She is merely in mama bear mode for baby Holly so she will win her back. She laments she is alone, though. He is not really here. He assures her he will be watching over her always. She smiles she knows, then cries she wishes he were here for real. Ghost Dan dramatically declares his HEART is always near ... Enter good guy Brady, the man with Dan's heart. He bears the best news for Nicole. The DNA has spoken. Holly is HERS and Justin is gonna fight for her in court ... Deimos blasts Chloe for keeping Holly from her biological mother. She haughtily replies she has no regrets. Victor rages she is nothing but an incubator incapable of love. Deimos tells her off too and hisses they have proof this is Nicole's baby. She needs to give her back now! Chloe snaps she will not. She will sue for full custody instead ...

Shane informs Steve, Kayla, Marlena and Rafe that he and Paul went through the tapes and it does seem Stefano was present at an old building. Alas the image is unclear. But he brought along an ISA facial recognition program to see if they can get an actual match ... Nicole is tormented. Brady can relate. He touches her arm and is glad he waited to tell her until they had proof. She is grateful and apologizes for being mad at him before. Brady notes they need to have the current birth certificate dismissed before she can get her hands on Holly. Nicole hates hearing Holly will be with Chloe any longer and laments she needs her baby now ... Victor believes in the power of DNA but Chloe wants to believe Nicole will lose. He calls her a twit. When the cop who interviewed her stops by to tell her not to leave town, Victor cackles at the mother of all mothers. Maggie makes him stop and asks to see Chloe and her baby granddaughter alone. Once they are alone in another room Chloe lets her hold Holly. Maggie marvels she has Dan's eyes. Chloe wishes Dan were here to see her. Maggie agrees and admires the baby, wondering why Chloe would want to keep her from her mother. Chloe blames evil Deimos who is surrounded by danger. She concludes no kid that comes out of her body will ever be subjected to that sinister man. She reminds the redhead of his past transgressions. Maggie believes the baby should be raised by her mother. Meanwhile Victor urges angry Deimos to persevere. He will also assist as Dan was his godson. They must make certain that Holly is raised as a KIRIAKIS.

Nicole hopes a judge will give her Holly cos she is hers. Brady praises her for being calm and they hug. Ghost Dan smiles at the sight ... The Stefano image on tape was blurred but the program using metric geometry shows a close-up picture of Stefano's face and beard. The gang all gasp he is alive. Steve calls him an SOB. Rafe is furious when he finds out the ISA is taking over the investigation and they will have to wait for future results from the other tapes of his two properties. Shane leaves for London. Steve suggests they go rogue and take action before the bad guy gets away from the slow ISA. Marlena is surprised he thinks they should go after him. Steve argues they can grab the old man for themselves. They need to show him in the flesh to save Hope. Rafe likes the sound of going after the phoenix. He is no stranger to going rogue ...

Brady gushes he and Nicole now have in common they are parents. She refers to the fact that they both seem to be single parents. He smoothly suggests play dates. They now discuss how much they both miss Dan, the man of many questions who could always help you figure out your own problems. Brady vows he will be there for Nicole and Holly and they hug again ... Chloe is ready to go back to her hotel room with Holly. She states Maggie and Victor can visit anytime if Vic behaves. Deimos politely asks her to stay and give him a chance to explain himself ...Meanwhile Maggie and Victor stop by to see Nicole and offer their support. Justin announces she made bail so the time has come to sign ...

Rafe is IN but the gals hesitate. He rages Hope could get killed if they do not produce Stefano to prove she murdered no one. Kayla wonders whether they would be able to do it. Steve grins they are gonna find a way. Of that he is certain. Marlena notes they need to flush him out and offers herself as bait. Stefano's obsession with her has always been his weak point ... Deimos does his best to convince Chloe he is a kinder gentler Deimos! He notes they both love Nicole. He thinks an act of love and friendship would be to give Nicole her baby. But then his Mediterranean temper takes over. He snaps what Chloe is doing so wrong. Furthermore, she will not be able to change the fact that he is Nicole's fiance and Holly's future father. Chloe tells him to go to hell. Until they meet again court She walks away with Holly, even more determined ... Home at last, Maggie cries on Victor's shoulder. He is not surprised Chloe is being mean and crazy again. Maggie wishes no one would get hurt. Victor ominously notes there can be only one winner. They must all be on the same side to ensure Nicole gets the baby back. Recently returned Deimos agrees to do whatever it takes ... Lawyer Justin is surprised to see Brady waiting without Nicole, who left a while ago after signing her bail papers. Brady sighs he has a good idea of where she went. In her hotel room, Chloe puts Holly down to sleep and sighs when someone knocks on her door. She opens it and finds herself face to face with a highly emotional Nicole ...


Never underestimate Andre.


All the drama in Salem on Friday, January 27